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E-231 - Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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SacTown Talks by The Nooner


  • Money matters
  • Lyft- and Uber-paid protestors
  • Oh, Duncan
  • 2020 CA poll position
  • Cakeday 
  • Farewell

Happy Taco Tuesday! I have yet to decide how to factor that important designation into my gastronomic day, although I do have cod in the freezer that would make for a great July taco.

We enjoyed a great pod recording with Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis yesterday. We spoke about her background growing up in Sacramento, time as the leader of the development company founded by her immigrant father, and serving as Obama's Ambassador to Hungary. We talked about the often understated role of the Lieutenant Governor as well as her role as the lead on international trade matters of California at the direction of Governor Gavin Newsom. We didn't get as deeply into trade, and we agreed we need a "Part II" sometimes soon, particularly on the issues of the affect of the "tariff war" on California's industries, particularly agriculture.

The spent a fair amount of time on housing, giving Kounalakis's experience with the "Two Californias" both where she lives in San Francisco and now with her time in Sacramento. She brings the unique perspective as someone who built housing and knows the challenge first-hand, while also shares similar values to groups that have frequently held up, or increased the cost of, housing.

I really enjoy these podcasts with our electeds because we really get to know the actors beyond just the casual hallway or reception conversations we are accustomed to. Hopefully you do as well!

MONEY MATTERS: FEC DEADLINE: Midnight was the deadline for federal candidates to report for the period of April 1 through June 30. It was a fun night of refreshing the stream of reports coming in. You'll see "processed" and "raw." The raw reports are listed as they come in, but those data have not yet been processed. If you look on a district page, you may see that the last report was for q1 that ended March 31, but that doesn't mean a report for q2 wasn't filed. There is a lag of up to a day for the FEC hamsters to catch up when there is a deluge of reports. After the reports are moved from raw to processed, the contributors and expenditures are searchable.

For example, at 11am, Jim Costa has a raw, but not a processed report for q2. For Duncan Hunter, there is no report.

California Target Book's Rob Pyers tweets incumbents ranked by cash on hand. Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, buoyed by national media attention as chair of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, tops all incumbents in cash on hand with $6,743,791. Fourth on the list (and 2nd to Schiff among Californians) is Devin Nunes (R) with $5,655,770. Nunes preceded Schiff as House Intelligence chair and continues as Ranking Member for the GOP.

Schiff is ready and waiting for a Senate seat to open up. Just sayin'.

Pyers also has fun working through the campaign report of MAGA candidate Omar Navarro who is challenging Maxine Waters (D) yet again. He lost by 55.4% last time but continues with a national donor base that seemingly donate after every appearance by Waters on the teevee. In turn, he travels staying at nice places and eats at the best places and pays consultants, sometimes himself, and makes "charitable donations" to the "United Latino Foundation."

The campaign committee gave $2,500 in the second quarter to the foundation, which was founded by Navarro and has no other individuals listed but receives money through a GoFundMe page (created by Navarro) and through Navarro's campaign committee. The United Latino Foundation lists its address as 2510 W 237th Street, Suite A, in Torrance. Any Noonerites in the South Bay that can check out that address to see what's listed on the door would receive Noonerific praises!

Here are the races targeted by the DCCC and NRCC, plus a couple of other ones to watch.

Select Congressional Races

Second Quarter Reports
April 1 - June 30, 2019
(candidates w/ over $50,000 in receipts in Q2)



Net Cash on Hand*

CA10 (Stanislaus)   


Bob Elliott (R)

$153,365 $17,286 $141,630

i-Josh Harder (D) 

$737,018 $145915 $1,405,856

Ted Howze (R)




CA15 (Hayward-Livermore-Pleasanton)

  i-Eric Swalwell (D)      
  Aisha Wahab (D) $56,141 $15,636 $37,505
CA16 (Fresno)    
  i-Jim Costa (D) $337,850 $58,153 $395,709
  Esmeralda Soria (D) announced after June 30 filing close

CA21 (Fresno/Kern/Kings)

i-TJ Cox (D)





CA22 (Tulare)

  Phil Arballo (D) $129,161 $4,845 $116,392
  i-Devin Nunes (R) $1,788,055 $1,113,441  $5,655,570
CA25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale)
  i-Katie Hill (D) $711,644 $192,542 $1,122,898
  Michael Garcia (R) $125,257 $42,538 $207,719
  Angela Underwood Jaccobs (R) $121,624 $1,564 $109,634
CA39 (Fullerton-Diamond Bar)    
  i-Gil Cisneros (D)
 $295,772 $128,260  $358,612
  Young Kim (R) $401,277 $21,574  $370,386
CA45 (Irvine)        
  Peggy Huang (R)   $169,791 $181,053 $150,415
  i-Katie Porter (D)
$977,346 $186,515 $1,203,546
  Greg Raths (R) $209,770 $32,670 $177,100
  Don Sedgwick (R) $480,143  $99,821 $541,645
  Lisa Sparks (R) $151,251 $6,689 $137,162
CA48 (Huntington Beach)    
  i-Harley Rouda (D) $561,693 $92,949 $1,130,685
  Michelle Steel (R) $536,023 $19,094 $503,749
CA49 (S. Orange, N. San Diego Coast)    
  i-Mike Levin (D)
$481,951 $204,892 $947,344
  Brian Maryott (R) $110,783 $96,289 $286,864
CA50 (East San Diego County)    
  Ammar Campa-Najjar (D) $369,813 $160,118 $479,914
  i-Duncan Hunter (R) no report available as of 11am PDT  

*Net cash on hand excludes loans from the candidate, which legally don't have to be paid back, unlike vendors.

Source: Federal Elections Commission, retrieved 2019-07-16    

NEED PROTESTORS? THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT! In the LAT, Johanna Buiyan writes that transportation network companies Lyft and Uber paid up to $100 to drivers who came to Sacramento to rally outside the Capitol before the July 10 hearing on AB 5 in Senate Labor, Employment and Retirement.

"Drivers who attended the rally were offered and are expected to receive $25 to $100 within five days of gathering in Sacramento to cover “travel, parking, and time,” according to an email The Times obtained. The email was sent to drivers from the I’m Independent Coalition, a group funded by the California Chamber of Commerce, along with a long list of professional associations, trade groups and on-demand companies. The coalition has been working closely alongside Uber and Lyft to call for changes to AB 5 and helped organize the Tuesday rally.

“We want to thank you again for taking time to attend the State Capitol Rally on July 9,” the email read. “Your voice had an impact and the Legislature heard loud and clear that you want to keep your flexibility and control over your work! Please expect a driver credit in the next five business days for your travel, parking, and time.”

The coalition confirmed it paid gig workers — including Uber and Lyft drivers — to cover the costs of travel and expenses for the day and said the amount paid varied but did not exceed $100."

OH, DUNCAN: While many Republicans in Washington are trying to separate themselves from President Trump's tweets against four non-white women in the House, the SDUT's Charles T. Clark reports that Congressman Duncan Hunter is doubling-down. While the fundraising mailer was printed before Trump's latest tweets, Hunter is back to trying to tie Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar to the acts of his grandfather, an activist with the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the terrorist group behind the 1983 Beirut bombings and the attack on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics. Campa-Najjar, who is a Christian, was born 16 years after his grandfather's death.

Of course, under the photo of Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, the mailer claims she's "anti-Isreal." Good work, folks.

Meanwhile, for Politico, Jeremy B. White and Carla Marinucci write that California Republicans are largely quiet on President Trump's recent tweets attacking congressional women of color and that the silence could come back to bite them. They write:

"Even as California Democrats universally condemned the president, the head of the California Republican Party did not respond, nor did Republican leadership in the state Legislature. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also has remained silent.

Other California Republicans have taken note of their leadership’s reluctance to speak.

Republican Assemblyman Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley) was the sole GOP legislator to speak out on Twitter following the president’s Sunday tweetstorm. “This is beyond unacceptable, it is wrong and abhorrent,’’ he wrote. “Dear Fellow Republicans, we must speak out and return ourselves to decency. This cannot be who we are!”

Republican strategists and former GOP officials also lambasted Trump. That included never-Trumpers like former Arnold Schwarzenegger aide Rob Stutzman, who called Trump “a disgrace to the office” and “evil” on Twitter, and more conservative voices like Jon Fleischman, a former California Republican official and commentator who said he was “embarrassed” and urged Trump to “delete this and apologize.”

The moderate Republican New Way California, of which Mayes is a leader, is out with an email this morning with subject line "Mr. President, we are so much better than this."

"America is defined by the people who participate in our democracy and respecting each other, even in times of disagreement, is at the very foundation of who we are.

When our leaders incite division and hatred, we all lose a little of ourselves when we don't speak out and condemn those actions.

New Way California believes that the party of Lincoln and Reagan must do better to speak out for all Americans. We must strive to unify our communities with a common goal of being that shining city on a hill and saying to the world, with one voice, that we are better than this."

2020 and CAKEDAY after the jump...


Probolsky Research

2020 POLL POSITION: For Capitol Weekly's California 120, Paul Mitchell has been polling California voters on the presidential bid, and introduces a tracker with the top five candidates with more than 5% in the poll. John Howard has a 'splainer.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Andrew Anzalone and Stephen Simon!

FAREWELL: Former congressmember and Assembly member William Dannemeyer (September 22, 1929 – July 9, 2019)


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