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  • KQED's Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos): Former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer and Paul Mitchell on the primary election (2020-02-13)
  • Look West (Assembly Democratic Caucus): Assembly member Buffy Wicks and her husband, Giffords Executive Director Peter Ambler, as they discuss their efforts to prevent gun violence in California and nationwide, and how this work brought them together. (2020-02-13)
  • Then There's California (Senate Democratic Caucus): Senate Majority Leader Bob Hertzberg (2020-02-11)
  • Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer @ KQED): episode five of the eight-part series on Jerry Brown (2020-02-09)
  • KQED's Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos): New Hampshire primary and data guru Paul Mitchell on the California primary (2020-02-06)
  • Capitol Weekly Podcast (John Howard and Tim Foster): Granite State native Steve Maviglio on the New Hampshire primary (2020-02-06)



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The Nooner for Sunday, February 23, 2020, presented by SYASL Partners

  • Cakeday and Classifieds


  • Ballots mailed: 16,101,316
  • Ballots returned: 1,838,066 (11.4% of mailed)
  • Democrats: 732,296 (10% of mailed)
  • NPP/Other: 381,409 (8%)
  • Republicans: 724,361 (18%)

If you haven't played with PDI's tracker, you can dive down by districts and geography. Again, expect Dem/NPP return rates to be slower than the GOP for the three reasons I've previously written about. Particularly this year, mail-in ballots will be disproportionately GOP, white, and older. That's not unusual, but also punctuated because of the growth of Voters Choice Act counties.

Well, hello there. It's Sunday, meaning a bit of Mexíco comes to the neighborhood of The Nooner Global HQ. In a few hours, menudo, street tacos, esquite/eloté, dogs of all types, y mangonadas will be a within two blocks of me. Of course, it will never taste the same after being in Mexico City. However, I know the vendors want to hear my stories of Mexico City and my love for the Mexican people. I am a proud and loving American and Sacramentan as are they, but it's okay to say that you have fallen in love with another country.

I'll be short today. After all, I need to think about quince de Septiembré en CDMX. Actually, I'm doing a lot of work on the election with friends--not for a candidate but rather how we figure out what the hell is going on. I will always disclose to you if I receive a dime from anyone. This morning, I was being a grammar geek for Paul Mitchell. Most of you know that we go back to when he was barefoot with hair resempling a Nelson bro. Those of us who have known us for the 28 years know how much we have weathered and why there is a geek bond to this day.

I also went to farmers market late (around 10), only to find that my favorite braising mix from Riverdog was done and my goat cheese is exhausted for a couple of months. It was also the last day for Satsuma mandarins. ¡Estoy muy triste!

I'm also short today because I have dozens of hours of programming to sort out the Democratic presidential delegate results in California. If you read regularly, you know I've written a lot about. I will be screaming at my tv after March 3 when candidates claim victory and pundits criticize the slow California vote. If you know me, I call people out for BS regardless of party or position. Calculating the 15% threshold at 54 different levels will take awhile, particularly because California busts her ass to make sure that any eligible person can vote and every eligible person votes only once. That's VBM->Election Day->"late VBM->Conditional->Provisional. If you don't understand that, don't be a critic. I'm working on a pretty chart to ensure the national media doesn't do what they like to against California.

I want every Republican to have their ballot counted. I want every independent voter to have their ballot counted. If they want to vote in the Dem primary, all can with a signature. As for the CA GOP that refuses to allow NPP votes, it is what it is and my GOP buddy Mike Madrid has had plentiful words about the decline of his party. To be clear, I absolutely believe that parties have a First Amendment right to decide who can vote in their tent. (see CDP v. Jones)

So, it's up to the parties and you can complain to them. My job is to look at law and try to explain it to you.

more after the jump...

I'm short today because all the vendors at farmers market wanted to hear about Mexico City. Vendors, both Mexicanos y Americanos have been to Mexíco. Everyone wanted to know about CDMX. I confirmed what they heard--the capital city is one of the best places on the planet. I did nothing fancy. I stayed in a one-bedroom Airbnb, I went on three tours booked through Airbnb, and basically ate on the street for about $2 per meal including generous propinas para la gente. I can't wait to go back in Septiembré.

Hopefully by then my conversational Spanish is far better. As of now, I'm a miserable gringo who can understand written Spanish from my college/current life, but can't put together a sentence or understand that spoken to me.


Probolsky Research

CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Anna Alvarado (amazing person who helped me when I didn't want help), my community college policy geek I disliked Alan Crane, the great comms strategist Katie Lucas, and of course Roger "Rog-Rog" Salazar. Everything about the last is under an NDA.



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CA Federation of Teachers - Field Representative

The California Federation of Teachers is seeking an experienced Field Representative with a strong commitment to improving education and to the labor movement, a willingness to work long and irregular hours, an ability to communicate effectively with diverse staff and membership, and an organizing approach to the job. A field representative's responsibilities may include work with certificated and classified employees ranging from preschool through post-graduate. ">More information here.

Department of Water Resources – State Water Project Chief Financial Manager

The State Water Project (SWP) Chief Financial Manager (CFM) works under the direction of the Deputy Director, SWP and provides high-level policy advice to the Department of Water Resources' (DWR) Directorate and SWP senior management on matters affecting the investment of resources to improve and sustain SWP operations. Please visit the CalCareers website for instructions on how to apply:

California School Boards Association - Public Affairs & Community Engagement Rep (4 positions)

Serve as CSBA’s liaison to local schools and county boards of education, key decision makers, and the community-at-large. Execute grassroots strategies designed to build relationships with, train, and mobilize local school board members and communities to advance CSBA’s legislative and statewide ballot measure advocacy priorities. Coordinates and executes fundraising events. Positions based in the following locations: North LA/Ventura, South San Joaquin, SF Bay Area, and North Coast. Salary based on experience. Please apply at:

Senior Policy Associate (Los Angeles)

The Alliance for Children’s Rights is seeking a Senior Policy Associate to support the organization in the areas of local government advocacy, strategic planning, public education, communications, and media relations. The Senior Policy Associate will be focused primarily on systemic change relevant to children living in foster care and in poverty in Los Angeles County. The Senior Policy Associate engages in legislative and regulatory advocacy, litigation, and communication efforts ensuring successful implementation of statewide reforms in Los Angeles County and assisting in the development and implementation of systemic solutions specific to Los Angeles County. This position is housed in our main office, located in the City of Los Angeles.

The Alliance’s Policy Program is based in Sacramento and works with Alliance program staff to identify and track child welfare practices that adversely impact our clients and helps to establish and implement responses to those practices which include legislative and regulatory advocacy, impact litigation and other reform efforts. A Bachelor of Arts is required, or a Master of Public Policy Administration or J.D. is preferred. For additional information on responsibilities, required experience, abilities, qualifications and application process, please visit our website:

The McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific

In addition to a well-respected JD, the McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, offers the Master of Public Administration (MPA) and the Master of Public Policy (MPP) degrees. Both full-time students and those earning a professional degree while working succeed in the program. Our focus on the interconnections of law, policy, management, and leadership provides unique competencies for your success. Students gain a foundation in statutory interpretation and regulatory processes critical to governance. Learn at a beautiful campus three miles from the State Capitol: or

Political Data Inc.
For 30 Years PDI has been California’s premier data vendor. Now, you can get live online trainings on the newest PDI software every week: