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  • SD01 (Northeast Cal): added net cash on hand (ending cash minus non-candidate debt) + large contributions after 3/10
  • SD33 (Long Beach): added net cash on hand (ending cash minus non-candidate debt) + large contributions after 3/10


  • Capitol Weekly Podcast, Tim Foster and John Howard sit down with Senator Tom Umberg to discuss Governor Newsom's death penalty moratorium and Umberg's opposition to it.
  • SacTown Talks by The Nooner pod, Gibran sits down with Senate Budget Chair Holly J. Mitchell
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The crewHappy Saturday! Last night, I saw "Five Feet Apart." I very much enjoyed the movie as I think anyone who has been touched with knowing (and often having lost) people with cystic fibrosis. Oscar material? No, but largely reflective of the life of CFers today. Advances in treatment have delivered longer lives, but with them more complications of living with the disease.

I wrote about my connections on February 28 and March 2. Thank you to many of you who shared your own experiences.

JUMP! Yesterday was an incredibly beautiful day in Sacramento and it showed by the number of people riding Jump bikes during lunchtime. After writing, I loaded up my bag o' Nooner mugs into a bike basket and headed over to the Capitol. And the stoplight of the intersection of O and Eighth, I was one of nine Jump bikes stopped at a red. I was wearing a helmet and of course was the only one. And, with the unwieldy weight on the front wheel from 15 mugs with chocolate in them, my biggest fear was getting tripped up by a light rail track.

After distributing the first batch of mugs and eating lunch at Darna before our pod recording, I was walking around tackling a couple of errands. I saw who I assume was a dad riding a Jump bike. He had no helmet on, but that's as I wrote above, not uncommon. What was angering about it was that who I assume was his son sitting in the basket of the bike, also with no helmet. The two were flying down Kay Street, which is a dangerous street ever since it was opened to car traffic in 2011. Cars, two sets of light rail tracks, and crowded sidewalks during lunch hour. I'm sure the kid weighs more than my mugs and MacBook in the basket that had me fearing the light rail tracks or a pothole.

And yet, we have Assemblymember Dr. Joaquin Arambula on an unpaid leave of absence for spanking his daughter on the butt and facing six months in jail?

Spanking triggers mandatory reporting, but does observing a father with a young child riding down a dangerous street qualify equally? Just askin'...

SD33 (Long Beach): It's time to check in on the oil and gas independent expenditure (IE) on behalf of favorite Long Beach City Council member Lena Gonzalez (D) in a race that is very likely to go to a June 4 runoff. It exceeds the spending of all other candidates' committees, mostly because of television ads.

The oil and gas committee ended 2018 with $3,852,880. I wrote about the committee's 2017-2018 receipts that built up that war chest on February 27. On the first report on the IE for Gonzalez, the committee reported a new $500,000 from Chevron, which is in addition to the $2 million Chevron kicked in during 2018. 

Oil and Gas Independent Expenditures for Lena Gonzalez (D) 



Transaction Date





Streaming program ads



TV ads and production



Production for digital media



Production for billboards



Consulting and expenses


















Display, video pre-roll, and data costs for digital media



Digital media





Outside of the Central Valley, the Long Beach Port region has a significant economic interest in oil extraction and importation. On the extraction front, there are the tidelands oil rigs that you see when you're visiting the Queen Mary. To the north (outside of SD33) is the Wilmington oil fields, which are declining but still producing. 

Gonzalez correctly responds to critics claims that she's being "bought" by the oil and gas industry by pointing to votes in favor of the reduction of plastics and environmental initiatives on the Long Beach City Council. 

I write about it not to try to "tar" her, but rather to note an important part of the economic history of oil in Southern California, epitomized in the Upton Sinclair novel Oil! (1927), which was used roughly for the basis of the film "There Will be Blood," which was a Best Picture Nominee in 2008 and for which Daniel Day-Lewis won the Oscar for Best Actor. I need to watch that film again as my interests in 2008 were mostly on education and my mind thinks more about California history and its economy now.

The mention of Upton Sinclair raises a DEPT OF CORRECTIONS item. Yesterday, I errantly wrote that Frank Merriam didn't run for governor after ascending to the post from LtGov after the death of John Rolph on June 2, 1934. My friend former college president and history professor Don Singer, who I worked with during his service on the board of the California Community College Trustees, pointed out that Merriam did run to hold on to the office in 1934--against Upton Sinclair. Sinclair, a former Socialist, championed the "End Poverty in California" (EPIC) campaign.

And you thought the world had changed in the last 85 years...the only change is that the discussion isn't just among white men.

DEATH PENALTY: The LAT's Maura Dolan looks at the history of the debate over the death penalty in California.

GAVIN ON COLLEGE ADMISSIONS: The LAT's Phil Willon reports that Gavin Newsom believes that, beyond the headlines over the last week of direct bribery, he considers the tradition of contributions to name buildings "legalized bribery" if it yields benefits to family members.

CHILDCARE WORKERS: For CALmatters, Ben Christopher reports on Assemblymember Monique Limón's bill to allow childcare workers serving subsidized children to organize to join a union.

"But whether the state can improve conditions for workers without taking away resources meant for poor families—and whether a union is the best way to achieve that goal—is a hot question. It’s sparked pushback from foes of organized labor, who label the idea a union power grab, and could even earn the skepticism of some child care advocates."  

SCOOT! In the LA Times, Laura J. Nelson writes that the City of Los Angeles wants companies operating electric scooters to provide the city data about every ride:

"That location data will help the city determine which companies are flouting new operating rules that cap the number of vehicles and restrict where they can be parked, officials said. Tracking them electronically will also be faster and cheaper than paying employees to look for rogue vehicles blocking sidewalks or wheelchair ramps.


Uber, which operates Jump scooters, and several data privacy organizations have said the city's policy constitutes government surveillance, and would yield far more information about bicyclists and scooter riders than is available for drivers or transit commuters.


The scooter and bicycle data will be classified as sensitive and confidential, which means information on individual rides will not be published on the city’s open data website or subject to public records requests, Reynolds said.

The data would be provided to police officers with a warrant, and could be revealed in response to a subpoena, the city said." 

More and CAKEDAY after the jump . . .

Probolsky Research

SACTOWN: Amidst a $35 million financial crunch and possible state takeover (actually, now a county superintendent takeover), the Sacramento City Teachers Association has voted to authorize a strike, reports Sawsan Morrar in the Bee.  The district and union reached agreement last November after Mayor Darrell Steinberg hosted a weekend hammering-out at his home. That was to amend the July 1, 2016 contract, which expires June 30, 2019.

This follows strikes in Los Angeles and Oakland already this year. 

#CAKEDAY: Happy 60th to Senator Scott Wilk!



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