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E-268 - Sunday, June 9, 2019


SacTown Talks by The Nooner



  • Wildfires
  • Economic outlook optimism varies significantly by race, income
  • Human trafficking
  • Homeless and public health in LA
  • SacTown Pride - Salt-N-Pepa style
  • Cakeday
  • Department of Corrections

SPORTS PAGE: The Dodgers came back with a "no you ain't" 7-2 victory over the Giants last night. The close-out game of the series is at 1:15 today. Buehler is on the mound for the boys in blue, while Baumgarner will be hurling the balls for the orange and black.

BUDGET WATCH: The Conference Committee on AB74 (2019-20 State Budget) meets today at 3pm in Room 4203. 

I'm going to be a bit short this morning as it's a cray-cray day. I've already been to farmers market, the Pride march starts across the street at 11, then Sunday Mexican delights--Sunday menudo and manganada, anyone?--await at Our Lady of Guadalupe, Dark Shadow, and Budget Conference Committee. 

Yes, the anti-VAXXers were there to drum up opposition to SB 276 (Pan).



FIRES: As climatologists had feared, the weekend weather put the state and serious fire risk, even though it's only June 9. Several broke out yesterday, with the largest being the Sand Fire that began near the town of Rumsey in the Capay Valley. As of this morning, the fire had burned 1,800 acres and is 0% contained.

Fortunately, the NNW wind-fueled fire appeared to be burning toward the foothills of the Vaca Mountains and not toward the towns (Guinda, Brooks, Capay Esparto) to the southeast. Many regulars of the weekend farmers markets throughout the region know the names of the farms that are home here--Full Belly Farm, Riverdog Farm, Taber Ranch, Capay Fruits and Vegetables (Farm Fresh to You) to name just a few. The largest threat was to Full Belly, which was just inside the southern border of the mandatory evacuation zone. The small-scale heritage wheat producer Capay Mills had damage to equipment and storage.

Of course, the furthest south of those I named is Esparto, which is home to many farmworkers. On the way to Esparto is Brooks, where Cache Creek Casino and Resort is. They are both outside of the voluntary evacuation zone.

No cause has been identified. However, the fire is burning about 40 miles north of where the PG&E had announced a public safety power shutoff. Saturday evening, PG&E announced a similiar shutoff in the Sierra Nevada foothills. 

Ironically, the Sand Fire is burning in Senator Bill Dodd's district, who will be holding an informational hearing of the State Senate Select Committee on Governor’s 2019 Report: Wildfires and Climate Change - California's Energy Future on Monday at 3pm. The committee will be hearing the report of a task force appointed by Governor Newsom to respond to the major issues of wildfire and utility liability. 

As of this morning, there were six active fires burning.

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN'? In the LAT, John Myers writes on the findings of the new PPIC poll, which show a significant back in economic optimism by race and income among Californians. 

The latest PPIC poll asked a series of questions about money and mood — more specifically, how those surveyed feel about the state’s economic direction and their own financial situation. Pollsters also asked about the problem of homelessness and whether elected officials are doing a good job. When divvied up by region, race and class, the results are sobering. Myers writes:

"Take the question of whether the next 12 months will produce good or bad economic times in the state. Two regions — the Inland Empire and the San Francisco Bay Area — are mirror opposites of each other. Forty-nine percent of those inland are pessimistic, while on the coast the exact same share are optimistic.

. . .

[PPIC President/CEO Mark] Baldassare said lawmakers miss the warning signs at their own peril. 'This is a test,' he said. 'And it's a test that’s going on in the context of an economy that’s generally pretty favorable. What’s it going to be like when it’s not?'"

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Dan Walters writes for CALmatters that, while not as prominent of other social ills, human trafficking continues to provide a shameful challenge for California policy-makers. "The bad news is that the prosecutions are still too few and fall well short of effectively curbing human trafficking in California. Hundreds, if not thousands, of slaves are being kept, afraid to complain to authorities and fearing physical abuse and/or being shipped back to their countries of origin."

AMMO: Patrick McGreevy reports for the Times "California ammo buyers are making a run on gun shops ahead of a new state law, which on July 1 will require buyers of bullets to show identification and undergo a background check to screen out felons and people with illegal firearms." 

MUNI MATTERS after the jump...



LA-LA LAND CRAP: In the Times, Matt Stiles and Joel Rubin report that Los Angeles County's public health officer sent a letter on Friday to Los Angeles city officials to as them to address the apparently growing amount of trash and human waste on the streets. A copy of the letter was obtained by USA Today, although county officials refused to share it and discuss it.

"Compounding the problem is a rash of illegal trash dumping on and around the city’s downtown skid row area, where businesses are believed to be illicitly tossing huge amounts of refuse to avoid paying to have it hauled away properly.

Rotting trash and human waste from people living in tent encampments on city sidewalks has turned parts of the city into dangerous cauldrons for disease and rat infestation."

Longtime LAT columnist Steve Lopez points fingers at mayor Eric Garcetti and others for not working hard enough to find a solution to the crisis in the streets. "We're in troubled waters on a ship without a captain, and though there might be a few pretenders on the bridge, nobody trusts them."

SACTOWN PRIDE: While it was quite windy, the temperatures stayed mild on Capitol Mall yesterday for the Pride festival. One act that was turning on the heat was "Salt-N-Pepa," SacTown-style as the final act of the Lip Sync contest.  In this case, it was DJ Spindarella (Mayor Darrell Steinberg) spinning the vinyl for Salt-N-Pepa, Amy Brown and Jodi Hicks. There are lots of pics out there and video, which mostly are on Facebook.

CAKEDAY and DEPT OF CORRECTIONS after the jump...




Probolsky Research



#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Katherine Daigle, Jamie Garzot, Rebecca Lee, and Taylor Woolfork!

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: Yesterday, I wrote that SD37 candidate Katrina Foley (D) is a councilmember of Laguna Beach. Of course, Laguna Beach is in Pat BatesSD36. Foley is citywide mayor of Costa Mesa.




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Please join the Almond Alliance for the Almond Festival at the State Capitol on June 12th!

What: An educational festival focused on the California Almond industry. There will be music, games and a variety of samples including almonds, almond ice cream, almond milk and almond cookies. Come learn about this healthy, nutritious crop and gain a better understanding of the scope, value and sustainability of California almonds.

When: Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Where: West Steps of the State Capitol.

Why: The California almond industry is a valuable economic and nutritional asset, contributing 100,000 jobs and $21.5 billion to the state’s economy. The California almond industry leads on agricultural sustainability practices which will be showcased at the festival.

Contact: Sabrina Sordello at or call 209-300-7140.

AD7’s free District Open House & Art Show

Please join Assemblymember McCarty in partnership with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition & the Prison Arts Collective at AD7’s free District Open House & Art Show, Wednesday June 12 from 6-7:30PM at 915 L St., Suite 110. Come and discuss legislative issues and view Prison Arts Collective’s exhibition Beyond the Blue and ARC’s exhibition Walking in My Shoes. Light refreshments will be available.

RSVP to (916) 324-4676 or by visiting Hope to see you there!

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