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E-109 - Friday, November 15, 2019, presented by SYASLPartners

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  • Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos @ KQED): Newly elected San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin (2019-11-14)
  • Capitol Weekly Podcast (John Howard and Tim Foster):  Authors Laura and James Wasserman on book "Who Saved the Redwoods" (2019-11-12)
  • SacTownTalks by The Nooner (Gibran Maciel): Sacramento homeless blogger Tom Armstrong (2019-11-08)  [YouTube coming soon | Simplecast | iTunes
  • Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos @ KQED): MALDEF president Thomas Saenz (2019-11-07)
  • Then There's California (Senate Democratic Caucus): Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) on the vaccinations debate (2019-11-06)



  • CA04 (Foothills): added law enforcement officer Jamie Byers (R) - likely Rep - challenge to McClintock (R)
  • CA25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale): added Christopher Martinez (D) - safe Dem - challenge to Schiff (D)


  • The Dems meet
  • Isn't that special?
  • Sports gaming measure
  • Dialysis
  • Fire insurance
  • Guns
  • DACA
  • Kamala
  • Presidential and labor
  • Bloomberg and CA
  • CapRadio
  • CA25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale)
  • Oh, Duncan
  • High-speed rail
  • UC budget
  • Prop 13
  • Cakeday and classifieds

¡Felíz víernes! Best wishes for candidates of the State Bar who get exam results this evening!

Tonight at 7:30, the Kings (4-6) face the Lakers (9-2) at Staples. If sports betting were legal in California, the Lakers are -8.5 favorites and -385 for the win. Take the Kings on points.

I'm off to a PPIC luncheon on Census 2020 and the Central Valley. While there is often an undercount in many of socioeconomically disadvantaged communities, there is fear that the immigration discussion and possible connection to the Census will lead to a further undercount in 2020. This would lead to proportionally less federal funds than less needy areas. PPIC has a bevy of information on the Census. Then, on to record the podcast--and we'll include the Golden Bear Awards!

THE DEMS MEET: The California Democratic Party gathers for the fall endorsement convention today in Long Beach. While most folks are looking for how the eight presidential candidates will perform in the Univision Forum tomorrow at 4pm, I'll be watching for the results of legislative endorsement caucuses occurring just before, which will be held for the for AD09AD33AD75SD07SD37CD07CD22, and CD53. These are districts in which a candidate didn't receive 70% in the pre-endorsement conferences October 5-6 in CDP's 21 regions, yet a candidate did have 50%. If a candidate receives 60% in the caucus tomorrow, they are added to the consent calendar for endorsement by the party floor vote on Sunday.

Of the ones up for a caucus tomorrow, CA07 (Bera), AD09 (Cooper), have incumbents facing changes from the left. One race with an incumbent--CA16 (Costa)--failed to have a candidate with 50% at the pre-endorsement conference so there will be no primary party endorsement.

For those attending those caucuses, tag me @scottlay or email me the results.

The eight candidates that made the cut for the presidential forum tomorrow are Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Julián Castro, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang. The CDP announces about the event:

"The Forum will be moderated by Univision’s Jorge Ramos and Ilia Calderon as well as Leon Krauze, Anchor, KMEX, Univision’s flagship local station.  The Forum will be broadcast to millions of viewers across all of Univision’s broadcast and cable television, audio and digital platforms."

Biden and Warren took a pass on the event, although Biden held events in Los Angeles yesterday, citing scheduling conflicts. However, based on the history of Dianne Feinstein being booed in 1990 over the death penalty--something that happened this in June to John Delaney--Biden has no reason to expose himself to that. With Warren leading the pack in California and with a large number of California state convention delegates passionate supporters of Bernie Sanders, she has no reason to be in person.

ISN'T THAT SPECIAL? Today (the deadline), Governor Newsom issued the proclamation for the CA25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale) and SD28 special elections. As expected, the special primary elections will be held on March 3 to coincide with the statewide primary. If no candidate receives over 50%, the special general will be May 12.

SPORTS GAMING MEASURE: The language of the initiative by tribal gaming advocates to allow sports gaming, craps, and roulette in tribal compacts and at racetracks was posted yesterday.

DIALYSIS: Also yesterday, an initiative that appears to be from the dialysis industry was submitted for title and summary for the November 2020 ballot, and the Citizens for Accountable Policymaking committee opened yesterday looks like it could be the one to back it. I haven't had much time with it yet but, at a glance, it appears to create a system to show that the big industry clinics perform just as well or better than the alternatives.

An alternative one by labor was submitted last month.

FIRE INSURANCE: The AP's Adam Beam writes "Californians who lost their home insurance because of the threat of wildfires will be able to buy comprehensive policies next year through a state-mandated plan under an order issued Thursday by the state insurance commissioner."

GUNS: For CalMatters, Ben Christopher (and team) put together a great explainer on the evolution of California's gun laws.

DACA: The oral arguments for Tuesday's hearings of Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of University of California are now available. [transcript | audio]

KAMALA: This morning as the Dems convene in her home state, Christopher Cadelago is out with a brutal analysis of Senator Kamala Harris's presidential campaign:

"As the California senator crisscrosses the country trying to revive her sputtering presidential bid, aides at her fast-shrinking headquarters are deep into the finger-pointing stages. And much of the blame is being placed on campaign manager Juan Rodriguez.

After Rodriguez announced dozens of layoffs and re-deployments in late October to stem overspending, three more staffers at headquarters here were let go and another quit in recent days, aides told POLITICO. Officials said they’ve become increasingly frustrated at the campaign chief’s lack of clarity about what changes have been made to right the ship and his plans to turn the situation around. They hold Rodriguez responsible for questionable budget decisions, including continuing to bring on new hires shortly before the layoffs began.

Amid the turmoil, some aides have gone directly to campaign chair Maya Harris, the candidate’s sister, and argued that Rodriguez needs to be replaced if Harris has any hope of a turnaround, according to two officials."

A senior campaign official "described the current state of the campaign in blunt terms: 'No discipline. No plan. No strategy.'"

PRESIDENTIAL: With Democrats gathering in Long Beach for their Fall Endorsing Convention, Scott Shafer reports for KQED that the state's largest labor unions are largely waiting to get behind a Democratic presidential candidate. "We're not seeing labor unions coming to a consensus right now," said Steve Smith, communications director for the California Labor Federation. "You may see some individual unions do endorsements. A lot will be waiting until next year."

For the LAT, Seema Mehta previews how the presidential candidates will spend their time in Southern California, and Jerry Roberts and Phil Trounstine saddle up for the confab.

BLOOMBERG: For McClatchy, Emily Cadei and Bryan Anderson write "Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has already dipped a toe into the 2020 Democratic contest. If the multi-billionaire decides to jump all the way in the race, he could make a big splash in California’s primary."

CAPRADIO: Congratulations to Ben Adler on his appointment as program news director at Capital Public Radio. He tweets "THREAD: When California lawmakers reconvene for the 2020 #caleg session, for the first time in nearly a decade I won’t be joining them. After covering the state Capitol since February 2011, I’ve accepted an offer to become @CapRadioNews Program Director in January."

More after the jump...

CA25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale): For Politico, Jeremy B. White writes on the entry of Cent Uygur into the CA25 race for the open seat held by Katie Hill (D).

"Progressive journalist Cenk Uygur is seeking the California House seat vacated by former Rep. Katie Hill, raising the prospects of an intra-Democrat clash as the party seeks to preserve its 2018 California gains.

As founder and host of the Young Turks news program, Uygur has built a reputation and following as a prominent liberal media figure — and he burnished his bona fides immediately by rolling out an endorsement from Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), a rising progressive star who said "Congress needs bold progressives" like Uygur."

OH, DUNCAN: Morgan Cook reports for the SDUT on the latest development in the campaign finance case against Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine):

"Two months ahead of his criminal trial, three of the four trial attorneys for Rep. Duncan Hunter filed court papers to quit the case, leaving the lawmaker with a single trial lawyer -- who the government is seeking to disqualify.

A motion filed late Wednesday in U.S. District Court gives notice that Hunter, R-Alpine, has terminated representation by Gregory Vega, his lead trial counsel of more than a year, and two other attorneys at Vega’s firm.

Paul Pfingst, a lawyer Hunter recently hired, will be his new lead — and only — criminal defense attorney for the trial on Jan. 22 on charges stemming from a sweeping campaign finance investigation, according to the court record."

HIGH-SPEED RAIL: In the LAT, Ralph Vartabedian writes the growing split among legislative leaders on what to do about high-speed rail. "The argument boils down to where the money can do the most good, in terms of carrying more passengers, reducing greenhouse gases and generating political support to find another $60 billion to actually connect Los Angeles and San Francisco."

PROP. 13: Joel Fox asks whether the #13 for propositions should be hung in the rafters. "On one level, Proposition 13 of 1978 doesn’t need special treatment from government to achieve legitimacy with voters. On the other hand, as long as the original Proposition 13 remains a prominent and much discussed feature of California’s political landscape there will continue to be confusion when a new Proposition 13 appears before voters."

There won't be a Proposition 187 or 209 again, but 8 and 13 will continue to reappear as numbers are now reset every ten years to 1--then again, you never know.

BLUE AND GOLD: For the LA Times, Teresa Watanabe reports that the UC Board of Regents have adopted a proposed 2020-21 budget that would enroll 1,400 additional California undergraduate students next year with no student fee increase. Watanabe writes:

"The UC system also will enroll 1,000 additional graduate students and expand mental health services and academic support in its drive to increase graduation rates and close the achievement gap among diverse student groups.

The UC Student Assn. successfully lobbied regents to ask the state for $43 million for services for students living in the U.S. illegally and those who were formerly incarcerated or in the foster care system."

...OR NOT SO MUCH? Also from the Regents meeting that a UC Santa Cruz doctoral student accused Regent George Kiefer of grabbing her thigh under the table at a dinner with student leaders five years ago.

"Rebecca Ora, a doctoral student in film and digital media, made her allegation during public comments Wednesday at the UC regents meeting in San Francisco. She told board members that Kieffer had touched her under the table while she and other students were discussing tuition with him and complained that UC officials had done “nothing” about her complaint, which she filed more than a year ago.

Kieffer called the allegation “absolutely false.” The Los Angeles attorney and prominent civic leader, who headed the Board of Regents for two years before his term expired in June, declined to publicly discuss details of the case. But he said the UC resolution process was “fair and independent” and he had “total confidence in that process coming to the right conclusion here.”

Ora initially opted to handle her complaint through the UC informal resolution process, but the two sides failed to come to an agreement, and she moved forward with a request that UC conduct a formal investigation."

A couple of folks with a high degree of veracity have commented on social media that they were present at the dinner, saw that he was awfully close to her, and that Ora told them about the incident at the time.

CAKEDAY and CLASSIFIEDS after the jumpity jump...


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The successful candidate will be extremely organized, possess excellent writing and oral communication skills, be a self-starter, dependable and someone who is able to work collaboratively as part of a close-knit team.

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