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BALANCE OF POWER: Note that I don't list district-specific predictions below, but rather use probabilities in toss-ups to make projections. Individual race ratings are on the ATC district pages.

  • CA congressional delegation:
    • Current: 39 Democrats, 14 Republicans
    • My current projection for 116th Congress: 40 Democrats, 9 Republicans, 3 toss-ups 
  • Senate:
    • Current: 26 Democrats, 14 Republicans
    • My current projection for 2019-20 session: 27 Democrats, 13 Republicans 
  • Assembly:
    • Current: 55 Democrats, 25 Republicans
    • My current projection for 2019-20 session: 56-58 Democrats, 24-22 Republicans


Good Wednesday to you. I hereby charge Washington with meddling in California's end-of-session. Seriously, we have plenty going on here to have the cray-cray in Washington turned up to 11. You get plenty of other news about Cohen and Manafort. So, let's move on to Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-Vista).

If you've been reading The Nooner this year, the news that Hunter and his wife Margaret and a little problem when personal cash was low and they had a campaign credit card at their disposal. And, it previously took investigations by the federal grand jury and stories by the San Diego Union-Tribune (back to 2016) to previously  Hunters sell the family house and move in with his parents. His namesake father is a former congressman from the same district.

Funds from the sale of the house were used to repay the committee. Between June 2015 and November 2016, Hunter reimbursed his committee $65,792.96 in four different payments, the largest of which was on November 4, 2016 for $48,650.96--the Friday before he won re-election.

The indictment explains that one:

  • On or about November 8, 2016, in Alpine, California, after repeated questioning by the FEC and news media about certain Campaign expenditures, DUNCAN HUNTER repaid $48,650.98 to the Campaign to offset charges the HUNTERS had made over the past year to purchase goods or services from 57 different merchants. DUNCAN HUNTER characterized the repayment as being for "unauthorized expenditures" that he now deemed either "personal in nature" or "without adequate support," and continued to conceal more than $200,000 in personal expense the HUNTERS had illegally paid with Campaign funds.

That repayment was repaid after news articles raised the issue and an FEC investigation in which the committee's treasurer cooperated, which led to an agreement by the Hunters to make repayments, according to the indictment.

The campaign's treasurer realized that Margaret Hunter was lying to her about the true intention of many of the expenses, which is why the treasurer is not indicted (and is cooperating).

Frankly, I thought things were dying down, even though I raised questions on July 26 about his latest campaign finance report for the period closing June 30. They weren't the big ones unveiled yesterday, but low-level spending continued at DC watering holes and casinos. 

The indictment alleges "The HUNTERS illegally converted and stole more than $250,000 in Campaign funds to purchase goods and services for their personal use and enjoyment." So, there is a lot outstanding, if the facts are proven true.

The story of misuse of campaign funds is nothing new. But the gross and apparent willful negligence of the campaign spending is why this is being handled in the criminal justice system, rather than a wrist-slapping fine by the Federal Elections Commission, which is more customary, and which in turn is usually paid out of campaign funds.

Our knowledge of the allegations--backed by subpoenaed documents tells a jaw-dropping story. Here are just some of which can be found in the grand jury indictment

  • more than $14,000 for a family vacation to Italy (11/15)
  • more than $6,000 for a family vacation in Hawaii (4/15)
  • more than $2,400 for a couple's vacation to Vegas (8/11)
  • more than $3,700 for a family vacation to Vegas and Boise (07/15)
  • and more vacations to Lake Tahoe, Pittsburgh, London, and Washington, D.C.
  • Food and drinks for themselves and their friends and family at various restaurants such as Mister A's, the Capital Grille, Bellagio-Olives, Spago, Caesars Mesa Grill, Sally's Fish House & Bar, Blue Point Coastal,' Island Prime, Hamey Sushi, Lou & Mickey's, Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House, Jake's Del Mar, the Studio at the Montage, and Sonoma Restaurant
  • Airline tickets and hotel rooms totaling more than $15,000 for, among others, their children, other relatives, family friends, and a family pet. (Yes, $250 in campaign funds were used to fly their bunny on United for a family vacation in Washington, D.C.)
  • On or about September 12, 2011, despite opposition by his Treasurer and individuals in his Washington, D.C. office, DUNCAN HUNTER hired MARGARET HUNTER as his "Campaign Manager" at a salary of $2,000 per month.

There's another unsavory section. 

14) "Individual 14 " "Individual 15 " "Individual 16 " "Individual 17 " and "individual 18" lived in the Washington, D.C. area and had personal relationships with DUNCAN HUNTER. In addition, Individual 16 worked with DUNCAN HUNTER.

Unlike other persons referred to as "Individual #," these five were simply identified as having had a "personal relationship" with Hunter. For example, others were identified as golf buddies and with the male pronoun. All I have is the indictment, so I'll let you decide what that means. 

Where was the spending for these four?

  • On or about March 24, 2010, in Alexandria, Virginia, DUNCAN HUNTER spent $121.34 in Campaign funds at the Birchmere Music Hall for food and beer while attending a concert with Individual 14, Congressman A, and Congressman A's date.

That sure sounds like a double-date, and not with Margaret. Oh, it gets worse:

  • On or about April 2, 2010, DUNCAN HUNTER claimed a $257.40 reimbursement from Campaign funds for driving his car on a 468-mile trip to Virginia Beach with Individual 14, Congressman A, and Congressman A's date despite the fact that they did not use DUNCAN HUNTER's car on the trip.

Individual 14 is back, again on an apparent double-date.

Oh, and this one:

  • HUNTER spent $1,008.72 in Campaign funds at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa and Casino for food, drinks, and three nights lodging during a personal ski trip with Individual 14. On this day, the HUNTER family bank account had a negative balance and incurred six separate insufficient funds fees (totaling $198).

    Also on this same day, DUNCAN HUNTER withdrew $20 from his personal bank account, leaving a balance of $15.02.

Okay, I feel like a congressman. I think I may have paid a $2 ATM fee to withdraw $20 in Reno AS A COLLEGE STUDENT--not as a member of Congress.

  • On or about June 21, 2011, in Washington, D.C., DUNCAN HUNTER spent $162.02 in Campaign funds for a personal stay at the Liaison Capitol Hill hotel with Individual 14.

Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel? Really? Don't they at least take cash? 

  • On or about June 29, 2011, in Woodbridge, Virginia, DUNCAN HUNTER spent $253.56 in Campaign funds for greens fees and beer at Old Hickory Golf Club to play golf with Individual 14 and purchase clothing.

All good things must come to an end. Moving on to Individual 15.

  • In or around July 2013, in Washington, D:C., DUNCAN HUNTER spent a total of $36 in Campaign funds for Uber rides to the residence of Individual 15.

By the way, taxis take cash and there's no paper trail.

  • On or about February 10, 2014, in Washington, D.C., DUNCAN HUNTER spent a total of $64 in Campaign funds for drinks at Hill Country BBQ and an Uber ride while socializing with Individual 15.
  • On or about July 21, 2015, in Washington, D.C., DUNCAN HUNTER spent a total of $114.91 in Campaign funds on drinks at the speakeasy above Acqua Al and an Uber ride while socializing with Individual 15 .

He apparently moved on:

  • On or about June 3, 2015, in Washington, D.C., DUNCAN HUNTER spent $202. 70 in Campaign funds at H Street Country Club for a personal dinner with Individual 16, Individuals 2A and 2B [an apparent couple], and Congressman C and his date.

Whoops, about that moving on, maybe not: 

  • On or about July 21, 2015, in Washington, D.C., DUNCAN HUNTER spent a total of $114.91 in Campaign funds on drinks at the speakeasy above Acqua Al and an Uber ride while socializing with Individual 15.

Okay, maybe now we're moving on:

  • On or about October 27 to 28, 2015, in Washington, D.C., DUNCAN HUNTER spent $42.36 in Campaign funds for an Uber ride to and from the home of Individual 17.

Individual 7 is described in as friends with Duncan and Margaret, but make of this what you well:

  • On or about March 21, 2016, in Washington, D.C., DUNCAN HUNTER spent $130.10 in Campaign funds for drinks at Busboys and Poets during a personal night out with friends including Individuals 2A and 2B, Individual 7, and Congressman C.
  • On or about March 23, 2016, in Washington, D.C., DUNCAN HUNTER spent $865.63 in Campaign funds for a room at the Liaison Capitol Hill while Individual 7 visited from San Diego.

Moving on...

  • On or about September 15, 2016, at 7:40 a.m., in Washington, D.C., DUNCAN HUNTER spent $32.27 in Campaign funds for an Uber ride from Individual 18 's home to DUNCAN HUNTER's office.

I hope he brought a change of clothes. 

Of these "personal relationships," I don't know which one(s) is the federal lobbyist whose records were subpoenaed. On February 8, Politico reported:

Hunter’s personal problems in Washington started early. While Hunter Sr. rarely drank and was careful never to be seen alone with another woman, Hunter was more carefree, said sources close to him.

At one point, then-Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) warned Hunter and his friends to cut it out and stay away from female lobbyists they’d frequently dine with at night. Hunter's father also called staff and members to check in on his son, said sources who know both men. (Hunter Sr. disputed this account, saying he’s never worried about his son’s drinking habits.)

The drama only increased when Hunter’s longtime chief of staff, Vicki Middleton, left the office in late 2014. Middleton, a “second mother” to Hunter in the words of one former aide, had worked for his father for years. And Hunter’s staff said he mostly behaved well in her presence.

Around that time, Hunter hired a young woman whom investigators have inquired about during their probe, sources familiar with the questioning said. Hunter promoted her from intern to full-time, a decision that perplexed staffers who said she frequently failed to show up for work and was hostile to co-workers.

 . . . 

In interviews with lawmakers and congressional aides who have closely associated with Hunter, a picture emerges of a promising young lawmaker who appears to have lost his way. Hunter has developed a reputation on Capitol Hill for drinking heavily and carousing, according to multiple lawmakers and staffers who have witnessed his behavior over the past several years.

Former staffers to Hunter said he and his lawmaker friends — dubbed the "bros caucus” by his aides — would regularly go to the Capitol Hill Club, a Republican hangout, to drink beer, sometimes during the day. Congressional aides have recounted to POLITICO at least two stories of recent official meetings where lawmakers questioned whether Hunter was intoxicated.

Interviews and press reports are now in black and white in a federal indictment. 

Well, that was ugly, but there's much more in the 47 pages.

  • HUNTER spent $399.06 in Campaign funds at Best Buy to purchase a Nikon CoolPix S9100 digital camera, plus battery and SD card, which he used to photograph his upcoming family vacation to Idaho and other events. To conceal and disguise this illegal transaction, he falsely informed his Treasurer that the charge was for ink, paper, and computer software.
  • On or about April 26, 2010, in El Cajon, California, MARGARET HUNTER spent $64.72 in Campaign funds at Albertsons - one of 45 occasions between 2010 and 2016 that MARGARET HUNTER and DUNCAN HUNTER spent a total of $6,312.81 in Campaign funds at Albertsons and Haggen Food & Pharmacy primarily to purchase groceries and other household items for the HUNTER family.
  • On or about May 19, 2010, in Santee, California, MARGARET HUNTER spent $307. 72 in Campaign funds at Target to purchase a tablecloth, three square pillows, a three-piece brush set, a metal tray, four temporary shades, four window panels, a white duck, two Punky Brewster items, a ring pop, and two five-packs of "animals." In order to conceal and disguise this illegal charge, MARGARET HUNTER falsely told the Treasurer that it was for "teacher/parent & supporter events."

Oh, do not bring Punky into this! Punky Power lives on!

  • On or about August 28, 2010, in San Diego, California, DUNCAN HUNTER spent $41.04 in Campaign funds to buy a video game at the Apple Store on the same day he used Campaign funds to purchase a $1,199 iMac computer.
  • DUNCAN HUNTER spent $164.29 in Campaign funds for, among other things, a round of golf and beer at Riverwalk Golf Club with Individual IA. When asked by the Treasurer if this expenditure (among several others) was campaign related, DUNCAN HUNTER falsely responded, "Yes sir. All good."
  • On or about October 24, 2011, in San Diego, California, DUNCAN HUNTER spent $344.56 in Campaign funds at Enterprise Rent-A-Car to rent a vehicle so that he could drive from Los Angeles International Airport ("LAX") for a family member's dance competition in Orange County.

The congressman clearly didn't use Captain Obvious.

  • On or about July 21, 2012, in Del Mar, California, DUNCAN HUNTER spent $59.26 in Campaign funds at the Del Mar Country Club to purchase a pair of Under Armor shorts.

    At this time, the HUNTERS had a negative balance in their family bank account and had incurred six insufficient funds fees, one overdraft fee, and one returned item fee (totaling $253) during the prior six days.

  • On or about June 7, 2013, in Owings Mills, Maryland, DUNCAN HUNTER spent $302.10 in Campaign funds at Caves Valley Golf Club to purchase a jacket for his personal use.
  • On or about February 14, 2014, in La Jolla, California, DUNCAN HUNTER spent $99 in Campaign funds at Torrey Pines Golf Course to purchase golf shoes.

Gotta look good on the greens.

  • On or about December 13 to 16, 2013, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, the HUNTERS spent $2,217 .34 in Campaign funds to pay for a family trip to a Pittsburgh Steelers football game at Heinz Field (at the invitation of Congressman B).

    Although DUNCAN HUNTER arranged to have a business meeting in Pittsburgh on Monday, he failed to inform his Chief of Staff or his Treasurer that they were using Campaign funds primarily for a family vacation.
  • On or about July 13, 2014, in Farmington, Pennsylvania, DUNCAN HUNTER spent $1,067 in Campaign funds, including $399 for a zipline ride, at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort for family activities that were not part of a scheduled work event held at the hotel.
  • On or about December 14, 2014, in Alpine, California, DUNCAN HUNTER spent $411 .19 in Campaign funds at Vons to purchase family groceries, including air freshener, butter, chopped spinach, brownie mix, and juice.

Popeye says to always get spinach with your brownie mix.

On or about March 20, 2015, when DUNCAN HUNTER told MARGARET HUNTER that he was planning "to buy my Hawaii shorts" but had run out of money, she counseled him to buy the shorts at a golf pro shop so that they could falsely describe the purchase later as "some [golf] balls for the wounded warriors."

Holy sh*t. That alone is prison time. Do not falsely invoke wounded warriors. This is from a veteran who joined the Marine Corps the day after 9/11/2011 and served two tours of duty in Iraq. Oh, but we have a kicker:

  • On or about November 23, 2015, in an attempt to justify the use of Campaign funds to pay for the family's trip to Italy, DUNCAN HUNTER attempted to set up a day tour of a U.S. naval facility in Italy. After Navy officials responded that they could only provide a tour on a particular date, DUNCAN HUNTER said he would discuss the proposed date with MARGARET HUNTER, then subsequently told his Chief of Staff, "tell the navy to go f*** themselves [no alteration in original]," and no tour occurred.

This is from a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

  • On or about July 19, 2015, in Alpine, California, DUNCAN HUNTER withdrew $300 in Campaign funds from an ATM before heading to the Del Mar Racetrack with Individuals IA and lB - one of approximately 26 occasions in 2015 and 2016 that DUNCAN HUNTER and MARGARET HUNTER withdrew a total of more than $4,800 in cash from the Campaign's accounts for primarily personal use. To conceal and disguise their personal use of the money withdrawn on July 19, 2015, MARGARET HUNTER falsely told the Treasurer that the "cash was needed for various small projects & events involving volunteers." She later falsely claimed that the cash "was used for hardware supplies."

I hope the ponies were nicer to Hunter than the feds will be.

  • On or about March 4, 2016, in Washington, D.C., DUNCAN HUNTER spent $462.46 in Campaign funds for 30 shots of tequila and one steak at El Tamarindo restaurant during Individual 8's bachelor party.

I sure hope he danced.

That is just some of what you will find in the 47-page indictment.

Above, I mostly focus on the congressman because The Nooner is about politics. There are plenty of allegations in the indictment against Margaret Hunter specifically and were independent of the congressman. These include privace school tuition, dental work, utility bills, meals, groceries, retail purchases and travel purchases for friends and family that were not campaign related.

I see no way that the days Congressman Hunter donning that member pin in the House are done. Speaker Paul Ryan has already stripped him of his three committee memberships. The Hunters clearly have financial problems. The rumors of alcohol and marital problems by colleagues of both parties in Washington have new evidence in this indictment. 

I take no pleasure writing about personal challenges, mine or that of other people. I've been through two rehabs for alcohol, a divorce, and depression with most of you. You are one of many reasons that I did not drink yesterday, won't today, and sure as hell do not plan to tomorrow. I believe in personal redemption as I work daily for it myself.

Redemption for the Hunters will not be easy. Both face federal prison time. I don't see this as going to trial as there likely are too many salacious details for the Hunters and witnesses  that the Hunters don't want publicly aired beyond what is in the charging document.

This is not partisan. The filing was by United States Attorney for the Southern District of California Adam Braverton, an appointee of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Yesterday, there were calls for Hunter to resign. However, under California law, that will not change the fact that the November 6 ballot will have two names on it--Duncan Hunter and Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar, who worked in the Obama Administration. Unless a candidate dies more than 68 days before an election, names are not removed from the ballot after a primary nomination.

I have waivered in the last 24 hours of whether this district should now be Toss-up as opposed to the current Leans Republican. Had it not been for Hunter's liabilities, this would be Likely Republican. It is a Trump +15% district. 

If I had a category of WTF?, I would move it to that. Republicans know that Hunter is done as a member of the GOP conference. They also know that every single seat counts this November for control of the House. I think the goal is for a resignation after November 6, upon which Jerry Brown would be required to call a special election for the spring. The only thing to keep Hunter around for is a vote on Speaker if there is a one-vote margin between Democrat and Republican votes for the gavel. 

So, if Hunter resigns before November 6, Campa-Najjar likely wins unless Republicans can design an effective campaign of "Vote for the presumed criminal so we can block a Pelosi-friendly vote." Keep Hunter on the ballot and the GOP likely has a 60/40 chance of keeping the seat temporarily before a special election. A likely candidate would be Congressman Darrell Issa, who is from the neighboring CA49. While he is "retiring" this cycle, most believe that was in the face of a tough re-elect. Although Issa has his own liabilities related to the Russia investigation, he could walk in to a CA50 race with $778,154.16 (as of June 30) and plenty of personal funds.

There are very difficult discussions among House leadership today--a day that was looking ugly by mid-afternoon yesterday, and then the hat trick of Hunter dropped.


This case is illustrative of the hard work of reporters, something that is perennially at threat. If it weren't for the attention paid by Morgan Cook, Jeff McDonald, Joshua Stewart and others, this would likely be an FEC rather than federal court issue. The U-T team even mapper out the 301 bars, restaurants and cigar lounges that appear on Hunter's campaign finance report.

I've hated the Union-Tribune at times in the past. However, it is under the seemingly great new leadership of Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, who also owns the Los Angeles Times, among many others purchased from Tronc. We're seeing great things, including the re-staffing of many shuttered/diminished foreign bureaus at the Times. 

Only local papers can cover campaign finance to the detail done by the team at the U-T. Don't just tweet out their stories or use incognito browsing--join me in subscribing today. Support the hard work of these journalists. It is not partisan, as it was the SDUT who took down former congressman and mayor Democrat Bob Filner.


More stories below . . .



BAIL: Well, it's done. SB 10 (Hertzberg) to replace money bail with pre-trial risk assessment in California was quickly approved by the State Senate and sent to Governor Brown yesterday. The final vote was 26-12, with two votes not recorded.

The "ayes" were 25 Democrats and Republican John Moorlach. The "no" votes were all Republican. 

The two votes not recorded were those of Tom Berryhill (R) and Cathleen Galgiani (D).

On votes, I need to correct my awful rundown on the Assembly vote on Monday that I wrote about yesterday. (Is it really only Wednesday?) 

The final Assembly vote on the bill was 42-31, with 7 not voting. The breakdown:

  • Democrats: 42 in favor, 7 opposed (Sabrina Cervantes, Ken Cooley, Jim Cooper, and Cristina GarciaAdam Gray, Sharon Quirk-Silva, and Rudy Salas), and 7 not voting (Joaquin Arambula, Tom Daly, Patrick O'Donnell, Luz Rivas, Freddie Rodriguez, and Blanca Rubio
  • Republicans: 23 opposed, with 1 not voting (Rocky Chávez)


Classifieds below:

  • Education: Pepperdine Masters of Public Policy (GRE waived for legislative staffers)
  • Education: UOP/McGeorge School of Law: MPP/MPA (full-time or part-time, 3 miles from the Capitol)
  • Event: Workforce development celebration: Tuesday, August 28th from 6pm to 8pm at the Citizen Hotel
  • Job: Attorney General's Office: legislative advocate
  • Job: California School Boards Association: legislative advocate
  • Job: California School Boards Association: regional representatives
  • Job: Climate Resolve: Communications Director (Los Angeles)
  • Job: Climate Resolve: Outreach Program Coordinator (Los Angeles)
  • Job: Local Health Plans of California seeks a Program Manager
  • Job: OPR Communications Account Executive
  • Job: Probolsky Research - Research Analyst - Public Opinion (Orange County)
  • Job: SEIU-UHW – Regional Political Organizer (Los Angeles)
  • Job: SEIU-UHW -- Political Capacity Organizer (Oakland or Sacramento)
  • Training: PDI (Political Data Inc.): weekly online trainings of various skill levels


Sure, I've got more . . .


Assemblyman Richard Bloom  reported to the Rules Committee that SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West president Dave Regan shoved him in a recent altercation at Lucca, writes Alexei Koseff in the Bee.. Bloom was at the J Street restaurant and bar for a fundraiser for the Legislative Jewish Caucus, while Regan was at a dinner for the board members for the nonprofit California Forward, on which he sits. Bloom and his office are not commenting, while Regan and California Forward deny physical contact took place.

Unlike the treat of assault against Senator Joel Anderson (R-Vista) discussed yesterday, if a shove took place as alleged, it would be assault under Penal Code §242. Of course, there is no way that a Sac County prosecutor would use time on such a case. And, like the Anderson situation, it's not an employer-employee, so there is not an alternative punishment that can be meted out. I've been through the lobbying ethics course several times, and I don't remember "do not shove" a legislator. 

From Koseff's story, it sounds like Bloom tried to step between Regan and Andrew Crutchfield with Govern for California, the group associated calling for pension reform that is led by Schwarzenegger ally David Crane. Reportedly, Crutchfield was taunting Regan over the recent Janus decision of the United States Supreme Court, which limits fees charged by unions to non-members.

Seriously folks, can we just drop the gavel on session this Friday instead of next?

ON ANDERSON: Some readers thought I was too gentle on Joel Anderson (R-Vista) yesterday. Let me clearly state, if true, it reflects very poorly on Senator Anderson's character. Points I heard was that it was another example of a legislator exerting force over a female, and minority, member of our Capitol community.

I was trying to convey three things:

  • If the disagreement was over lack of contributions to Anderson by the California Nurses Association (CNA), it is silly for Anderson to get mad since he doesn't vote with CNA on its biggest issue;
  • A threat of a "bitch slap" does not meet the statutory definition of criminal threat of assault that requires the likeihood of death or grave bodily harm. I don't know if the oft-used "I will end you" by members, candidates, staff and lobbyists would actually be prosecuted, even though that certainly is a threat of grave bodily harm.
  • There is not an employer-employee relationship that is likely punishable by Senate. This would likely be different if it were sexual harassment, which has a higher policy standard.
  • BOE4 is a Republican district that could only be won by Democrats with a strong candidate. That they don't have and the one on the ballot. Former SD city-councilman eighty-year old Mike Schaefer has run in multiple jurisdictions and has had many run-ins with the law, including time in Jail for spousal abuse in 1993

    Like where we started with Hunter today, Anderson can't remove his name from the November ballot and likely will win easily.

The State Senate could certainly rebuke him, although I don't know the last time that was done. There were certainly threats of rebuke and ouster at the end of last year and beginning of this one, but resignations and a paid leave of absence stopped those from coming to fruition.

Candidly, I hate writing about these issues, although I hear from readers that they want to hear my take. I try to stick to the facts we know, both political and legal. There is no perfect way to write them. Fellow writers, those who are journalists and whatever the hell I am, have this daily trap.

Nobody who writes for a living I know has any desire to be inaccurate (set aside the talking heads who routinely have a reckless disregard for the facts on Twitter and teevee. But rarely do we get items under formal affidavit (like the Hunter allegations above). More often, we get allegations between two parties of varying veracity--some with witnesses and some without. Even witnesses have reliability issues, based on motivation and things such the involvement of alcohol. 

I thank those who contacted me and those who have listened to my perspective. It is important to keep me on my toes about how my words are perceived. 



Probolsky Research


I am sure I have just scrapped the surface of the news, but I'll be working through all the other stories this afternoon. What a wild 24 hours. For that, I don my TheWestWingWeekly shirt (yes, I washed it overnight):


#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Stephanie Burri, Bismarck Obando, and Aaron Read!

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: It was Amed Rosario, not Todd Frazier of the Mets who dropped the ball in the 13th inning causing the Monday night loss to the Giants.



Add your classified of up to 100 words by emailing for $40/week.


  • Communications Director - Climate Resolve (Los Angeles)
    Reporting directly to the Senior Operations Director while working closely with the Executive Director, the Communications Director will lead the communications and media activities for the organization. This position will develop a vision and strategy to support policy, project-based, and funding/development initiatives, as well as maintain day-to-day communications for social media. The Communications Director will generate a workplan that elevates Climate Resolve’s brand in the public sphere and grow the organization’s audience. 4+ years experience desired; Knowledge of environmental and CA policy landscape preferred. 401K, medical benefits, dental/vision stipend. $69-78K DOE. Candidates with sense of humor, please apply here:
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    Reporting to the Senior Operations Director, the Outreach Program Coordinator will assist the programmatic staff to uphold the mission of the organization via public-facing projects. The Outreach Program Coordinator will perform assignments promoting climate solutions related primarily to energy efficiency and water conservation, including online and in-person outreach, public speaking engagements, and media and communications generation while contributing to additional policy work and projects as needed. Willingness to drive for outreach work throughout both LA County and adjacent counties up to [3] days per week + automobile required (Reimbursement provided). 401K, medical benefits, dental/vision stipend. $48-52 DOE.
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  • Join the California Workforce Development Board, California Community College's Chancellor's Office, and the California Workforce Association for an evening of celebration, as we herald the best that regional workforce development has to offer on Tuesday, August 28th from 6pm to 8pm at the Citizen Hotel in Downtown Sacramento.

    This is your opportunity to network with the leaders of workforce development from across the state, and discover the ways that regional economies are coming together to put California forward as the leader in innovative, sustainable workforce strategies for the entire nation!

    Please register to attend the event here:

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  • Attorney General's Office is seeking a Legislative Advocate with subject matter expertise in areas such as civil law, criminal law, public rights and law enforcement. The Advocate represents the Department of Justice on legislative matters before the State Legislature. The job can be viewed here.   
  • CA School Boards Assn- Public Affairs and Community Engagement Representative (Bay Area)
    This position serves as CSBA’s liaison to local school and county boards of education, key decision-makers and the community-at-large, and is responsible for implementing CSBA’s grassroots program, establishing relationships, and facilitating local and regional outreach and activation efforts. Communicates about issues in education that require familiarity with educational laws, regulations and trends.  Executes grassroots strategies designed to build relationships with, train, support and mobilize local school board members and communities to advance CSBA’s legislative and statewide ballot measure advocacy priorities. Coordinates and executes fundraising events. BOE. Details:
  • CA School Boards Assn- Public Affairs and Community Engagement Representative (Orange County)
    This position serves as CSBA’s liaison to local school and county boards of education, key decision-makers and the community-at-large, and is responsible for implementing CSBA’s grassroots program, establishing relationships, and facilitating local and regional outreach and activation efforts. Communicates about issues in education that require familiarity with educational laws, regulations and trends. Executes grassroots strategies designed to build relationships with, train, support and mobilize local school board members and communities to advance CSBA’s legislative and statewide ballot measure advocacy priorities. Coordinates and executes fundraising events. BOE. Details:
  •  CA School Boards Assn- Public Affairs and Community Engagement Representative (San Joaquin North)

    This position serves as CSBA’s liaison to local school and county boards of education, key decision-makers and the community-at-large, and is responsible for implementing CSBA’s grassroots program, establishing relationships, and facilitating local and regional outreach and activation efforts. Communicates about issues in education that require familiarity with educational laws, regulations and trends.  Executes grassroots strategies designed to build relationships with, train, support and mobilize local school board members and communities to advance CSBA’s legislative and statewide ballot measure advocacy priorities. Coordinates and executes fundraising events. BOE. Details:

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Golden State Killer Suspect Is Facing New Charges, Will Be Tried In Sacramento County
Paige St. John, Joseph Serna @
The suspect in the Golden State Killer case will face 13 charges of kidnapping to commit robbery, in addition to numerous murder counts, and will be tried in Sacramento County, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

Senate Won't Take Up Prison Overhaul Before Midterms - Politico

Though advocates in the White House and outside groups are pressing for last-minute action, the proposal splits Republicans. And with a packed schedule of spending bills and nominations, Republicans have no desire to enter an intraparty feud before the election.