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E-270 - Friday, June 7, 2019


SacTown Talks by The Nooner


  • CA07 (East Sacto): added public affairs professional Jeff Burdick (D) - likely Dem - challenge to Ami Bera (D)
  • CA22 (Tulare): added nonprofit healthcare executive Bobby Bliatout (D) - leans Rep - challenge to Devin Nunes (R)
  • CORR: CA22 (Tulare): Phil Arballo is a Dem, not a Rep.
  • CA49 (S. OC/N. San Diego): added business owner Mara Fortin (R) - leans Dem - challege to Mike Levin (D)
  • CORR: AD18 (Oakland): James Aguilar (D) is considering running in 2022, not as a challenge to Rob Bonta (D) in 2020. Tired eyes!
  • AD33 (SB High Desert): added small business owner Lizet Angulo (D) - Safe Republican - challenge to Jay Obernolte (R)



SPORTS PAGE: The Raptors visit the Warriors at 6pm for Game Four and the Giants host the Dodgers at 7:15. The Dodgers are an astonishing 43-20 for the best record in the League.

Happy Friday! You made it. It's going to be a hot one in downtown SacTown this weekend and I'm not talking the mercury, which is also supposed to be up there.

There is a convergence of Pride 2019 and SacAnime. The Pride has a festival Saturday and Sunday on Capitol Mall between 3rd and 7th Streets, and the march starts at Southside Park at 11am on Sunday and proceeds to the Capitol. SacAnime is at the Sacramento Convention Center starting today and is expected to draw 19,000 attendees donning their best cosplay to celebrate manga and anime.

In short, there could be 30,000 more people downtown this weekend. Here are the street closures.

BUDGET WATCH: With next Saturday's legislative deadline for budget passage quickly approaching, look for the two-house Conference Committee on the State Budget to convene tonight or tomorrow to finalize the outcomes of the negotiations between legislative leaders and the governor. Since the bill needs to be in print for 72 hours before final passage, time is running out. Here's the page that will announce when the committee will meet. As of 11:25am, nothing has been announced, although today/tonight now seems unlikely and we could be looking at Sunday. Good news for those who want to watch the Warriors game.

CapRadio's Ben Adler had a great sixteen-tweet thread yesterday on the issues left to be resolved in the budget.

HORSE DEATHS: The number of Santa Anita horse deaths since December 26 has now reached 27, casting a pall over tomorrow's Belmont Stakes in New York.

If you haven't watched the video of the joint informational hearing of the Governmental Organization committees, it's worth a viewing. The issue is complicated but there were some specific issues about horse racing in California identified in the generally pro-industry hearing. It's a big mp4 video file (550 megabytes). You can also look at the CalChannel Granicus video on demand. The hearing was on May 22 and is currently on page 3 of the available videos. 

I don't want to I won't say it...but, there is great interest around California on this issue.

Santa Anita has 8 races today starting at 1pm. While Senator Dianne Feinstein has called for a moratorium of racing at the Arcadia track, few others have. It's a tough issue even for Democrats who just voted to ban most animals from circuses, as Santa Anita has a heavily unionized workforce and has for a long time including hospitality, pari-mutuel tellers, armed security officers, and laborers. Several different unions with some of the most powerful influence in Sacramento.

RANCH FIRE: The largest wildfire in California history has been determined to be caused by a hammer, reports Dale Kasler in the Bee. While installing a shade barrier, "[a]fter disturbing an underground nest of yellow jackets, the [Potter Valley] man hammered a two-foot-long concrete stake into the ground to plug the hole, according to Cal Fire's investigative report."

FACIAL REC: Legislators want to limit what law enforcement can do with facial recognition, writes Sam Dean in the LAT. Dean reports:

"State lawmakers are considering regulation barring all California police officers from running facial recognition programs on body cameras. Other Bay Area cities such as Berkeley and Oakland are considering following San Francisco's lead in banning all applications for local police. And federal legislators -- from both sides of the aisle -- are holding hearings on Capitol Hill to examine how federal agencies are using the technology, and whether it deserves more scrutiny and stricter controls."

MUNI MATTERS after the jump...



LA-LA LAND SCHOOLS: For laist, Kyle Stokes writes that LAUSD superintendent Austin Beutner says that the district can get by without the failed Measure EE parcel tax, but it won't be easy.

"LAUSD's projections continue to show the district's spending will outpace its revenues by, on average, around $500 million annually. But the newly-released figures show LAUSD officials will not need to dip into what is essentially an emergency reserve to balance its books over the next three years.

That's a change from March, when district officials said they wouldn't be able to avoid dipping below the "reserve standard" — a statutory minimum amount of money that LAUSD is required to keep in the bank at all times."

Joe Mathews writes that backers of the parcel tax didn't learn a lesson.

LA-LA LAND HOMELESS: Mayor Eric Garcetti is about the only person in Los Angeles who is optimistic on tackling the homelessness crisis, reports Dakota Smith in the Times.

"[M]any in Los Angeles see a different city, one marked by growing homelessness and filth that government leaders are struggling to address.

With three years left as mayor, and his presidential aspirations on hold, Garcetti’s reputation — and political future — could rest on his ability to bring tangible improvements to the streets of Los Angeles."

Joel Fox writes that it was a bad week for Garcetti.

BAGHDAD BY THE BAY: For the Chron, Catherine Ho reports that despite a proposed ordinance to ban e-cigarettes in SF, homegrown Juul Labs plans to stay in the city.

Meanwhile, the Bee's Andrew Sheeler looks more into the controversy of the California Democratic Party accepting a sponsoship from Juul for its convention last weekend.



CAKEDAY after the jump...


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#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Craig Cheslog, Craig DeLuz, Melanie Ramil, and Tom Robertson!



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Please join the Almond Alliance for the Almond Festival at the State Capitol on June 12th!

What: An educational festival focused on the California Almond industry. There will be music, games and a variety of samples including almonds, almond ice cream, almond milk and almond cookies. Come learn about this healthy, nutritious crop and gain a better understanding of the scope, value and sustainability of California almonds.

When: Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Where: West Steps of the State Capitol.

Why: The California almond industry is a valuable economic and nutritional asset, contributing 100,000 jobs and $21.5 billion to the state’s economy. The California almond industry leads on agricultural sustainability practices which will be showcased at the festival.

Contact: Sabrina Sordello at or call 209-300-7140.

AD7’s free District Open House & Art Show

Please join Assemblymember McCarty in partnership with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition & the Prison Arts Collective at AD7’s free District Open House & Art Show, Wednesday June 12 from 6-7:30PM at 915 L St., Suite 110. Come and discuss legislative issues and view Prison Arts Collective’s exhibition Beyond the Blue and ARC’s exhibition Walking in My Shoes. Light refreshments will be available.

RSVP to (916) 324-4676 or by visiting Hope to see you there!

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Candidates should have a minimum of 3-5 years of management experience, a strong ability to provide necessary organization, leadership and motivation to manage a Congressional office; excellent oral and written communication skills; and thorough knowledge of the legislative process. Candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and appropriate writing samples to with just “District Director” in the subject line.

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