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  • SD21 (Santa Clarita): added attorney Warren Heaton, Jr. (D)
  • AD13 (Stockton): added business owner Carlos Villapudua (D)
  • AD74 (Huntington Beach): added prosecutor Kelly Ernby (R)

Is it really only Thursday? I'm exhausted. I woke up to find that there was a stain on the blue dress, but it wasn't Russian DNA, or something like that. We don't have money to spend on invariable programs, but lots for the he said-she said, and both parties are complicit.

Anyway, I'll be short today as I had a great night of sleep and woke up to watch what everybody was, which was like a big chocolate Easter bunny that was hollow in the middle. I'm nowon 11th Street and had some delicious "burrito" from Lit Delhi. Folks are flowing out of The Allspicery with bags and I am happy.

Admittedly, I woke up and stared into Rod Rosenstein's eyes because they were just mesmerizing, so I missed the whole presser by AG Barr.

The Allspicery is now reopened 7 days a week, with the hours listed here. Bring your own packages to get 10% off. I use this spice carousel that I love, but just a warning. Powdered onion and garlic always cakes impossibly unless you pretend you're in Cancun and add rice to it. I have two spaces in my carousel that are essentially dead. 

GASLY MATTERS: Folks are going apeshit on social media about the higher cost of gasoline. I'm totally Fred Flintstone, walking, biking or taking a shared ride with Barney if needed. I tip extra knowing that the price of gas and foot power has gone up. But, these social media memes about a spike in gasoline prices aimed at politicians are crap. If you only pay attention to the price at the pump and not the news, you may be out of the loop and thus have misplaced anger.

California, like all other states, relies on refined oil for gasoline. Last month, the Valero refinery in Benecia had a major malfunction leading to toxic smoke spewing from its emitting towers and thus shut down a large part of its operations.

This has nothing to do with the gas tax. Period. 

Social media is taking the opportunity to put targets over Gavin Newsom's picture. First, if it was because of the gas tax, it was approved by the Legislature in 2018, signed by Jerry Brown, and upheld by votes in November 2018. Gavin had nothing to do with it. 

This is a basic supply and demand equation. I think I learned it at Orange Coast College. The Valero refinery in Benicia had to cut off supply because of a refinery malfunction that let to toxic emissions that wouldn't be allowed in the most lax of countries. They were required to stop the emissions in the broken part of the refinery until it was fixed.

Supply went down, demand stayed the same, and prices went up. Basic economics anyone? Let's learn facts before going to social media (and I admit I am an offender of this principle).

IF YOU'VE GOT IT, SPEND IT NOW: In the SDUT, Morgan Cook dives more deeply into Duncan Hunter's campaign finance report. The federal judge will be looking into Hunter's spending in September. Cook does a great job in the look, but we really need a DC reporter to look at the $2547.50 spent at the Capitol Hill Club, the members-only GOP exclusive where most debauchery takes place and allows members to accrue tabs. Was this a one-time fundraising event that is not apparent on the contributions side of the ledger or many tabs? (That's not partisan, as Dems have their spots too).

FROM THE DESK OF THE DEAN: George Skelton writes up the tax breaks the Legislature (Democrat-controlled) has handed out like candy, which leads to the lower revenues we are seeing that we talked about yesterday. There's plenty of well-placed criticism of the Trump tax cut, but little attention is being paid to what Sacramento hands out to well-connected industries.

I have to get out of here to go to our celebration of the reopening of The Allspicery on 11th across from the Capitol. After a burglary to a beloved local independent business, today We Rise. 

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Senators Anna Caballero and Jerry Hill, Dan Jacobson, and Megan Range!


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