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THE Nooner for January 21, 2018

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

There's A Season For California's 2018 Ballot Initiatives, And This Is It
John Myers @
The busy season for collecting voter signatures on proposed ballot initiatives has arrived in California. As many as a dozen measures could appear on the Nov. 6 statewide ballot.

Trump May Be Loathed In California, But He Continues To Reshape Its Politics - San Francisco Chronicle
President Trump is wildly unpopular in California, but it’s hard to dispute how much his election, and his first year in office, have reshaped California politics.

Rand Paul Proposes Guaranteed Immigration Vote To End Shutdown - Politico

The Kentucky Republican said he believes the impasse that shut down the government Saturday could end if Republicans were willing to offer a series of votes on immigration, including amendments, in both chambers.

San Diego Pension Payment Spikes $10.6m, With Impact Of Police Raises On Horizon - The San Diego Union-tribune
David Garrick @

Sacramento Women's March Draws 36,000 | The Sacramento Bee
Adam Ashton And Nashelly Chavez @
By Adam Ashton And Nashelly Chavez

From Anger To Activism: San Diego Women's March Draws Estimated 37,000 - The San Diego Union-tribune
Michele Parente, Pam Kragen @

Charlie Beck's Years As LAPD Chief Were Marked By Challenges And Reforms
Kate Mather @
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck reflects on his career of more than 40 years with LAPD, which he has led for more than eight years during a period of budget woes, an uptick in crime and a national outcry over the police killings of black men. He announced he will step down in June.

Thousands Raise Voice Against Abortion In San Diego Walk For Life - The San Diego Union-tribune
Phil Diehl @

Shutdown could hurt Democrats seeking reelection in Trump states

Six such Democrats opposed the spending bill in the Senate late Friday. But five voted to avoid a government shutdown.

Democrats Could Win The Shutdown Blame Game If They Frame It Right - San Francisco Chronicle
A cynical political sideshow to the federal shutdown began hours before the government closure early Saturday, as both parties started jockeying to score political points by blaming the other for not doing its job.

Why the government shutdown actually costs money

Turning off the lights and locking the doors could cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

Sparring Between California And Feds Reaches New Level Over Immigration Enforcement

Women's March Modesto Draws Larger Crowd In Second Year | The Modesto Bee
Marijke Rowland @
By Marijke Rowland

Congress Stuck In Shutdown Stalemate - Politico

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell walks to the chamber Saturday. McConnell excoriated his Democratic counterpart, accusing Chuck Schumer of deflecting responsibility for the shutdown to anyone else but himself. | J. Scott ApplewhiteAP Photo