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E-146 - Wednesday, October 9, 2019, presented by SYASLPartners

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MONEY MATTERS: This is the space where we look at interesting contributions to party committees or non-capped "ballot measure" committee accounts affiliated with legislators. The funds can be used for many things other than directly supporting the candidate's re-election, but are not required to be used for an active ballot measure. Standard contributions to candidate committees up to the 2020 limit of $9,400 for primary and general are not included in this space.

  • SD03: California State Association of Electrical Workers: $9,300 to Bill Dodd Ballot Measure Committee for Progress, Reform & a Stronger California [2019-10-07]

SCOTUS WATCH:  Look for the next update on this week's oral arguments and next week cases in Sunday's Nooner.



  • CA10 (Stanuslaus): added software engineer Ryan Blevins (D) - leans Dem - challenge to Rep. Josh Harder (D)
  • CA16 (Fresno-Merced): added Merced mayor Mike Murphy (NPP) - currently a Rep, but would run NPP - likely Dem - challenge to Jim Costa (D)
  • CA21 (Fresno-Kern-Kings): added Farmersville councilmember Rubén Macareno (D) - toss-up - challenge to TJ Cox (D)


  • Power situation
  • Legislative update
  • CADem Pre-endorsement conferences results
  • Trump tax returns
  • Cakeday, Dept of Corrections, and Classifieds

ATTN LEGISLATORS/STAFFERS/LOBBYISTS: Now that the legislative year is over, this is the time of retirements and other staffing changes. Please review the Legislative Directory for accuracy of the current Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, and Scheduler names I have for each office. Also, I want to add Communications Director/Press Secretary and District Directors, so send those along as well. 

I'll continue to have email addresses for those positions for Nooner Premium with a downloadable database, so if those five contacts are anything different than firstname.lastname@, send those to me as well! 

Happy Humpday! I hope all are safe in this emerging weather/power situation. G'mar Chatimah Tova to the Noonerites of the Jewish faith.

PG&E has announced that Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) began at midnight in 22 counties affecting 513,000 customers, affecting over 1 million individuals. At noon, an additional 12 counties may be shut off affecting 234,000 customers may begun. The website page that had troubles through much of yesterday seems to be okay this morning, although most folks are still sleeping as I write and, well, others interested may not have power to keep clicking refresh. Southern California Edison may begin PSPS tomorrow in nine counties as the high pressure system moves and create Santa Ana wind conditions in the southern part of the state.

Sacramento has had some collateral temporary outages this morning due to PG&E shutoffs and the need for SMUD to re-source and re-balance power. As of 11:19am, there are only seven customers reported as out on SMUD's page throughout the service area that extends south to Galt and East to Folsom and Citrus Heights. That's pretty remarkable. Power is also still on in Roseville's public power agency territory. Just beyond in the PG&E territory, Auburn is out, reports Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein, a former Sierra Community College trustee. His employees are working at home, coffee shops, or other remote locations that have power.

Some good news for Bay Area commuters -- it appears that the Caldecott Tunnel will remain open through a power shutoff event. Caltrans contractors have been frantically moving in high-capacity generators to provide power to the tunnel for lighting and ventilation in the even the power is turned off. For those not familiar with the area, the tunnel connects Berkeley/Oakland with Walnut Creek/Tri-Valley.

There will need to be answers about this from PG&E, Caltrans, or both. We are now going to be spewing diesel fumes completely contrary to our climate goals for something as foreseeable as the next presidential tweet. That's like how I used to do my Christmas shopping at the Portland airport after landing on the afternoon of December 24 before that evening's family dinner and package opening.

Just down the road from the western edge of the tunnel is the Tesla factory, a company that is making high-capacity power storage. The tunnel would have been a perfect test case for what some believe is a necessary solution to store clean energy when the sun is not shining, wind is not blowing, and hydro isn't producing.

There's a lot of conspiracy theories out there about whether PG&E is doing this as part of a campaign for a bailout of the beleaguered utility. The fact is that the Legislature, Public Utilities Commission, and federal courts (the one overseeing the San Bruno probation, not bankruptcy) asked for this. While the federal court was specific to PG&E, the others asked for the plans including power shutoffs as part of plans to handle with changing climate situations (manmade or otherwise).

If you've been a reader for awhile, you know that I've had plenty of criticism of PG&E. That's on pause until after this event is over. At least 153 Californians died in wildfires, a majority of which were caused by falling power lines over the last two years.

Obviously, the Twitterverse will be an ignorant cesspool and will make it political (on the right and left) without knowing the facts, but right now it's to avoid adding more faces to this.


We'll have plenty of time to talk about the coulda/woulda/shoulda after all is said is done. For now, let's ensure the safety of our fellow Californians.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATES: As Sunday's deadline for action on bills, Governor Newsom yesterday took the following actions:

CADEM PRE-ENDORSEMENT CONFERENCES: The California Democratic Party has released the results from the weekend's regional caucuses that were held to consider endorsement recommendations in advance of the party's convention November 15-17 in Long Beach. For those just joining our little Noonerific show already in progress, endorsements will be considered at the convention's General Session on Sunday, November 17 as part of a consent calendar.

There are three ways to land on that consent calendar for congressional, State Senate, and State Assembly races:

  1. incumbent of the office, unless 25 qualified delegates from the district to regional caucuses requested it to be pulled in advance of last weekend; 
  2. a candidate including an incumbent "pulled" under (1) who received 70% of the votes from the particular district at last weekend's caucus;
  3. if neither of above, a candidate who received between 50%-70% at the regional caucus in (2) who proceeds to receive 60% of the vote at a caucus at the party's convention November 15-17.

The regional conferences last weekend included members of the Democratic State Central Committee, local county central committees, and representatives from chartered clubs/orgs. The caucus meetings will be of the members of the Democratic State Central Committee from the affected district.

Here are the races for which there will be a caucus at the November Democratic Convention. As I understand it, any eligible Democrat in the race may follow procedures to be considered at the Convention caucus for these races. I'm listing the candidates that I believe sought endorsement at the pre-endorsement conferences last weekend.

  • CA07 (East/South Sacto County): Rep. Ami Bera, Jeff Burdick - safe Dem
  • CA22 (Tulare): Phil Arballo, Bobby Bliatout - likely Rep - challenge to Rep. Devin Nunes (R)
  • CA53 (San Diego): Jose Caballero, Georgette Gómez, Sara Jacobs - safe Dem open seat
  • PENDING --> SD07 (San Ramon Valley): Evan Branning, Sen. Steve Glazer, Marisol Rubio - safe Dem -- the validity of provisional ballots cast at the caucus are still being determined
  • SD37 (Irvine): Karina Foley, Dave Min - leans Rep - challenge to Sen. John M.W. Moorlach (R)
  • AD33 (San Bernardino High Desert):  Lizette Angulo, Roger La Plante - safe Rep open seat
  • AD75 (Escondido): - likely Rep - challenge to Asm. Marie Waldron (R) - I don't have any Dem candidates, but the party indicates it's going to a caucus. I've reached out to local contacts.

Here are the races where there was either "no consensus" (no candidate received >50%) or where the majority of votes in the pre-endorsement conference were for the party to have "no endorsement" in the race. I've marked them as to whether it was no consensus (NC) or no endorsement (NE). In either case, there will be no endorsement by the California Democratic Party in the race.

  • CA16 (Fresno-Merced): likely Dem - Rep. Jim Costa (D) -- NC
  • AD34 (Bakersfield): - safe Rep - Asm. Vince Fong (R) -- NE
  • AD36 (Palmdale): - toss-up - challenge to Asm. Tom Lackey (R) -- NC
  • AD37 (Santa Barbara): safe Dem open seat -- NC

The following districts did not have a candidate seek the party's endorsement: AD03, AD05, AD12 (, AD35 (San Luis Obispo).

I hope that makes some sense and that I'm at least mostly correct. In several situations, I've talked to party leaders and candidates who were unclear of the rules or status of a certain district. Also, if you're wondering why I'm providing so much coverage to the California Democratic Party and not the California Republican Party, it is because the state GOP does not endorse in primary elections when there are more than one Republican candidate in the top-two primary.

Again, here is the full tentative list released by the California Democratic Party.



Probolsky Research

TRUMP TAX RETURNS: Our friend Richard Winger reports that the state has finally filed its notice of appeal of Judge Morrison C. England Jr. in Trump v. Padilla. It's hard to see how this is settled by the finalization timeline for the March 3 ballot, as well as how the state can win this from a legal perspective, from my perspective. And you are correct that I want to see the damn tax returns. I just highly doubt it will happen, although they could emerge from the New York City case.

An EDNY judge this week rejected a filing by Trump to block a subpoena from the district attorney requesting eight years of tax returns as part of the investigation as to whether then-candidate Trump made illegal hush-money payments during the campaign.

CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to former Assemblymember Eric Linder, Jackie Nutting, Michael Saragosa, and Christina Spagnoli!

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: Indeed, I was off yesterday on a very important item. The rap song lyrics I was referring to was Ice Cube, not Ice-T. Cube of course is also an actor and T had a different song about the police as part of the metal rap group Body Count, which was actually worse for law enforcement.


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