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E-122 - Friday, November 1, 2019, presented by SYASLPartners

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  • Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos @ KQED): CA25 and Stanford professor Michael Ware on wildfires and electricity (2019-11-01)
  • Look West (Assembly Democratic Caucus): "Celebrating 100 years of Women's Right to Vote" (2019-11-01)  Apple Podcasts | Spotify
  • SacTownTalks by The Nooner (Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay): Russell Lowery on California's electrical system, as well as his time as a top GOP legislative staffer, lobbyist for PG&E, association management exect, and now running his own firm to help clients tell their message and affect public policy. (2019-10-30) YouTube | Simplecast | iTunes 
  • Gimme Shelter (CalMatters's Matt Levin and LAT's Liam Dillon): Opposites Beverly Hills mayor John Mirisch and Senator Scott Wiener on solving California's housing crisis (2019-10-30)
  • This is California: The Battle of 187 (Gustavo Arellano @ LAT and Futuro Studios): A podcast series on the 25th anniversary of Proposition 187
  • Nooner Bonus (Scott Lay): Former Assemblymember Lloyd Levine, who chaired Asm Utilies and Commerce, on the electricity situation. (2019-10-29)
  • SacTownTalks by The Nooner (Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay): What a Week: CA25, fires, and electricity (2019-10-28) YouTube | Simplecast | iTunes 


  • CA03 (Yuba-Solano-Yolo): added musician Sean Feucht (R) - likely Dem - challenge to Garamendi (D)
  • CA12 (San Francisco): added real estate developer John Dennis (R) - safe Dem - challenge to Pelosi (D)
  • SD01 (Northeast Cal.): added Chase Buick (D) - safe R - challenge to Dahle (R) 
  • AD46 (Sherman Oaks): added Neighborhood council member Lanira Murphy (D) - safe Dem - challenge to Nazarian (D)
  • AD56 (Coachella): added mother/activist America Figueroa (R) - safe Dem - challenge to E. Garcia (D)


  • Arnold
  • Gavin and fam do Halloween
  • Electricity - several items
  • SD28 (Temecula-Coachella-Blythe)
  • Water
  • As goes California...or?
  • Making sense of vetoes
  • Cakeday and Classifieds

FIRES AND ELECTRICITY: I'm keeping the latest at - Maria near Santa Paula is the newest kid on the block, while Tick (Los Angeles) is 100% contained, Easy (Ventura) is 80% contained and Kincade (Sonoma) is 68%.

Argh! Chrome crashed at 9:40am and I lost four hours of work in this space! Like everything, like the new pods, elections changes, and all the articles!

Without getting too geeky, the interface I work with is server-based and, while it has worked well for a decade, there's no auto-save. Adding that to the program has been on my "to do" list for some time, but of course I only remember after losing it all on a morning like this.

Let's just say November isn't starting out well.

At least I got a good laugh after the Niners went 8-0 last night as I caught up on some Wednesday night late night. The best was James Corden, on which former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger played "Spill It or Fill It," in which host Corden and the guest take turns answering tough questions and, if they don't, they have to eat culinary "delicacies" that most of us cringe at.

Anyway, while he did refuse to rank his fellow action star leads and thus ate turkey testicles, the governor did answer the question of whether or not he ever lied to the public while in office. He answered the question and of course I still have a copy of that veto (which was only funny in the way the PDF was typeset and never made sense in the text version on LegInfo).

For many reasons, he'll never land in the category of the best governors of The Golden State, but I always loved his humor. Ammiano doesn't have such fond recollections.

POD: We're recording What a Week this afternoon and expect that we'll have three wheels than the usual two of our week-end wrap. Yeah, I almost used a "throuple pod," but yeah, too soon.

For it, we have CalMatters's Laurel Rosenhall to help us navigate the corn maze that was this week's news and wrap it up in a nice package with a beautiful bow. Laurel, while known as a "print" journalist did her own outstanding series of podcasts this year, Force of Law, on the police use of deadly force. In it, she hears all different perspectives and covers the legislative debate that resulted in the two major bills--AB 392 (Weber and McCarty) and SB 230 (Caballero).

If you, like me, have a large volume of leaves to rake, consider it a great time to catch up on the great podcast content being developed!

HALLOWEEN, PREZ FIELD STYLE: Gavin, Jennifer, and brood showed humor with their Halloween costumes last night. In fact, they cleared the Democratic presidential field so a debate can be held on the steps of this historic Governor's Mansion. Make sure you turn the audio on to hear Bernie yell.

While the situation of mass power outages of Californians is no laughing matter, last provided the perfect opportunity for gallow's humor.

THE BLAME GAME, ELECTRICITY STYLE: For CalMatters, Laurel Rosenhall looks at Gavin Newsom's attacks on PG&E this week and at whether the voters are listening as to where to place blame. She writes:

"Fuming at Pacific Gas & Electric has been rampant this month as 2 million Californians have been disrupted by blackouts meant to prevent wildfires that could be sparked by the utility’s equipment. Thousands of people have been displaced by fires, at least one of which may have been caused by a power line the utility didn’t shut down. The company is already in bankruptcy from its liability for sparking the deadliest fire in state history, which killed 85 people last year and devastated the mountain town of Paradise.

Though anger at PG&E may be at record levels, it’s not a new phenomenon in northern California. Frustration with PG&E has been part of the cultural zeitgeist for decades. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s harsh rhetoric in recent weeks — criticizing PG&E for “greed and mismanagement” and “prioritizing profit over public safety” — reflects a public attitude that’s built up over the last half century."

MICROGRIDS: Meanwhile, Laurel's colleague Julie Cart takes a look at the promise of small electrical systems and whether the afford the benefits promised of breaking up the grid, either completely or only when necessary. First, what the heck is one?

"A microgrid can be as simple as a single home operating on its own solar power, or a complex series of connections between a power source and distribution lines to end users. It can run a business, a neighborhood or even a city. It can be any size and may be fueled by renewable energy stored in batteries, or by generators run on a conventional fuel such as diesel.

Here’s Chris Marnay, a senior scientific fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, who wrote the definition of microgrid that is used by the U.S. Department of Energy: “There are two characteristics: It is a locally controlled system, and it can function either connected to the grid or as an electrical island.”

While we're talking electricity and disasters of this week, Scott Shafer hosted KQED's Forum this morning. The 9am hour was on the efforts of folks to "break off from the grid," while the second hour has The Atlantic's Annie Lowrey to answer the question asked by many (mostly outside of the state) this week--is the California Dream over?

Both hours should be available online when you read this.

more after the jump...

SD28 (Temecula-Coachella-Blythe): While we wait on a decision of Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) as to whether she will run for the State Senate seat being opened by the resignation of Jeff Stone (R-La Quinta), the buzz is on about another possible entrant--Lisa Middleton (D), Palm Springs councilmember and CalPERS board member representing local governments. If she runs and wins, she would be the first transgender individual to be elected to a non-judicial state office.

Yesterday, Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) joined Stone in endorsing Temecula councilmember Matt Rahn (R).

WATER: For CalMatters, the Fresno Bee's Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado reports on the challenge of folks served by private walls who are seeking uncontaminated water have in expanding their wells or connecting to the public water supply.

I'm looking forward to PPIC's event on California's water supply and climate change, which is Tuesday. While registration for the event is full, you can register here to watch it. It will likely be live streamed on PPIC's Twitter and Facebook feeds, and the recorded video will likely be at that registration link after the event.

Registration is still available for Capitol Weekly's conference on California wildfires on Wednesday.

AS GOES CALIFORNIA...OR? Joel Fox looks at the recent apparent change of heart of the NCAA to allow college athletes to be compensated for the use of their names, likenesses, and images and asks whether states are ready to embrace other policies California is embracing as the state battles the Trump Administration on several fronts. Fox writes:

"Whether the California way will catch on might be tested in the presidential election, with California progressive policies seeming to find a home with many of the Democratic presidential candidates. A nominee strongly espousing this philosophy can take the message nationally and see how many fellow Americans agree with those California ways."

VETOES: Our friend Chris Micheli, lobbyist and adjunct professor at McGeorge School of Law, offers several bases for Gavin Newsom's vetoes to use to understand how he governs. It's a great column Chris gets included just for using the correct plural of "basis." He writes:

"I am sure there are other themes that can be gleaned and, of course, future years of bill actions will give us additional insights into Governor Newsom’s thinking on bills. In the meantime, you can at least examine the 172 veto messages from the 2019 Session to ascertain possible guidance in pursuing measures in the California Legislature next year and beyond."

Yeah, after y'all have done that, can you send me a picture? I'll work on programming an auto-save function for The Nooner and raking the digging out from the torrent of leaves on the Nooner HQ's balcony.

CAKEDAY and CLASSIFIEDS after the jumpity jump...

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¡Hasta mañana! ...or Monday if you're stepping away from email for the weekend. Definitely no judging!

Meanwhile, you can probably find me on Twitter with broken news throughout the day and I'll try to keep the alerts page updated.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Samuel Liu and Nelly Nieblas!


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