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E-148 - Monday, October 7, 2019, presented by SYASLPartners

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MONEY MATTERS: This is the space where we look at interesting contributions to party committees or non-capped "ballot measure" committee accounts affiliated with legislators. Standard contributions to candidate committees up to the 2020 limit of $9,400 for primary and general are not included.




  • Saturday, June 5: Poll position: school bond, water bond, "split roll" property tax, presidential candidates, SF DA politics
  • Sunday, June 6: Everyone's talking about Buddhism, Sikhism, racism, athleticism, corporatism...all we are saying...


  • SCOTUS with the mostus
  • Transitions
  • CA Dem Party pre-endorsement conferences results
  • Muni matters - SF DA's race & measure polling results
  • Cakeday and Classifieds

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Happy SCOTUS day! Today begins the October 2019 term of the Supreme Court of the United States. Of course, by the time you read this today's arguments will be over, but there are a couple of interesting ones on the docket and I can't wait to read/listen to the arguments. There are three arguments, a couple of which are generally applicable, of great interest, and fascinating to we ConLaw geeks:

  • Kahler v. Kansas - can a state abolish the insanity defense? (criminal law mens rea, Eighth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment)
  • Ramos v. Lousiana - must a state require a unanimous jury verdict in criminal trials? (Sixth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment)

For both cases, I've linked to the great previews by Amy Howe for SCOTUSblog. It's going to be a wild term, so buckle in, and enjoy the ride! Tomorrow is another fascinating case in which the owner of a funeral home argues that an employee must dress in a gender-conforming manner. Obviously, depending on how the decision is written, it could be very narrow and case-specific or could significantly affect businesses and their LGBTQ employees and raises issues such as Senator Holly Mitchell's SB 188 (now law), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of hairstyle traits with historically associated with race that do not affect job performance.

That's just one California law that immediately comes to mind on a Monday morning because it is so fresh and ended up passing without any votes in opposition. Depending on how an opinion is written, many other California laws could be affected.

Let me know if you like these items that are not the bailiwick of The Nooner but affect many of the topics we encounter here in Sacramento. Typically, I write about them after a court decision, but I know some of you are interested in a bit more.

DEM PRE-ENDORSEMENT CONFERENCES: Over the weekend, regional meetings were held around the state for pre-endorsement conferences for the California Democratic Party. These 21 regional meetings are the step in advance to who appears on the consent calendar at the party's November 15-17 in Long Beach. Successful candidates receive the endorsement of the California Democratic Party and can use the party's name in their campaigns and they are often included on door hangers and other propaganda.

Not all candidates participated, as there were associated filing fees to be considered--Assembly $250, Congress $350, State Senate $500.

Incumbents are automatically placed on the consent calendar unless an objection was filed 10 days in advance of last weekend's conferences. To be placed on the consent calendar, a candidate needs 70% of the votes in the pre-endorsement conferences, which include state central committee members, county central committees, and representatives from chartered clubs.

If one candidate for a district did not receive 70% of the vote over the weekend, the possibility of state party endorsement moves to regional caucuses on Saturday, November 16 at the convention, but only if a candidate received 50% in the pre-endorsement conference. In those convention caucuses, only state central committee members (DSCC) from the affected districts vote and it requires 60% of the caucus vote from the affected district to put the candidate's name on the consent calendar for ratification on Sunday, November 17.

In short, the pre-endorsement conferences traditionally have more grassroots participants and are further left, while the convention delegates (DSCC members) are generally closer to elected officials and institutions (labor in particular). That has somewhat changed following the 2016 elections when "Berniecrats" captured many DSCC seats and that continued with the 2019 Assembly district caucuses that elect DSCC members. Also, elected officials have moved further left and they are DSCC members and can appoint others.

Since I had a wedding to attend as well as a busy Sunday routine, I dispatched the Nooner hamsters to the 21 regional meetings over the weekend. It'll be a couple of days for them to return to Global Nooner HQ to report, so I'm just going off a few interesting results I've seen, and I'm sure I'll have more tomorrow.

Please send me any corrections or additional information you may have. For those familiar with the process, I've been literally counting hashtags on butcher paper and math that in some cases is crossed out or is in chicken scratch--all from pictures taken from phones. Damn hamsters!

  • CA16 (Fresno): Rep. Jim Costa's challenge by Fresno councilwoman Esmeralda Soria is serious. Costa was not only pulled from the default consent calendar as an incumbent, but pulled only 48.75% to Soria's 46.25%. Professor Kim Williams captured 5%. There will be no endorsement in this race, which I believe is the only one for an incumbent House member.
  • CA22 (Tulare): In the race to challenge Rep. Devin Nunes, healthcare admin Bobby Bliatout picked up 54% of the pre-endorsement conference votes and plans to seek the endorsement at the convention in his bid against financial advisor Phil Arballo. Bliatout ran in 2018, but Andrew Janz advanced in the top-two and lost to Nunes in November.
  • CA53 (San Diego): In the open seat safe Dem race to succeed Rep. Susan Davis, San Diego council president Georgette Gómez garnered 67.1% of the pre-endorsement conference vote. Education nonprofit CEO Sara Jacobs received 9 votes (10.6%) and Jose Caballero 6 (7%). The two other announced Dems received no votes, while 13 participants  voted for no endorsement (15.3%). I'm told there are still debates about the credentials of some voters in the race, with activist supporters of Caballero (who was in the race as a challenger before Davis's retirement announcement, but it looks like it will go to a November 16 convention caucus vote. 
  • SD05 (San Joaquin): Assemblymember Susan Eggman pulled in 100% of the pre-endorsement vote and thus will be on the consent calendar. This is the shocker of the day to me, as Modesto councilmember Mani Grewal is considered a serious candidate.
  • SD07 (Tri-Valley): In her challenge to Senator Steve Glazer, educator/homecare worker Marisol Rubio received 50% of the vote. If the 50% for Ramos holds up after provisionals are verified, Ramos could seek the endorsement at the convention caucus. 
  • SD15 (San Jose): In the open race to succeed Senator Jim Beall, Santa Clara supe Dave Cortese appears to have captured the pre-endorsement to be placed on the consent calendar if my math is correct. From my reading of the butcher paper photos, here's what I read:
    • Nora Campos: 0 votes
    • Dave Cortese: 67 votes, with 7 provisionals (72-72.5%)
    • Ann Ravel: 15 votes (14.7-16.1%)
    • No endorsement: 11 votes, with 2 provisionals
  • SD17 (Santa Cruz-SLO): In the open seat to follow Bill Monning, former Assemblymember/Resources Secty John Laird easily picked up the pre-endorsement spot on the consent calendar with 98.4% of the votes to a single vote for nonprofit director Maria Cadenas. If the five provisionals -- all cast for Laird -- are counted, Laird edges up to 98.5%.
  • SD37 (Irvine): UC Irvine law professor Dave Min earned just over 60% of the pre-endorsement vote to Costa Mesa mayor Karina Foley's 30%. This one moves to a convention caucus. Min came in a close third in the top-two primary last year that led to fellow law professor Katie Porter's election to the House over Rep. Mimi Walters.
  • AD13 (Stockton): San Joaquin supervisor Kathy Miller captured 80.85% of the pre-endorsement vote and thus will be on the consent calendar. Miller faces fellow Democrats Stockton councilmember Christina Fugazi and businessman Carlos Villapadua in the bid to succeed SD05 candidate Susan Eggman in safe Dem Central Valley seat.
  • AD37 (Santa Barbara): Santa Barbara CCD trustee Jonathan Abboud received 34% of the vote to Santa Barbara mayor Cathy Murrillo's apparent 30%, and the endorsement moves to a convention caucus. Candidates Santa Barbara councilmember Jason Dominguez and nonprofit director Elsa Granados received 8% and 4%, respectively. There will be no party endorsement in this safe Dem last-minute race after Monique Limón decided on a bid for SD19.
  • AD78 (San Diego): SD councilmember Chris Ward received 80.22% of the pre-endorsement vote and thus will be on the consent calendar.

Please note that these percentages include "provisional" votes that will be confirmed by the CDP before the pre-endorsement conference results are final.

TRANSITIONS: I usually don't write about new lobbying firms, hires, and promotions. My friends at the Capitol Morning Report do a great job at it and while they too are understaffed, they have at least more than one brain to handle all the announcements. But occasionally I take a point of personal privilege for longtime friends. Ann Blackwood, most recently Western States government relations chief for Facebook, is opening her own shop, Rootstock Strategies to lobby for Snap, Inc., the creator of Snapchat. I've known Ann for quite some time both as a policy consultant in the Legislature and as an elected trustee of the Los Rios Community College District. She can be reached at Congrats Ann!


SF "HOUSE OF CARDS"? San Francisco District Attorney candidate Leif Dautch takes umbrage of SF Mayor London Breed's appointment of fellow candidate Suzy Duftus as acting DA while the ballots are being mailed out, and I can't say that it doesn't stink to high heaven, even though I know neither candidate. Of course, I also think a November muni election four months before a statewide presidential primary is also wholly inappropriate. Breed is also on the November 5 ballot, which makes the move that much more suspect.

If there is no other deputy district attorney in the office capable of running the office for a month, then the entire department should be fired. From what I can tell from the department's org chart, there are plenty of senior folks who could have served in the role until the people vote.

I am also of course generally against off-year elections unless needed for a special election to fill a vacancy. Proponents of them argue that it allows school and muni candidates to better connect with voters but we all know the history is not that glamorous and such elections are generally being eliminated under the California Voting Rights Act. They favor a wealthier, whiter electorate as well as the most polarized voters that often does not reflect the overall electorate, giving outsized influence to money, the left, and the right.

Dautch emails:

"In a power grab straight from "House of Cards," the political machine just engineered the early resignation of the SF District Attorney so that it could install its preferred candidate three days before the first open-seat election for DA in 110 years. Seriously."

People love to blast San Francisco and I am not one of them. I love the city although acknowledge it has serious problems, emblematic yet amplified of cities around the state (and country).

In this case, the stench is in City Hall rather than the alleys of the Tenderloin.

BAGHDAD BY THE BAY: Pollster (and Noonerific supporter) Adam Probolsky is out with a couple of polls in advance of the November 5 election in San Francisco. Neither poll was conducted for a client.

Measure C (repeal of e-cigarette ban):

  • Yes: 31%
  • No: 56.8%
  • Unsure: 12.3%


Measure D (rideshare tax to fund MUNI, bicycle, pedestrian improvements):

  • Yes: 47%
  • No: 35.8%
  • Unsure: 17.3%


[both polls: n=400; 133 telephone/267 online; 9/25-30; MOE +/-5%]


Probolsky Research

CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Anna Molander!


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