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  • Bonus episode of SacTown Talks by The Nooner: Scott talks with GOP political consultant Mike Madrid on the departure of Kamala Harris from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination (2019-12-03) [iTunes | Simplecast
  • SacTown Talks by The Nooner (Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay): What a Week with guest fmr Assemblyman Mike Gatto on his homelessness initiative. (2019-11-29) [YouTube | iTunes | Simplecast]
  • SacTown Talks by The Nooner (Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay): Noel Kammermann, executive director of Loaves and Fishes (2019-11-26) [YouTube | iTunes | Simplecast]


  • AD59 (South LA): Businessman/consultant Efren Martinez (D), challenging Reggie Jones-Sawyer, yesterday reported contributing $260,000 to his campaign. The move immediately puts him essentially on financial par with the incumbent.


  • SD28 (Temecula-Blythe): added realtor John Schwab (R) - open seat - Stone (R) resigned
  • AD37 (Santa Barbara): added Ventura supe Steve Bennett (D) - safe Dem open seat - Limón (D) running for SD19
  • AD38 (Santa Clarita): added Annie Cho (D) - leans Dem open seat - Smith (D) running for CA25
  • AD57 (Whittier): added Sylvia Rubio (D) - safe Dem open seat - I. Calderon (D) not running for re-election
  • AD57 (Whittier): removed Hacienda La Puente USD board member Martin Medrano (D) - safe Dem open seat - I. Calderon (D) not running for re-election


  • Kamala - audio pod with Madrid
  • AD57 (Whittier)
  • Cakeday and classifieds

Thank goodness that UC Davis Law prof Carlton F.W. Larson's new book on "treason, juries, and the American Revolution" is totally irrelevant! It's right there with Eli Whitney and the cotton gin!

SacTownTalks by The Nooner Live

Happy Humpday! Trust me. My goal is never 3500-word days like yesterday. I generally am a less-is-more person and yesterday just kept, uh, happening. If you're an hourly news geek, you know that it would have just kept getting worse throughout the day as the torrent of news chased us throughout the day.

Sorry about the misfire to Nooner Premium folks. House Judiciary took a break and so I went to get some food. I totally forgot I changed the cronjob yesterday when I gave you an early Nooner. If you got one at 11am and one at 11:30am, it doesn't mean you're on the list twice! 

I'll be shorter today because, out of "professional obligation," I'm laughing at everyone involved in the House Judiciary hearing on impeachment today. Sometimes the laughs come with tears for the clusterf*.

KAMALA: I'l write more later and talked with Mike Madrid for 30 minutes on her departure yesterday. For those of you who are news geeks getting your fix from everywhere, I'll just cite Michael Barbaro on the morning news apps, who said that she failed to articulate a lane in a very broad Democratic field.

My apologies as the audio was a bit low while recorded amid holiday music and with State Librarian Greg Lucus and legislative/administrative superstar Diane Cummins at the next table, but the feedback has been great. Our equipment deployed by Gibran Maciel for such situation was fine but I just need to remember that there are two different dials -- volume (output) and gain (input). I'm working on this folks! That said, more than a hundred of you have listened by 6:30 as I type, and the feedback has been great.

Apologies to our hearing impaired followers. YouTube provides the closed captioning and this one is not transcribed as the audio wasn't distinct enough for Simplecast do to it with the hamsters. Feel free to ask me as you know I don't change much and I generally know what Mikey is thinking.

Gibran and I have regularly talked about doing more short-form audio on current events like this. Send us your feedback (aside from my inability to understand mic dials).

Back to Kamala and Barbaro's comments, I couldn't agree more. Lack of money, awful polling, internal all comes down to no distinct message. It disgusts me to say it and I don't have a favorite in this race, but the default is President Trump and a contrasting message is required to survive and she never broke through.

Of the campaign swag I have left (bought by me and I don't contribute), I have BOOT-EDGE-EDGE and "WE RISE" (Booker). I honestly believe that Mayor Pete is the best equipped to sit at the Resolute Desk, and I could care less about to whom he is married. Booker is talking about the criminal justice issues we wrestled with this year in California and on which we reached a bipartisan compromise. It saddens me that he is getting zero traction.

News after the jump...

AD57 (Whittier): As noted above, we've had some changes in the race to succeed Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon in the safe Democratic seat in southeastern Los Angeles county. The reported favorite, Martin Medrano, Hacienda La Puente USD trustee and chief of staff for Rep. Gil Cisneros (D-Yorba Linda), is out. However, now in is Sylvia Rubio (D). If the same sounds familiar, yes she is Sister Act 3 of Assemblymember Blanca Rubio (D-AD48) FIRST! and Senator Susan Rubio (D-SD22) I get the red carpet and fewer elections!

We'll call this "Sister Act 3" as the third Rubio seeks state legislative election. Irony about that? One of the first big political things that Paul Mitchell and I did together was for Clinton/Gore 1992. During the frenetic final week to punctuate the anticipated victory, they held a rally at the Pacific


at the Orange County Fairgrounds. We helped organize turnout and have signed "Earth in the Balance" books authored by Al Gore that year to show for it.

The "star" aside from that candidates was Whoopi Goldberg. The original Sister Act was released that year and was the crazy of the nation. I still don't know if I have seen any of them.

With apologies to Ian, the Calderon family (Charles, brothers Tom and Ronald, and son Ian) are known as the "Calderatti."

When news came out that Sylvia--sister of Sen. Susan and Asm. Blanca--was joining the race to succeed Ian Calderon, the debate became what to call the collective if Sylvia is elected. The other joking question was which would be which would be a bigger R caucus -- Republicans or Rubios.

For those who don't follow the legislative process closely, the currently elected Rubios are routinely among the most pro-business, conservative votes.

MICRA: I was stupid yesterday. I cited the chapter in the great Willie Lewis Brown, Jr. biography by James Richardson and then screwed up the actual history that should be indelible in my brain. The medical malpractice damages were capped in 1975. The "napkin deal" still adorning the wall at Frank Fat's and written by Bill Lockyer was in 1987. That was the limits on attorney contingency fees in exchange for the concessions. Both would be affected by the ballot measure I wrote about yesterday.

Trust me. We're just beginning this conversation for 2020.

The folks that pointed this out to me were some of the players from all sides, most notably former State Assemblymember and State Senator John Lewis, who represented my hometown. He represented me when I was a kid. We may not have agreed on many issues, but we commonly love California political and legislative history along with my friend Bill Leonard. My long and winding road has brought me amazing friends who I would never meet if I sat in a partisan corner.

It's about honesty and respect. I'll discard people of both sides who are undeserving. If you don't understand that, you don't belong in this field. People who judge others based on personal politics are idiots. Then again, after last Thursday, you should know that.

CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Jon Fleischman, Kate Folmar, Justin Hyer, Chief Dem Guru Bob Mulholland, Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, and Katie Patterson!


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