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  • CA08 (San Berdoo High Desert): added documentary producer Christine Bubser (D)
  • CA12 (San Francisco): added writer/activist Tom Gallagher (D)

Around Town

The San Francisco gentrification debate in one picture.

MY BAD: It's BOOT EDGE EDGE, not BUTT EDGE EDGE for Mayor Pete. That's what's painted on the wall in his The West Wing-style walk and talk. Best "to camera" of the cycle so far. This is not an endorsement, but we like political phenomena in this space.

Going back to Cali...Cali...Cali... President Trump is visiting California today, as in the border in Calexico in Imperial County. He's checking out a "new wall," although from what I've found, it's just the retrofit of an existing one. I doubt much attention will really be on the "New Border Wall," as the official schedule suggests.

Hopefully he gets some great border Chinese food, and I'm not joking. 

In a total coincidence yesterday after the pod recording, Gibran and I were talking about the interesting history of America and Chinese immigrants. After they were recruited to build railroads for us with our too-often deadly ambitions, we basically said "get out" and "you can't own land."

Lots of Chinese relocated to Mexico. Then, after the 1905 flood from the Colorado River that created the Salton Sea, Chinese were among the first to return to farm the Imperial Valley. If you're eating something green not from a local farm in these months, odds are that it is from the Imperial Valley, where America's "salad bowl" in the Salinas Valley spends its winter.

To this day, visitors may find it somewhat strange that there are lots of great Chinese restaurants along U.S. Highway 111/Mexico Route 2 in Calexico and Mexicali, but it's an important part of history. The long-time business owners speak Chinese, Spanish, and English. I've enjoyed my tours there. To residents of both sides, the border used to be like a long stoplight. It's now a political rally point. POTUS is really in California for a joint fundraising dinner with the RNC in Beverly Hills tonight and the Calexico trip makes sure that we pick up most of the tab. (Democrats do this also.) 

They're coming for our gas stoves! I have never lived with an electric stove but have experienced them on vacation or business trips. Now, Sammy Roth writes in the LA Times that nat gas stoves may be the next target in the goal to cut/eliminate non-renewable energy usage. 

You will pry the flame from my cold dead hands...

Although, Sammy comes along with the testimony from celeb chef Curtis Stone:

"Curtis Stone has been using induction cooktops for years. The Australian celebrity chef — who operates acclaimed restaurants in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and is planning a pop-up eatery at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this month — said the electric cooking technology is faster, cleaner and more efficient than a traditional gas stove.

'And they’re more accurate,' Stone said. 'I know I’ll get a rolling simmer on a 6, and I know I’ll get a rapid simmer on a 7, and I know I’ll get a rapid boil on an 8.'"

Hmmm....Curtis is a pretty good chef. He's not just a hot Aussie. Maybe I need to check this out. I may be game but what about my amazing winter roasted root vegetables that I'll miss when the temperature in Sac increases outside?

Anyway...What a week! I'm literally recorded and we were on the the mic yesterday so please don't break anything until it is released Sunday. We schedule guests and for What a Week when we can, which varies from the afternoon to 9pm. We've got some great content for next week. Subscribe now on your platform.

If Gibran gets lost on a pod, blame it on me. I usually write the rundowns because that ish is already in my head, and I screw up. Yesterday, I duped AG Becerra's travel ban when I added a list of states. It's just the two of us, so have some patience.

OMG...I loved that song on my cassette or nascent CD player. For those my age, Axl and GNR still evoke so many emotions. To me, it still brings tears for friends lost.

It's finally Friday and I'm running away to the Gold Country for more California history and to support victims of last year's fires at a fundraiser at PT Ranch, which sells wonderful chickens and duck at farmers market. Co-hosting with PT are Riverdog Farm where I get most of my veggies and pork (amazing sugar-free bacon) and Cobram Estate, which produces great olive oil in Yolo County. I will miss the Sunday farmers market and am totally discombobulated, but I have decent drinking water from my tap, unlike a lot of folks in the San Joaquin Valley.

I wrote yesterday about water in the San Joaquin Valley, but it's a problem in a lot of our other agricultural areas. There's no secret I have an affinity for the Capay Valley, and they are facing challenges of increased water rates and the residents have similar challenges of potable. If you buy organic produce in the Sacramento region or Bay Area, odds are that it's from a farm in Capay. Yes, that includes a wonderful dining experience at Alice Waters's famed Chez Panisse in Berkeley. And we too often think about water needs for agricultural production and not for the producers, those who actually get the produce to our table.

Anyway, I'm admittedly underwater on the topic of water and we'll set it aside for the week.

The point is that I'm thinking "Thar's gold in thar hills" and am heading to the foothills for the weekend. I'll be Noonering because I know of nothing else to do before the world wakes up, but I'll likely be abbreviated. 

GAS-X: In the LAT, Sammy Roth reports that there may be a move to get away with natural gas-powered stoves as part of the overall goal of reducing non-renewable fuel usage. Aussie celeb chef Curtis Stone sings the praises of electric induction stoves "'And they’re more accurate,' Stone said. 'I know I’ll get a rolling simmer on a 6, and I know I’ll get a rapid simmer on a 7, and I know I’ll get a rapid boil on an 8.'"

I'm not sold yet. I treasure gas stoves. In looking at where to live, that is absolutely the first thing I look at. 

Police use of deadly force and #CAKEDAY after the jump! 

Probolsky Research

USE OF DEADLY FORCE: Ben Adler reports for Capital Public Radio that Senator Caballero is amending her SB 230, backed by law enforcement groups, to include demands from activists against police use of deadly force. Adler writes:

"'We've taken best practices from some of the more progressive cities and we’ve put them into our bill,' said Sen. Anna Caballero (D-Salinas), the author of a use-of-force bill backed by law enforcement groups that seeks to improve police training while leaving the state’s current legal standard for lethal force in place.

Caballero said the best practices seek to reduce not just deadly force, but also any force. They include de-escalation, implementing 'distance, time and place restrictions' on when force can be used, a duty to report excessive use of force by a fellow officer, and requiring that agencies investigate any such reports.

The senator said her planned amendments to SB 230 — which she hopes will be public in the next few days — include “almost every single one” of the attorney general’s recommendations to the Sacramento Police Department earlier this year. Following the Clark shooting in March 2018, [Attorney General Xavier] Becerra agreed to provide an independent assessment of the department’s policies and training procedures, at the request of Police Chief Daniel Hahn and Mayor Darrell Steinberg."

The promised amendments are unlikely to reduce the energy behind AB 392 (Weber and McCarty) as SB 230 doesn't change the legal standard of liability for individual officers. AB 392 is being heard Tuesday in Assembly Public Safety. SB 230 hasn't yet been set for a committee hearing, although as a fiscal bill, it faces an April 26 deadline for policy committee.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to David Graham-Caso!


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