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The Nooner for Friday, March 6, 2020, presented by SYASL Partners

  • Coronavirus
  • Unprocessed ballots
  • Bondage
  • Census
  • PG&E
  • Cakeday, classifieds, and farewell 

CORONAVIRUS: The test results for the passengers on the Princess Cruises ship being held off San Francisco are expected today. The Bee has an updated map of cases by California counties. Yesterday, Governor Gavin Newsom and Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara ordered public and private health insurance plans to cover the cost of testing and otherwise necessary screenings without out-of-pocket costs.

San Francisco's legendary Lowell High School is closed, while Stanford has banned all university-sponsored international travel of faculty, staff, and students and recommends against personal trips. Stanford has also cut back on allowable attendance at sporting events to allow people to spread out.

Today, the first case in Yolo County was announced. It is with an older woman with underlying health problems who has not recently traveled, making it a "community transmission" case.

UNPROCESSED BALLOTS: Last night,  the county estimates of ballots to process and count was posted:

  • Vote-by-mail: 2,540,790
  • Provisional: 346,145
  • Conditional Registration: 162,428
  • Other: 233,618
  • Total: 3,282,981

The numbers will increase as ballots mailed Tuesday but received by today will be counted and several counties are transferring received ballots to the correct county. For example, someone who lives in Davis may have dropped a ballot in a Sacramento County vote box. The envelopes are color-coded but there's still a manually sorting process before the ballot is sent to Yolo County.

Already, Los Angeles County's number has jumped from 573,750 to 802,380 since the state report came out yesterday. The county plans another update this afternoon.

Here are the closest races.

Only 28 more days for counties to count...ugh!

more after the jump...

BONDAGE: For CalMatters, Ricardo Cano looks at the failure of the statewide school bond.

For a generation, school bonds have been more or less a slam dunk in California. Locally and statewide, voters consistently have supported borrowing to build and maintain classrooms.

Not this election. As the state slowly tallies the returns from Super Tuesday, the numbers are painting a decidedly unfamiliar picture: Proposition 13, the sweeping $15 billion bond for school construction, was trailing late Thursday with only 44.6% approval. It threatened to become the first state bond measure rejected by voters in nearly three decades. Meanwhile, at the district level, some 70% of the 100-plus local K-12 school bond measures appeared bound for failure or too close to call, according to a CalMatters tally of early results.

CENSUS: Judy Lin has an explainer for CalMatters on the state's efforts to ensure an accurate Census count.

How much could the state lose? State census officials have estimated that falling short could cost California as much as $1,000 per person a year and a seat in Congress. It’s why the state is investing $187.2 million — the most of any state — for outreach to households that have typically been hard to count. 

PG&E: Dale Kasler reports for the Bee that bankrupt Pacific Gas and Electric is again asking the federal judge to pay bonuses to executives and staff.

PG&E Corp., struggling to exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy, wants to pay as much as $453 million in bonuses to thousands of executives and employees.

The utility asked a bankruptcy judge Thursday for permission to renew its bonus plan for 2020, saying in court filings that the payouts are needed to help the company implement its “broad vision of a transformed PG&E.”

Meanwhile, Julie Cart reports for CalMatters on efforts by the Public Utilities Commission to enact rules to better prescribe how the utilities execute public safety power shutoffs.

To avert the confusion, inconvenience and safety and health issues that many residents experienced in last year’s widespread cutoffs, regulators are now finalizing rules for how power companies should curtail service, inform the public and safeguard communities in such situations.

They are considering asking utilities to improve their websites, provide real-time outage updates, help create community centers where vulnerable people can seek refuge and stage dry runs to practice such changes before the start of high fire season.

cakedays, classifieds, and farewell after the jump...


Probolsky Research

CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Robert Baird, Senator Melissa Hurtado, and Assembly member Miguel Santiago!

FAREWELL: Former Assembly member Katcho Achadjian (R-Arroyo Grande) - 1951-2020 - one of the nicest guys to serve.



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California School Boards Association - Public Affairs & Community Engagement Rep (4 positions)

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The McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific

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