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THE Nooner for January 19, 2018

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

Democrats Worry GOP Tax Law Will Cause Ca Exodus | The Sacramento Bee
Adam Ashton @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Showdown Vote in Senate on Friday With Government Shutdown at Stake

Senate Democrats appear ready to block legislation to keep the government funded past midnight, gambling that President Trump will offer concessions in the face of a crisis.

California Democrats want businesses to give half their tax-cut savings to state
SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers are targeting the expected windfall companies in the state would see under the federal tax overhaul with a bill that would require businesses to turn over half to the state. A proposed Assembly Constitutional Amendment by Assemblymen Kevin McCarty, D -Sacramento and Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, would create a tax surcharge on California companies making more than $1 million so that half of their federal tax cut would instead go to programs that benefit low-income and middle class families. “Trump’s tax reform plan was nothing more than a middle-class tax increase,” Ting said in a statement.

California Corporate Tax Bill Would Offset Trump Cuts | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Effort To Make Tampons Tax-free In California Fails Again
Liam Dillon @
For at least the third time in recent years, an effort to exempt tampons from sales taxes in California has failed.Assembly Bill 9 was ...

Latino Vote Could Grow In California, Poll Finds | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

The senators whose votes will determine whether the government shuts down

Most of the senators listed here are ready to vote against a spending bill to keep the government open.

Ca Bill Expands Time For Sex Harass Victims To File Claim | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Feinstein Gives Conflicting Statements On Spending Bill: 'i Don't Know How I Would Vote Right Now'
Sarah D. Wire @
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On Washington: Inside the Oval Office Immigration Meeting That Left a Senator Stunned
Carl Hulse @

In an interview, Senator Richard J. Durbin says President Trump’s private immigration comments shed new light on his policy motivations.

Lawmakers seek to give Californians 3 years to file sex harassment complaints
SACRAMENTO — Lawmakers introduced a bill Thursday that gives Californians three years to file complaints with the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing over sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace or in the housing market. “The recent accounts of sexual harassment, both inside and outside the Capitol community, have made it very clear that we have not done enough,” said Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes, D-San Bernardino, who introduced AB1970 with Assemblywomen Laura Friedman, D-Glendale, and Marie Waldron, R-Escondido. Current law gives Californians one year from the day of the harassment to file a complaint.

California Pushes Back Amid Fears Of Trump Immigration Crackdown
Patrick McGreevy, Jazmine Ulloa @
State officials on Thursday blasted the Trump administration over reports of an imminent immigration enforcement sweep of Northern California and said new state laws will make such action more difficult.

Episode 90: Shutdown Blame Game - Politico

President Donald Trump's remarks about immigration last week continue to stir up controversy on Capitol Hill. | POLITICO Illustration/Getty Images

California 'dreamers' Arrested Outside House Majority Leader Kevin Mccarthy's Office
Sarah D. Wire @
With less than 36 hours to go before the federal government could shut down, seven Californians who were brought to the country illegal...

Live Briefing: Senate Democrats Appear Set to Block Bill to Avert Government Shutdown

The government will shut down at midnight Eastern Time if lawmakers fail to get an agreement on a spending bill.