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E-262 - Sunday, June 16, 2019


SacTown Talks by The Nooner



  • CA19 (San Jose): added attorney Erik Estavillo (D) - safe Dem - challenge to Zoe Lofgren (D) - claims to be an attorney but is not found on the State Bar site. Pretty bad way to out your misrepresentation against state law.


  • Budget
  • Duncan's doo-doo
  • Pot in Santa Barbara
  • Costco Corona police shooting
  • Cakeday

SEEN ON SUNDAY TEEVEE: House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) on Face the Nation.

Happy Father's Day! Thank you dad for all of your support through the years.

Do we really have to wait until Thursday for another USA World Cup game? What an outstanding group of women!

BUDGET: Tomorrow, Senate Budget and Fiscal Review will take up the budget trailer bills. For home gamers, the actual budget bill can not make statutory changes, so "trailer bills" implementing the budget are passed along with it. Usually they are mostly passed at the same time as the budget, but this year, the spending plan was approved on Thursday to meet the June 15 constitutional deadline, but the trailers were still being worked out. 

A few don't have language, which are identified as "spot" bills below.

A.B. No. 75 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - K-12 education
A.B. No. 78 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - spot bill
A.B. No. 79 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - mental health
A.B. No. 80 Committee on Budget. Human services omnibus.
A.B. No. 81 Committee on Budget. Developmental services.
A.B. No. 89 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - spot bill
A.B. No. 90 Committee on Budget. Public employees' retirement.
A.B. No. 91 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - taxation/EITC
A.B. No. 100 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - spot bill
A.B. No. 101 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - spot bill
A.B. No. 102 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - state collective bargaining
A.B. No. 103 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - spot bill
A.B. No. 105 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - amendments to the budget bill
A.B. No. 106 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - spot bill
A.B. No. 107 Ting. Budget Act of 2019. - spot bill

AB 217, previously the water fee/tax bill, is also now a bill for federal tax law conformity and is scheduled for Asm Rev & Tax tomorrow. 

Department of Finance provides this page with trailer bill language. Bills must be in print for 72 hours before final passage. 

DAN THE DOWNER: While Democratic legislators are sending out press releases celebrating the budget, Dan Walters writes that bad news with the state's economy will be forthcoming. He writes:

"Newsom's predecessor, Jerry Brown, started building reserves and warned in his final budget, 'What’s out there is darkness, uncertainty, decline and recession, so good luck, baby.'"

DUNCAN'S DOO-DOO: In the SDUT, Morgan Cook and Jeff McDonald report that Margaret Hunter's guilty plea on conspiracy to use campaign funds for personal expenses make things worse for Congressman Duncan Hunter as it takes away the spousal privilege. They write:

"The couple initially denied all charges and appeared united in court. But now Margaret Hunter is no longer wearing her wedding ring, and she is a star witness against her husband.


According to the 22-page plea agreement she signed with federal prosecutors, both Margaret and Duncan Hunter were well aware that their spending was illegal -- and they both continued to break the law anyway.


The congressman issued a statement last week saying he was being targeted by prosecutors who supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016 and that he would not be answering any further questions about the case.


In addition to spelling out dozens of criminal counts, the August indictment said the congressman made numerous illegal expenditures to benefit five unnamed people who 'lived in the Washington D.C. area and had personal relationships with Duncan Hunter.'

According to the plea deal 'Hunter concealed from Defendant his use of campaign funds to facilitate certain personal relationships with others.'"

To think that he is still in office on our dime while Dr. Richard Pan is threatened with recall over the vaccination bill is beyond belief. Meanwhile, SDUT columnist Michael Smolens looks at why Hunter is still in office.

POT POWER: In the LAT, Joe Mozingo reports on the burgeoning legal marijuana industry in Santa Barbara County. "Farms in Santa Barbara County hold 35% of all cultivation licenses issued in California this year, despite the county having only 1.8% of the state’s land. Humboldt County, the historic center of the marijuana universe, has 22%, while illegal grows there continue to dominate the larger black market." 

Meanwhile, Senator Mark McGuire's marijuana appellation bill is up Tuesday in Assembly B&P. Like wine, it would prohibit pot sales falsely representing a county where it is not grown. I was on the North Coast a couple of weeks ago and it was wild to see the billboards. There's also a pot shop on Main Street in Mendocino in a former art gallery. 




THE IE: In Corona, an off-duty LAPD officer fatally shot another shopper and two of his relatives Friday night at a Costco, reports Brian Rokos and Nathaniel Percy for the San Bernardino Sun. The two relatives are in critical condition. Allegedly, the victim killed assaulted the officer near the produce and meats section while the officer was holding his son. Reports are that as many as six shots were fired and the only person with a gun was the officer. 

I'm guessing those SB 1421 records requests will flood LAPD after this shooting, although the officer's name has not yet been released. While I have read the bill many times, I had to review again this morning to see whether an off-duty officer-involved shooting opens the records, and it appears that it does. That said, the shooting happened in Riverside County rather than Los Angeles, raising interesting questions about the application of the new law.

LAPD even has a web page for SB 1421, although it's more of a discouragement of requests than a welcoming message. The department charges $64 per hour for reviewing and redacting video and audio. Or they charge $65.28Or $63.93Or $65.28Or $56.87 if the requester drew the lucky straw. That's about $130,000/year. 

The LAT team also has a report.

"Corona police Lt. Jeff Edwards said Friday night that two men were in an argument when one pulled out a weapon and fatally shot the other man. Initially, police said they had detained the shooter inside the store and then taken him to a hospital after he said he was injured."

A fight breaks out in a Costco and an unarmed guy is killed? We definitely need more details. Was it a fight over tenderloin that resulted in a shooting? And, why does an off-duty officer pack heat to go buy toilet paper by the 30-pack?

SCOCAL: For CALmatters, California Supreme Court justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar writes about growing up in Imperial Valley, childhood poverty, and Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye's Keeping Kids in School and Out of Court Initiative. 

"We saw how the U.S.-Mexico border demonstrates both the enormous powers of government agencies as well as their weaknesses, and witnessed how lack of planning and unintended consequences can create seemingly timeless features of the environment like the Salton Sea.

These life experiences serve to remind us not just of California’s extraordinary breadth and beauty, but how our state’s immense prosperity seems all too remote for some kids growing up in places that deserve a more prominent place in California's story.

Efforts such as the Keeping Kids in School and Out of Court Initiative are meant to broaden economic opportunity and improve public safety, and bring these narratives more fully into our shared civic life. But the context for such efforts can be daunting."

Justice Cuéllar was born in Mexico, came to California in his teens, and went on to Yale and Harvard for law school. An underachiever, he then got a Ph.D. from Stanford and became a Stanford law professor. Of course, Cantil-Sakauye is my favorite justice since she did the community college-UCD-UCD Law route. Okay, I don't really play favorites, but the selections by Arnold Schwarzenegger (Cantil-Sakauye) and Jerry Brown (Cuéllar) were excellent.

CAKEDAY after the jump...


Probolsky Research


#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Carson Eades and Chip Wilkins!




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