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THE Nooner for November 24, 2017

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

Many College Students Going Hungry, Need Donated Food Groceries And Food Stamps - San Francisco Chronicle
A nitro cold brew sells for $5, and a large mocha for $4.50 at a popular coffee and muffin bar in UC Berkeley’s student union. Downstairs, business is just as brisk at another food emporium.

GOP deficit hawks fear tax plan is secret budget-buster

Key Senate Republicans worry tax cuts slated to expire will eventually be extended — boosting the true cost of the bill.

Food Bank volunteers offer their Thanksgiving holiday to feed the hungry
Graduate student Josephine Shatara spent part of her Thanksgiving with her aunt and cousin, sorting through donated cartons of pasta and wrapping them in one-pound bags at the SF-Marin Food Bank, to be distributed to food pantries and programs that serve the needy. It’s the best way she knows to give thanks. “It’s not like giving money. You see the bag of pasta, the final product,” said Shatara, 32, a doctoral candidate in education at New York’s Columbia University whose family lives in Burlingame. “If you’re about to eat a big dinner, it’s nice to know that other people are going to get food today.

Will a Corporate Tax Cut Lift Worker Pay? A Union Wants It in Writing.

The request, while unlikely to be heeded, highlights a critical question over who would benefit the most from the tax bill: shareholders or workers?

Colin Kaepernick Visits Alcatraz For A Native American Protest
Colin Kaepernick, Football, NFL, Protests, Regional, Thanksgiving

California Birds Nesting Earlier To Try To Survive Global Warming - San Francisco Chronicle
The early bird not only gets the worm, but may stand a better chance of riding out global warming.

Malibu Church Pressured To End Homeless Dinners, With Some Saying It Lures Needy To Upscale City
Gale Holland @
For years, religious groups hosted twice-weekly church dinners for homeless people. But after city officials suggested the meals were attracting more homeless people, risking crime and making the problem worse, the dinners came to a close.

Berkeley: Right-, Left-wing Celebs Trade Barbs, Lawsuits
BERKELEY — In the latest chapter in a feud between two high-profile political activists, former Berkeley College Republicans president Troy Worden announced he is suing antifa celebrity Yvette Felarca for more than $100,000 in damages.

John Morgan: I'm Leaving Democratic Party, Nelson Should Run For Governor

Even though he is not running, Morgan has lead the so far lackluster Democratic field in recent polls. The perceived current front-runner is former Rep. Gwen Graham of Tallahassee, who has been running since early May and has roughly $2.5 million in the bank. That number is surpassed by both declared Republican nominees and likely future candidates already stocking away cash for a potential run.

Proposed Law Could Mean More Drilling Off Calif Coast – Orange County Register
Many of the 27 oil platforms drilling into the underwater shelf off the coast from Santa Barbara to Huntington Beach are decades old and, in the eyes of the oil industry and others, ready to be shut down.

Trump: Nfl's Goodell 'has Lost Control Of The Hemorrhaging League' - Politico

For weeks now, the president has criticized NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for not penalizing players who kneel during the anthem to protest racial inequality and police misconduct. | Rebecca Blackwell/AP Photo

Woman Raises Thousands For Homeless Man Who Rescued Her | The Sacramento Bee

The 'huge' hole in the government's Russian software ban

DHS' ban on Kapersky software doesn't cover networks that contractors operate, even though employees may use them to discuss government work.

Multiple Lanes Of I-80 Closed In Berkeley After Big Rig Hits Overpass - Sfgate
Four lanes of Interstate 80 in Berkeley were blocked Friday morning after the driver of a semi truck hit an overpass pillar and was ejected from the big rig, authorities said. The semi-truck driver with an attached trailer drifted into the No. 1 lane on I-80 near University Avenue shortly before 9 a.m. for an unknown reason, said Officer Matthew Hamer, a California Highway Patrol spokesman. Trucks are not allowed in that lane, which is the farthest left lane known as as the "fast lane." The trailer hit a pillar at the center median of the University Avenue overpass, causing the trailer and the truck to separate.

Why Trump should be nervous, but not panicking, after Michael Flynn's lawyers cut off communication

A deal between Flynn and investigators is not guaranteed, and any information Flynn could provide might not relate to collusion with Russia.