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E-131 - Thursday, October 24, 2019, presented by SYASLPartners

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  • Look West Podcast (Assembly Democratic Caucus): Assemblywoman Monique Limón talks with Reverand Shane B. Scott about predatory lending in California and her AB 539, which was recently signed into law. (2019-10-24)
  • Nooner Quickie (Scott Lay): Media, CalChannel, and history bits with Capitol Weekly editor John Howard and Open California executive director Tim Foster (2019-10-22)
  • SacTownTalks by The Nooner (Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay): What a Week (2019-10-18) [YouTube | Simplecast | iTunes
  • Gimme Shelter Podcast (Matt Levin/Liam Dillon @ CalMatters/LA Times): The case for local control over housing with Susan Kirsch, a slow-growth activist from Marin County and Juan Garza, mayor pro tem of the Southern California city of Bellflower (2019-10-18)
  • Political Breakdown (KQED's Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos): Representative Katie Porter (D-Irvine) (2019-10-17) 
  • SacTownTalks by The Nooner (Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay): Lobbyist Chris Micheli on the 2019 Legislative Year, AB 5 (2019-10-14) [YouTube | Simplecast | iTunes


  • I've been making lots of updates to the online legislative directory of members, committees, and staff as they come in and undoubtedly have more. For those in and around the Capitol, please keep sending your updates. I created a monster for myself. I do know I haven't re-written all the code to ensure Lena Gonzalez's photo appears and I apologize to the senator! I think the other duplicate surnames are working right.

    I have written tens of thousands of lines of code (without much elegance or structure and then forget where all the changes need to be made when you have something like two "lgonzalez" members. I think I have the Rubio sisters right, but if you catch something, let me know! 


  • CA08 (San Bernardino High Desert): added James Ellars (D) - likely Rep - open seat (Cook (R))
  • CA25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale): changed from lean Democrat to Toss-up - Rep. Katie Hill (D)
  • AD36 (Palmdale): added retiree Michael Rives (D) - toss-up - challenge to Tom Lackey (R)


  • Electricity
  • Kincade Fire
  • CA25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale)
  • Taking it to the streets
  • Gassy matters
  • Muni matters -- municipal finance, zoning/SB 50
  • Cakeday and Classifieds

Happy Thursday-- you're almost there! It's forecast to be 89 in Sacramento today and a wild 84 in San Francisco that will cause folks to scramble for ice baths. Karl the Fog is apparently on summer vacation and hasn't tweeted this month.

Let's get to the gnus after paying some bills...

ELECTRICITY: All four stages of the Pacific Gas & Electric public safety power shutoff (PSPS) in northern and central California are currently in effect. "Re-energization" is expected to begin this afternoon following inspection of the affected areas, repair, and the process of bringing parts of the grid back online. There is now another possible shutoff over the weekend given current forecasts of high winds and low humidity.

Meanwhile, down south, 19,918 customers have been "de-energized" with a PSPS, according to Southern California Edison. SCE also has warned an additional 286,037 customers that they may have power turned off.

KINCAID FIRE: A large fire broke out overnight northeast of Geyserville in Sonoma County in mostly ranch and wild lands. While the winds are calm in Sacramento this morning, the Diablo Winds in the North Bay reportedly continue to be fierce.

As of the 11:10am report, 10,000 acres had been consumed through wild lands and vineyards and, while Geyserville has been evacuated, the town itself is not currently threatened. (The acreage hasn't been updated since the 6:55am report.)

The total number of structures destroyed or damaged won't be known until assessments now that the sun has risen, although Cal Fire currently reports two structures damaged. The Chron's Matthew Gafni tweeted video of one destroyed home.

CA25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale): With the official opening of a House Ethics Committee investigation into a reported inappropriate relationship between Rep. Katie Hill and a staff member, I have moved the race to toss-up from Leans Democrat. Traditionally, this would have just been a footnote, but House Democrats pushed last year for rules changes prohibiting relationships between members and staff and it part of the accusations against Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine), they couldn't ignore it.

In short, the situation has moved beyond a nasty divorce and a naked picture and into the official domain of an alleged relationship in violation of House Rules. None of us know what will happen, but it would be dishonest for me to say that there is no impact on next year's race in the district.

TAKING IT TO THE STREETS: Yesterday, four ballot measures were certified for signature gathering. They are:

  • Replaces State Senate and Assembly with Single-House Legislature; Increases Number of Legislators. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
  • Expands Legalization of Cannabis and Hemp. Initiative Statute.
  • Expands Legalization of Cannabis and Hemp. Initiative Statute. (version 2)
  • Authorizes Electronic Signature Gathering for Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Petitions. Initiative Statute.

As I tweeted yesterday, anybody who proposes a unicameral Legislature should be required to include funding for a new Capitol and office building to accommodate 250 members in one chamber and more than twice the number of member offices.

GASSY MATTERS: Joel Fox weighs in on the debate over gas prices, which is just another iteration of a perennial discussion:

"The Attorney General’s investigation is not the first time California officials have called for an investigation into high gas prices. In fact, it seems to be a regularly scheduled practice every few years. Usually, nothing comes of the examinations. Will see if this new effort follows historical form.

Meanwhile, when consumers start a slow simmer about gasoline prices and the largest portion of the cost is government driven, the thing to do is take the voters’ eye off the ball and start an investigation of oil companies. The slight-of-hand says look over here at those greedy corporations don’t look at the government wizards behind the curtains.

That is what Gavin the magician is doing."

MUNI MATTERS, CAKEDAY, and CLASSIFIEDS after the jumpity jump...

Probolsky Research

RED INK: The California State Auditor this morning released its assessment of municipal finance, including the eighteen most fiscally troubled cities according to the agency's index, which ranks cities based on liquidity, debt burden, general fund reserves, revenue trends, pension obligations, pension funding, pension costs, future pension costs, OPEB obligations, OPEB funding. Each of these subjects are then placed into "low risk," "medium risk," and "high risk" categories.

For home gamers, "OPEB" stands for "other post-employment benefits," most of which are health benefits following retirement. Local governments (including schools) face this "outstanding liability" for both current and former employees to the extent a funding source has not been pledged to meet the promised benefits.

1. Compton*
2. Atwater
3. Blythe
4. Lindsay
5. Calexico
6. San Fernando
7. El Cerrito
8. San Gabriel
9. Maywood
10. Monrovia
11. Vernon
12. Richmond
13. Oakland
14. Ione
15. Del Rey Oaks
16. Marysville
17. West Covina
18. La Habra

*Determined that this city has high fiscal risk due to the lack of transparency over its finances.

Oh, Vernon, we haven't heard much about you lately! Glad to see you're back on the radar.

The State Auditor's Office also has an awesome interactive map to look at cities graphically.

ZONING/SB 50: For Fox & Hounds, Beverly Hills mayor John Mirisch calls advocates of upzoning to accomodate the state's housing needs "Trumpian corporate shills":

"Progressive upzoning taxes would make the best out of a bad, preemptive situation in which Sacramento politicians show their disdain for local communities across the state. They would at least allow communities to capture some of the value created by Sacramento’s peremptory wealth transfer and put those funds to better use within our diverse and unique communities, to serve the residents and to alleviate the impacts of bad policies from Sacramento and Washington.

And what of the self-styled liberals who would oppose such a truly progressive way of mitigating this unprecedented wealth transfer and of capturing value for the public? They simply out themselves as what they really are: Trumpian corporate shills who are more concerned with Wall Street profits than anything else."

Let's take a moment to laugh at that assertion to look at the SB 50 (Wiener) co-authors: Senators Caballero, Hueso, McGuire, Moorlach, Skinner, Stone, and Assembly Members Burke, Chu, Diep, Fong, Kalra, Kiley, Low, McCarty, Robert Rivas, Ting, and Wicks.

You can't make this ish up.

That's a diverse group of folks from across the political spectrum, representing urban, suburban, and rural areas. They are liberals and conservatives. After watching them throughout the year(s) closer than a NIMBY SoCal mayor, I think I can say with some knowledge that none of these are Trumpian corporate shills.

In case you were wondering, Beverly Hills mayor John Mirisch is a registered Republican.

CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Assemblymembers Sabrina Cervantes and Vince Fong, as well as Congressman Brad Sherman!


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