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  • CA49 (S. OC/N. SD coastal): added businessman Brian Maryott (R) - from his bio: the San Juan Capistrano councilmember "shoveled dog waste" at a kennel. There wasn't enough dog pucky in 2018, when he received 3% of the vote in the top-two of the same district.


Don't be sad amidst the doom and gloom outside and on your teevee. Look at the calendar. It's Th-Th-Th-Thursday! You're almost there. You're at 9.2 of that 10K that is the week. The Sacramento Kings wish that they were only at the 5K mark, as they drop a game to the Celtics and fall to 4 games out of the playoffs. 

I wake up and start writing and I wait for my friends, including my great podcast co-host Gibran, to get their mornings started. Then the social media and messaging onslaught begins. Gibran wakes up and teaches people how to defend themselves by wrestling in his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu studio in East Sac. I wake up and wrestle with words. I really need to get back into power vinyasa, a passion that ended with a badly broken toe like seven years ago that became a good excuse. The hamsters tell me that 60% of you (of 8,500) have been along for the Scott ride since that Le Cruset roasting pan fell from the cabinet at 5am, so y'all know.

As noted below, today is #CAKEDAY for newbie State Senator Andreas Borgeas (R-Fresno). I don't count against him the fact that he became a Hoya with his law degree at Georgetown, but he's a great addition to the Legislature. Stop it liberals, you aren't going to win that district--it's about who is elected from it. Ken Maddy epitomizes the "gentleman from Fresno," and we mourn the days of his life as well as those political days. Maddy's last year in the Legislature was my first year in Sacramento.

When Sacramento folks think about weekend getaways, they usually look either west to the coast or to the ski slopes. But, Andreas's district has amazing bed and breakfast inns and small business lodging. If you first thought of "Plymouth" is a rock, you haven't been to our golden hills. If you think "Ione" is a typo, you haven't had amazing free range chicken from PT Ranch. You know how much I love those chickens.

These small towns and businesses were clobbered last fall as the Ferguson Fire burned near Yosemite. While this fire wasn't the human and property disaster that the Camp and Woolsey fires were, it essentially closed the key fall tourist season for the gold country towns that are a key part of California history and the gateway to Yosemite. 

Speaking of PT Ranch, they are hosting a fundraising meal for victims of the Camp Fire (Butte County) on April 6. Their partners in the funder is my other favorite farm right now, Riverdog Farm of Guinda in the Capay Valley, Senator Dodd's district, and Cobram Estate with chef Kevin O’Connor, a ranch that makes wonderful olive oil. I just bought tickets for the event, am making a weekend out of it, and hope you do too! 

OMG...It's 8:56am and I am hungry beyond all belief.

I first felt guilty buying a chicken from PT at Sac's Sunday farmers market, as they are two booths down from the super-popular Riverdog. Riverdog just is a bigger farm and has more produce. It is great to know they work together. Those who are subject to my visual social media on Facebook and Instagram know how frequently I'm roasting Riverdog's veggies and I talk there about how to perfectly sous vide the PT chickens. OMG...breast meat can actually be worth something.

Thank you Andreas for having a #CAKEDAY that allows me to talk about the beautiful country that you represent and promote a local fundraiser to benefit those hit by wildfire in Senator Jim Nielsen's district. That's a funder involving funders from Senators Dodd and Borgeas's districts to benefit people in Senator Nielsen's district. Party doesn't matter. Good local food and the cause does. 

Lots more and 2020 and #CAKEDAY after the jump . . .

Probolsky Research


2020 TOP SPOT: Kamala Harris lands number 1 in CNN's Harry Enten Power rankings of Democratic primary candidates. Big factor? Google searches on launch day. The rankings mean absolutely nothing, like the first week of NCAA bball rankings.

USE OF FORCE: For CALmatters, Dan Walters looks at the history of California's law on lethal use of force by law enforcement that will be a defining theme of this legislative session.

"Police work can be very dangerous, to be certain, and most officers are very reluctant to shoot people. However, we are seeing far too many cases of shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later.

That might have been acceptable in 1872 California. It can’t be in the 21st century."

Yes, ladies and gents, that is from Dan Walters.

FROM THE DESK OF THE DEAN: George Skelton looks at the loss of the betting match for MLB ace Bryce Harper by California teams from, of course, the political income tax factor. 

" don’t need to be rich to be thrust into a high [California] tax bracket: $56,000 in taxable income will force a single person to pay at the 9.3% rate. Double that for couples.

And it just got much worse with Washington’s so-called reform that has capped state and local tax deductions on federal returns at $10,000. That makes California’s taxes even more onerous — not only for ballplayers but the middle class.

So whose fault is this? Sacramento Democrats orchestrated the enormous state taxes. Voters approved them. And Washington Republicans ruined them as deductions.

It was a team effort."

I'm no baseball wonk, but I'd bet that Philly sucks next year. Teams often do after spending big to get a name. All you do is piss off everyone else on the roster. By the way, where is the legislation to use the name of the city in which you play as your official name? Cities bend over backwards to subsidize teams. Let's do this before we have the Los Angeles formerly of Anaheim of Long Beach. If you go to Long beat, you have to own the LBC in your name. How Anaheim let that previous happen is beyond me. Of course, I grew up going to school with the kids of Wally Joyner, etc.

HOLD 'EM IF YOU'VE GOT 'EM: The LAT's Anita Chabria reports on the vacation days that have been accrued and rolled-over by state employees, creating a hue financial liability. Skelton uses familiar names as examples--folks who "retire" and earn raises with unused time.

I'm not a state employee basher. I'm a CalPERS member with 18 years of service. That said, I know that gimmicks to enlarge pensions compete with services for our neediest folks. Nobody I have talked to in current public service who is not within five years of retirement disagrees.

Lots of state contracts are up for renegotiation this year and the California Democratic Party is reaping hundreds of thousands. Let's have a rational conversation that maximizes the benefits to those served and not just those doing the serving.

That's it. There's a lot going on but between the above and responding on social media, my six hours of writing flew by in cray-cray manner. We'll see you tomorrow or, more likely, in between online wherever you interact with me.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Paul Bauer, Senator Andreas Borgeas, Cecilia CabelloDiane Le, Liza Mooney McGuirk, and Congressman Juan Vargas!

#GHOSTSOFCAKEDAYSGONEBY: How my cousin and I both landed in political science is beyond me. David Williams is a professor of political theory at DePaul University in Chicago. He likes to post his pop quiz questions. I would absolutely fail his class. That said, I wish him the happiest of birthdays a day late!

And, yes, he is a voracious reader. He reads The Nooner even though he has never lived in The Golden State. Go Horned Frogs!

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: The Los Angeles Unified School District runoff is May 14.


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