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The Nooner for Monday, April 27, 2020, presented by SYASL Partners

  • COVID-19
  • Surf (as is the virus) is up, dude
  • North state
  • Cakeday and Classifieds

Happy Cakeday to Paul Mitchell. I can't share all that we've been through together, but the friendship that began on the quad of Orange Coast College in 1992 brought us both to places we never expected. We're talking to guys who had no goals in life who ended up wherever it is that we are today.

While I can't give Pablocito a big hug on his birthday, it's certainly traveling to him virtually. Thank you, my friend, and happy birthday. Sorry it's starting off this way, but I am happy that the day is set aside for you to spend it with those who love you most.

For Paul's birthday, he is raising money for St. John's program for homeless women and children. He writes:

I am partnering with Saint John's Program for Real Change and raising money for them as they face significant financial implications as a result of the COVID-19 threat. Saint John's not only means a lot to our community but to me personally as well. I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. 

Y'all know that I don't go to the fancy fundraisers that I used to. My black tie and tux have been in the suit bag for years. My heart though is still there and I hope you can join me in giving whatever you can in celebration of Paul's birthday.

St. John's explains it's program:

Saint John’s is dedicated to the eradication of homelessness for each woman and child it serves. We require a far greater commitment from her than she has ever made. Program residents are not required to pay rent, but must commit to a long-term, all-encompassing program. She must examine her life, past and future, receive in-depth counseling, and further her education. She must participate in employment training at one of our social enterprises, Plates, Plates Midtown and First Steps, in which women build work ethic and on-the-job training skills. This sets them up for a new kind of success and presents them as viable candidates for the workforce and a new life. In the past eight years, Saint John’s has evolved from providing emergency shelter only, to a year-long program that provides real change in the lives of women and children who have become homeless. During that same period, we have reduced our reliance on public funding to less than 20% of our $5M budget to have the flexibility to require sobriety of our clients which is no longer allowable if you accept HUD funding. We rely heavily on private funding to fuel the programs we provide to families who have become homeless.

For those who know us, neither Paul nor I are Catholic or particularly religious but that doesn't mean we can't support programs with religious origins. I give a small amount monthly to Loaves and Fishes, the city's biggest homeless care agency. I don't give much because, well, I don't have much. However, if I can find a way to pay on average $12 per month each for more than 12 newspapers, I have to figure out how to pay something per month for homeless causes, rather than just walk by them on my way to farmers market.

Happy birthday to Paul with a contribution for transition to a sustainable life for our homeless women and children.

If you look at the donors already this morning which is a who's who of California politics, you know that Paul constantly gives us all far more than what he is paid for. We love his stuff and whatever the equally amazing Jodi tolerates with his time.

We also know what's going around us well beyond Capitol policy and campaigns. He doesn't want mylar baloons that cause power outages this year, but rather to put a single mother on the path to a sustainable livelihood with a roof over the head of her and her children.

I can't begin to describe what Paul has meant to me during my most challenging times. I met him when he was a barefoot student. He met me again in my darkest days.

He'll be happiest on this big day by blowing the roof off the fundraising goals to help others and I couldn't be happier than by helping him do so.

As contributions neared the initial goal of $5,000, I tweeted that Paul should double it and he did so. We can easily reach $10,000 among our community and likely much further.

For those getting a salary, think of those coffee drinks you aren't buying or after-hours cocktails that you are not buying.

Use that to chip in to celebrate our friend Paul by supporting otherwise homeless women and children in the Sacramento region.


  • California confirmed cases: 42,626 (+1,313 from yesterday; prior changes: Saturday: +1,639; Friday: +1,765; Thursday +2,045; Wednesday +1,892)
  • California confirmed deaths: 1,698 (+81 from yesterday; prior changes: Saturday: +81; Friday: +99; Thursday +104; Wednesday +104) 
  • The SFChron's numbers above may differ from those of the California Department of Public Health only because the SFChron updates using county releases as they are received, whereas the CDPH has a daily update. In the end, they should align. CDPH has other great numbers including hospitalizations and ICU, for both confirmed and suspected.

SURF'S (AND VIRUS) UP, DUDE: As I was participating in a Zoom call for my aunt's birthday, folks in SoCal were beaching it. Apparently, the cost of travel and parking is cheaper than air conditioning to actually follow the statewide orders. Los Angeles County beaches were closed, but that didn't stop people from flocking to Orange and Ventura county beaches. For the LAT, Pineda and Wigglesworth report:

Orange County beaches drew crowds again Sunday amid hot weather and pent-up energy from stay-at-home orders. Los Angeles County kept its beaches closed, but they were open in Orange and Ventura counties. Officials closed parking lots in hopes of keeping people from driving in. But many like Sanchez made the trip.

Some have expressed concern about the crowds, worried it might cause the coronavirus to spread. But officials said everything seemed manageable and that many people tried to stay at least six feet apart from one another.

Heather Rangel, press information officer for the Newport Beach Police Department, said Saturday there had been no arrests or citations related to the stay-at-home orders. Angie Bennett, spokeswoman for the Huntington Beach Police Department, said no one was cited for violating social-distancing guidelines.

Ashley Bautista, public information officer for Ventura County, said there was a law enforcement presence at all of the county’s beaches, and officers were informing visitors that they were supposed to only walk, run, swim or surf. Beach-goers were complying, she said.

This will be a test. As I wrote yesterday, Newport Beach before this weekend was an OC hot spot. I don't know the answer. It is a novel virus. We now know that it affects otherwise health younger folks differently than the seniors originally thought to be most vulnerable. What happens when people from around Southern California congregate on the beaches in existing hot spots?

I don't know. I know that in my walking in the blocks around me people have been often masked and separated by 6 feet or more. It's pretty obvious when people purposefully distance themselves when you're walking on the sidewalk around Southside Park. That's not what I have seen in photos and video from this weekend in OC, but whateverz...

People are jumping to the argument that people should live or die based on their decisions. That said, my dad in north Orange County had to go to Home Depot yesterday. Y'all can do the math and realize that he is "high-risk." He's been remarkably well-behaved during this time, but I still look at city infections in the OC daily. Newport Beach is a hot spot. They welcomed the parking meter revenue yesterday perhaps at the cost of residents from Orange and Los Angeles counties. That is all I need to say.

If you think I'm exaggerating by talking about parking revenue, it was openly discussed in the contemplation of opening the beach by the San Clemente city council.

more after the jump...

NORTH STATE: Meanwhile, legislators from the counties north of Sacramento cite the data and request Governor Newsom to lift the stay-at-home order from the area.

We believe that the local public health data, in addition to our area’s ability to continue monitoring
cases, should allow our counties to soon begin a science-based, thoughtful reopening of our economy, consistent with national guidelines, which would allow our residents to get back to work.

We appreciate your consideration of our request to reopen the economies in our six counties under
local orders, developed in concurrence with local county health officials.
Thank you for your consideration of our request.

In the end, most folks think Newsom will allow local governments to reopen based on facts on the ground rather than statewide edict. As hinted at in Friday's presser, we might get knowledge this week of when locals can start taking such steps.

cakeday and classifieds after the jump...

Probolsky Research


CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Brian Augusta, Olga Bolotina, Dave Ford, Becky Johnson, Carol Kim, Paul Mitchell !!!, Vern Nelson, and Jacqui Nguyen!



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Happy birthday John Kopp!

Happy 75th Birthday to John Kopp, a friend to all and mentor to many!

John is the former Controller for the Riverside County Democratic Party, Former Member of the CDP Executive Board and current Treasurer of both the Truman Club of the Inland Empire and the Corona-Norco Democratic Club - along with many other titles throughout his 75 years. He is a tremendous asset to candidates and campaigns as he willingly provides his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Happy Birthday, John! Saul Alinsky would be proud of all you’ve accomplished these past 75 years!

In Solidarity, your friend Steve.

JOB OPENING: Director of Government and Community Relations for World Energy, a renewable fuel producer in Paramount, California.

Exciting position as a leader in sustainable aviation fuel. This position recommends and provides strategic direction and operating guidance, supports management, establishes and maintains relationships and implements programs to enhance local-state-federal government and public relations, community relations and direct media relations functions. We need a proven professional with the expertise and passion necessary for fostering and building on our commitment to do good in the communities we serve within Paramount and throughout California. Strong ties to LA government is an asset. Salary commensurate with experience. Details here:

REMOTE PART-TIME POSITION- Communications & Development Manager, Close the Gap California
Close the Gap California (CTGCA) seeks a highly motivated Manager to work across Communications, Development and Operations functions to support and promote the campaign. This is a mid-level, part-time contract position with potential for growth into a full-time staff position. CTGCA is a statewide campaign launched in 2013 to close the gender gap in the California Legislature by 2028. By recruiting accomplished, progressive women in targeted districts and preparing them to launch competitive campaigns, we are changing the face of the Legislature one cycle at a time. Nine CTGCA recruits are serving today, eight of them women of color. This position will execute and help design our communications strategy, manage programmatic elements, and oversee some campaign operations. Seeking a manager who has demonstrated writing ability, facility for data, and a passion for advancing women in politics. 20-30 hrs/week contract to start, reporting directly to Executive Director. Remote from anywhere in California with preference for Sacramento, Bay Area or Los Angeles.
[Full description and application info]
OPEN POSITION: Public Affairs & Community Engagement Rep – California School Boards Association

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The McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific

In addition to a well-respected JD, the McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, offers the Master of Public Administration (MPA) and the Master of Public Policy (MPP) degrees. Both full-time students and those earning a professional degree while working succeed in the program. Our focus on the interconnections of law, policy, management, and leadership provides unique competencies for your success. Students gain a foundation in statutory interpretation and regulatory processes critical to governance. Learn at a beautiful campus three miles from the State Capitol: or

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