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Happy Thursday! I hope you had a memorable Independence Day yesterday and that your doggies have come out of hiding. It was ridiculous last night until about 1 a.m. here in the Southside Park neighborhood and the blasts got louder as the evening progressed. It was a unique Fourth of July, with Sacramento in the 80s and no fog in San Francisco.

Going to Disneyland this weekend? It's going to be toasty--109 tomorrow and 100 Saturday, before dropping to 90 on Sunday.

The Senate and Assembly are both in floor session at 12pm, and then school's out for summer, returning August 6. The big issue today is Senator Bill Dodd's SB 901 on wildfire preparation, including the issue of investor-owned utility liability for wildfires attributed to negligence. In the plan to announced last week by the governor, and leaders from both parties in both houses, it is being sent to a conference committee. There are many competing interests on the liability issue, as you've likely seen in advertising. Ideally, both houses pass it today so the conference committee can be appointed and members and staff can getup to speed over the break.

Dodd's district has been hit hard by the fires. In 2017, it was the Wine Country fire and this week has been the County Fire in Lake, Napa, and Yolo counties.

The County Fire has burned 86,000 acres as of this morning, but no structures are reported. 3,475 firefighters are on scene from various agencies. [current map] They've been successful holding the line in the Blue Ridge Hills west of Capay Valley, which is composed of several nature reserves and land held by the Napa and Yolo Land Trusts under land preservation trusts. There is lots of cattle grazing up there by small local ranchers, such the Yolo Land & Cattle Co. Most of the famous organic farms are in the valley and not threatened at this time.

The fire was 30% contained with full containment expected July 10. Much of the same area burned in 2015.

Not much political/legislative news today with yesterday's holiday.

THE RESISTANCE: The federal Eastern District judge this morning issued an opinion in the sanctuary state case. I haven't read the entire 60-page decision, but it appears in United States of America v. State of California, Judge John A. Mendez denied the federal government's preliminary injunction demand in AB 103 and SB 54, and partially granted the preliminary injunction sought against AB 450. The only parts upheld were the prohibition on employers refusing entry to workplaces and the provision barring employers to conduct an E-verify check on current employees. 



The judge is a George W. Bush appointee and this certainly is not the last round on this case.

BUDGET: For CALmatters, Dan Walters goes all Debbie Downer on Governor Jerry Brown's budget balancing bragging. "Instead of relying on an inadequate “rainy-day” reserve, Brown could—and should—have championed a much-needed overhaul of the state’s tax system to reduce both the volatility and the impact of a new recession. But he refused to take on that difficult task. It could haunt his successors."

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME: For the LAT, George Skelton is not a fan of the legislatively placed measure to ask Congress to eliminate Daylight Savings Time in California:

We’d be better off on the Fourth of July if daylight saving time were eliminated. It would get darker earlier, and we wouldn’t have to wait so long for the fireworks shows.

But the sun would rise the next day at a ridiculously early 4:47 a.m. in Los Angeles. Forget that.



SB 100 (de León): The bill to accelerate the Renewable Portfolio Standards to 100% by 2045, which passed Assembly Utilities and Commerce on Tuesday won't be heard by Assembly Approps until after the summer recess. The bill had after being in a deep slumber since last September, but passed Tuesday on a party-line. The last day of session is August 31.

The bill has extensive social justice, clean energy and health organizations in support, but is strongly opposed by most business and agriculture organizations. Some businesses, such as Adobe, Ben & Jerry's, Gap, Inc., Levi Strauss, Inc., Mars, Inc., and Unilever. Utilities are split, with the Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District in support (publicly elected board), and the o-owned utilities opposing.

VAXX:  @DrPanMD with a victory tweet - "Appeal court upholds Californians' right to life, liberty from disease, and our children's pursuit of happiness illness-free. #IndependenceDay #VaccinesWork..."

GASSY: For Politico, Carla Marinucci and David Siders write that the gas tax repeal and future requirement of voter approval is the California GOP's best hope for staving off the electoral decline of the party.

The repeal effort — known as Proposition 6 on the November ballot — has also attracted backing from state and national Republican leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. They are counting on it to energize enough voters to save a handful of endangered California GOP House members — which could prevent the House from flipping Democratic.

To date, [Carl] DeMaio’s “Reform California” super PAC — which backs the California Gas Tax Repeal ballot measure — has scooped up checks from more than 25,000 grass-roots donors, with an average contribution of $37, according to the latest fundraising numbers, released Monday.

IMPOUNDED: The city of Coronado has impounded 129 dockless bikes of Lime for lacking a permit for using publlc right of ways and plans to recyle them if a  solution isn't found in 90 days, reports Gustavo Solis in the Times. Unlike the Jump bikes in Sacramento, Lime hasn't worked with the swanky island's government. In Sacramento, Jump bikes are being used for commute to work or school and for errands. In Coronado, tourists and San Diego locals take ferries over to the island of multi-million dollar homes. Median houselhold income is $92,413/year, $21,000 higher than its neighbor across the bridge, and that's likely a complete picture of the wealth, with many retirees in the population.


 Classifieds below:

  • Education: Pepperdine Masters of Public Policy (GRE waived for legislative staffers)
  • Education: UOP/McGeorge School of Law: MPP/MPA (full-time or part-time, 3 miles from the Capitol)
  • Event: Capitol Seminars lobbying workshop
  • Job: California Welfare Directors Association
  • Job: Cargill Director of Governmental Relations (Newark-Bay Area)
  • Job: The East Bay Community Foundation: VP of Community Investment and Partnerships
  • Job: Local Health Plans of California seeks a Program Manager
  • Job: Serna Center @ Sac City Unified: Chief Business Officer
  • Job: The California Dental Association seeks full-time Associate Legislative Advocate
  • Job: Probolsky Research - Research Analyst - Public Opinion (Orange County)
  • Job: SEIU-UHW – Regional Political Organizer (Los Angeles)
  • Job: SEIU-UHW -- Political Capacity Organizer (Oakland or Sacramento)
  • Training: PDI (Political Data Inc.): weekly online trainings of various skill levels   


POP! For Fox&Hounds, Joel Fox looks at the announcement by healthcare advocates that they would seek a soda tax initiative in 2020 following the 12-year moratorium legislation agreed to get the soda companies to drop a their own initiative. Yes, we could have an initiative war.

DAMMIT, JANUS: Also in Fox&Hounds, Joe Mathews looks at the good and bad of the Supreme Court's decision in Janus v. AFSCME


Probolsky Research


#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Mike Alschule, Randall EchevarriaMadhavi Kennedy, and Denise Ng

#CELEBRATIONS: Today marks the 40th anniversary as a professional newspaper reporter for Mark Z. Barabak, the last 21 of which have been at the Los Angeles Times!




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