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  • Capitol Weekly Podcast (John Howard and Tim Foster): Carmela Coyle, president of the California Hospital Association to talk about the challenges that hospitals face as they deal with this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, “an order of potential magnitude that we just haven’t seen before.”
  • KQED's Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos): Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) on California's COVID-19 response  (2020-03-19)
  • KQED's Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos): Lenny Mendonca, Chief Economic and Business Advisor to Governor Gavin Newsom, on the economic impact of the COVID-19 (2020-03-12)
  • Then There's California (Senate Democratic Caucus): Senators Jim Beall (D-San José) and Tom Umberg (D-Anaheim) on the Census (2020-03-12)
  • Look West (Assembly Democratic Caucus): Assembly member Marc Berman (D-Palo Alto) and Secretary of State Alex Padilla on the Census (2020-03-12)
  • KQED's Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos): Politico's Carla Marinucci on primary results and Warren's departure (2020-03-05)
  • Capitol Weekly Podcast (John Howard and Tim Foster): Paul Mitchell on the departure of Elizabeth Warren and what's next in the presidential (2020-03-05)

The Nooner for Friday, March 20, 2020, presented by SYASL Partners

  • Coronavirus/COVID-19
    • Today's numbers
    • House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy
    • DMV
    • Hospital space
    • Rationale for social distancing
    • CA Coastal Commissioner/CV councilmember Steve Padilla
  • Ballot update
  • PG&E
  • LA DA Race
  • Cakeday and classifieds

I'll just keep it relatively short tonight. It's been a relatively quiet afternoon, and there is not much great news out there. I'll catch up with you tomorrow.


  • THE NUMBERS:  California confirmed cases: 1,286 (+360 from yesterday), with 24 deaths (+7 from yesterday). Confirmed cases in 34/58 counties (+1 from yesterday). [h/t SFChron]
  • House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield): McCarthy is not happy to have not been informed in advance and with the statewide application of the stay at home order, reports Myah Ward for Politico.
  • Hospital capacity: The first reported lease by the state of a closing hospital to accommodate COVID-19 patients (or overflow from other hospitals of non-COVID-19) is Seton Medical Center in Daly City just south of San Francisco.
  • DMV: I don't think I've mentioned this yet The DMV has asked the CHP to allow a grace period of 60-days for outdated tags and expired drivers licenses as they slash hours and understand that the lines are not consistent with the orders by county (and now state) public health officials. But, if you are taking to the wide-open freeways and using it to test your vehicle's speed skills, you will still get that ticket and maybe one for violating the stay at home order unless you're taking someone seriously ill (or having a baby, as those still are arriving) to the hospital.
  • The value of social distancing: This is a comparison of the spread of COVID-19 in to Italy cities that instituted a "lockdown" on different dates. It is striking.
  • Steve Padilla: Earlier this week, I shared that California Coastal Commission chair and Chula Vista city council member Steve Padilla had tweeted out a video to let his friends, colleagues, and community members that he had tested positive to COVID-19 so if they had been around him were aware. He sa id he was feeling fine and isolating. Yesterday, his daughter posted a statement to twitter to let folks know that he was admitted to the ICU and is on a ventilator. He is 56 years old.

more after the jump... 

BALLOT UPDATE: We're getting closer...

  • Ballots counted: 9,479,777 
  • Ballots counted are up +10.9% from 2016's 8,548,301
  • Turnout so far in 2018: 9,479,777 of 20,660,465 registered 15 days out (45.88%)
  • Turnout in 2016: 8,548,301 of 19,023,417 registered 15 days out (45.49%)

PG&E: In the Chron, J.D. Morris reports that PG&E has made a deal with Governor Newsom about their exit from bankruptcy and has submitted it to the judge. Morris writes:

The state of California could buy Pacific Gas and Electric Co. if the company does not conclude its bankruptcy case on time or has its license revoked by regulators, according to a landmark deal with Gov. Gavin Newsom that the company revealed Friday.

PG&E said in a court filing that it has resolved a months-long dispute with Newsom’s office about how the beleaguered utility intends to emerge from bankruptcy. The company has agreed to initiate a “sale process” if it does not meet a state-mandated June 30 deadline to resolve its bankruptcy case, and the state government, or someone the state supports, could be the buyer.

Additionally, PG&E said that if it is stripped of its operating license by regulators at the California Public Utilities Commission, the state government “will have the option to purchase all of the issued and outstanding equity interests” of the company.

LA DA RACE: After today's report, former SF district attorney George Gascón tweeted "Thank you, LA. I hope to earn your vote this November." Apparently, that's how you claim victory for the number #2 spot by pulling the #1 spot down by a hair. Despite her the wide distance from #2, this will be a close race in the fall. Gascón is challenging Jackie Lacey with on the message of prosecutorial reform.

  • Jackie Lacey: 862,303 (48.71%)
  • George Gascón: 499,182 (28.20%)
  • Rachel A. Rossi: 408,689 (23.09%) 

cakeday and classifieds after the jump...

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CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Maria Aliferis-Gjerde, Senator Maria Elena Durazo, and Greg Hayes!



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