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  • On the SacTown Talks by The Nooner podcast, Gibran and I sat down late Friday for another week-wrap with "What a Week." I provided a show breakdown in the email I sent out last night with timestamp signposts, which are also listed with the episode on our Facebook page. Thanks to Gibran for doing that work in post-production. Please don't quote signpost shorthand--listen to the discussion. Great guests ligned up for next week!

    Yes, I know that Gmail folks got a phishing warning, as I did too. A full server migration is taking place on my end which takes time to create a new cloud server from basically a 15-year-old legacy "bare metal" server. Goal is by the end of this month.


  • As you may know, Saturday Night Live routinely has more skits each week than make the show. This week, one about Dianne Feinstein's clash with climate change kids was one such skit and is worth a watch. [h/t Rexroad]


  • Saturday: Oakland teachers reach tentative agreement; understanding what the agreement means on the district's salary schedule; Los Angeles doubles down on the statewide plastic straw "automatic handout" ban.
  • Sunday: The DA's decision on the Stephon Clark shooting and what it portends for the legislative debate ahead; At CPAC-PALOOZA, Trump keeps on trollin' trollin' trollin'...Gavin Newsom in this case; #CAKEDAY error - Asm Santiago's birthday is Wednesday, so you're not too late!

THE WEEK AHEAD SCRATCHPAD: This is not a comprehensive listing of events or hearings, but what I'll be particularly interested in during the week ahead. Let me know if I should do this on Sundays or Mondays.

  • Monday: 2:30 Asm RevTax- several tax bills & education groups have formed a coalition to highlight the effect on Proposition 98, even for well-intentioned tax breaks
  • Tuesday: Local elections, with Los Angeles Unified district 5 special -- likely to go to runoff on 5/14 (candidates) -- full list of LA County elections on the ballot
    9am Asm Budget Sub 2 - K-12 overview; 9:30 Sen Energy - PG&E bankruptcy implications; ; 1:30 Jt Sen Housing/GovFin - facilitating housing development; 1:30pm Jt Sen/Asm Health - Improving the Medi-Cal Mental Health Delivery System
  • Wednesday: 9:00 Jt Sen GovFin/Sub 4 - future of SBOE; 9:30 Asm Sub 5 resources overview; 4pm Asm Sub 2 higher ed overview; 10am Jt. Leg Audit - Sac City Unified audit request by Asm McCarty; 1:30 Asm Labor/Employment - sexual harassment liability
  • Thursday: 9:30/adj Sen Sub 1 - K-12 & higher ed overview; 9:30 Sub 4 - resources overview

SACTOWN: While successful in shutting down Arden Fair Mall yesterday, protestors angry at the decision by the Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert not to charge police officers who shot unarmed Stephon Clark last March were largely peaceful. Activists and Clark's family, including his fiancé and mother of his two children largely say they expected decision but are particularly angry over how much seemingly irrelevant personal information about Clark for the charging decision was shared by Schubert. They are calling for the passage of AB 392 (Weber and McCarty), which I discussed yesterday.

It appears that Black Lives Matter Sac is focusing on pop-up demonstrations rather than a single focal rally/march. There is one scheduled for March 18, the one year mark of the Stephon Clark shooting. Nothing official announced for tonight at 7pm - Kings v. Knicks @ Golden 1, but the Kings have sent out the message that they are prepared and extra city cops will be in the area of the arena.

OAKTOWN: The Oakland Unified School District is back to regular operations today after members of the Oakland Education Association (OEA) voted yesterday to approve the tentative agreement. At the Paramount Theatre, 70% of OEA members voted and 58% voted to approve the tentative agreement.

What would a Monday be without the trifecta of pensions, housing and water?

PENSIONS: This morning, the Supreme Court of California held that the elimination of the ability for current members of the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) to buy "air time" (extra service credit for pre-public employment) was not a vested contract right and could thus be eliminated pursuant to the 2012 pension reform law -- AB 340 (Furutani) - Chapter 296, Statutes of 2012.

HOUSING: For CALmatters, Dan Walters identifies what he considers could be a fatal flaw in Governor Newsom's housing approach--tying funding for local government transportation projects toward their housing targets. This follows an Assembly joint informational hearing last Tuesday where legislators largely panned the proposal.

The gist of the criticism is that local governments are only able to plan (zone/provide incentives) for housing, actual build-out requires private investment. That private investment often comes only after transportation infrastructure problems are fixed. Critics of the gov's plan argue that private investment follows public investment, not vice-versa. That's a pretty solid point.

WATER: In the Times, Skelton writes that, beyond the planned Sites Reservoir, California has reached its max on major dams for above-ground water storage, as all the good natural river locations have been dammed up. The solution is found, Skelton writes, beneath us:

"Sites should be built. And the height of at least one dam — Los Vaqueros in Contra Costa County — should be raised and will be.

But the future for California water storage is underground."

The problem is that advocates for more above-ground aren't looking at the totality of the state's water needs, they're looking at the profit possibility of selling homes with lake views at a state-funded cost. The acre-feet value of storage for public benefit has to be considered in comparison to environmental costs.

CVRA and #CAKEDAY after the jump... 

Probolsky Research

VOTING: In the Los Angeles Times, Benjamin Oreskes writes that the future of the California Voting Rights Act will likely be decided by the courts:

Nearly 330 California jurisdictions have changed or are changing to by-district elections as a result of the law, according to National Demographics Corp., a consulting firm that helps cities navigate the redistricting process. [Plaintiff's attorney Kevin] Shenkman estimates there still are around 350 cities with at-large city councils that could be challenged.

Yet some legal opponents and critics contend that, by pushing cities to switch to by-district elections, Shenkman inadvertently has exposed the California law to court challenges that could ultimately undermine its purpose, a point that he disputes.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Assemblymember James Gallagher, Treasurer Fiona Ma, former state senator Richard Polanco, and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon!


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