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THE Nooner for October 18, 2017


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I feel awful that readers took the wrong impression with my comments yesterday suggesting that women dressed suggestively. My target was to men, elected and others, who have either overtly or otherwise created a culture that uses appearance as a "business" factor. 

People accused me of sexual harassment. I was trying to decry it. Perhaps I chose the wrong words, and I apologize.

As CEO, I hired 8 people, 6 of whom were women. Aside from one who I new and recruited to replace my job if I got the CEO job, every person that was hired was by a panel of three people of both genders and they were all unanimous. Four were women of color as the opportunity to hire people was an opportunity to diversify the organization with highly qualified individuals to reflect the colleges the organization represents one of my proudest professional accomplishments. 

As I posted to Facebook, "I had two female vice presidents, both who I promoted--one Latina and one hapa. Either one was involved in all hiring decisions, 5 of 6 of whom were female. Any conversations about attire were done by someone of the same gender. Of course, now only I can criticize my own attire." 

The letter from women leaders is a must read for everyone in California policy and politics.

From Chris Micheli of Aprea & Micheli:

  • Bills Signed into Law by the Governor: 859
  • Bills Vetoed by the Governor: 118
  • Bills Allowed to Become Law without the Governor’s Signature: 0
  • Total Bills Acted Upon: 977
  • Signing Percentage: 88%
  • Veto Percentage: 12%
  • Of the 859 bills that the Governor signed this year, 567 were Assembly Bills and 292 were Senate Bills.
  • Of the 567 ABs signed into law, 85% were authored by Democrats and 15% were authored by Republicans.
  • Of the 292 SBs signed into law, 86% were authored by Democrats and 14% were authored by Republicans.
  • Note that Committee bills signed into law were not allocated toward either political party.
  • Of the 118 bills that the Governor vetoed this year, 84 were Assembly Bills and 34 were Senate Bills.
  • Of the 84 ABs that were vetoed, 87% were authored by Democrats and 13% were authored by Republicans.
  • Of the 34 SBs that were vetoed, 82% were authored by Democrats and 18% were authored by Republicans.
  • 1,733 total bills were introduced in the Assembly in 2017 (1,687 by the 2/17 introduction deadline)
  • 37.5% got to the Governor’s Desk with 32.7% getting signed and 4.8% getting vetoed
  • 817 total bills were introduced in the Senate in 2017 (808 by the 2/17 introduction deadline)
  • 39.9% got to the Governor’s Desk with 35.7% getting signed and 4.2% getting vetoed



#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Daniel Clark and Young Kim!



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Ca Women In Politics Launch Anti-sexual Harassment Campaign | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff And Angela Hart @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Conservative Activists In Fresno Try To Get A Referendum On The Ballot To Block California's 'sanctuary State' Law
Jazmine Ulloa @
Marco Gutierrez, the founder of Latinos for Trump, gained overnight notoriety during the 2016 presidential campaign when he warned agai...

Jerry Brown Vetoed 12 Percent Of Bills In 2017 | The Sacramento Bee
Angela Hart @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Senate one step closer to approving tax cuts after vote to open budget debate

The chamber voted 50 to 47 along party lines midday to proceed to debate on the budget resolution, a victory for Republican leaders who had faced the threat of several defections.

SEIU Bill Lets Ca Courts Workers Join Union | The Sacramento Bee
Adam Ashton @
Chronicling civil-service life for California state workers

Women of Sacramento move from â
SACRAMENTO — Female lawmakers, lobbyists and legislative staffers stepped forward Tuesday in a chorus of “me too” as the spotlight on sexual violence and harassment in Hollywood turned to other industries. Like politics. More than 140 women around the state Capitol, including some of the most influential women in Sacramento politics, signed an open letter Tuesday to declare that sexual harassment, and a culture that encourages it, exists in Sacramento. Many said they had been harassed at some point in their careers and wanted to dispel any myths that women in high positions are insulated from workplace harassment and violence.

Cochran Returns To The Senate - Politico
His office said Cochran is still being treated for urological issues and that could affect his work schedule at the Capitol. Senate Republicans plan to pass a budget resolution later this week and the absence of Cochran, a reliable GOP vote, could have complicated that goal.

Sacramento Kings Owner Ranadive Discusses National Anthem Protest, Downtown | The Sacramento Bee
Ryan Lillis @
News, insight and discussion on Sacramento and its neighborhoods

Trump backs 'short-term' bipartisan health-care deal in the Senate

President Trump said on Oct. 17 that he has been involved in negotiations on a "short-term deal" in the Senate to fund federal health-care subsidies.

Senators Announce Bipartisan Deal To Stabilize Obamacare Markets
Noam N. Levey, Lisa Mascaro @
Leaders of the Senate Health Committee say they have a deal to continue federal funding to stabilize health insurance markets.

Trump on tax reform: 'We will go from one of the highest taxed nations in the world to one of the lowest taxed'

President Trump met with the Senate Finance Committee on Oct. 18 and discussed his tax proposal.

Dems Look To Make GOP Squirm On Budget - Politico
There is little doubt that the GOP budget will pass later this week, helping to unlock a fast-track procedure that allow Republicans to pass a tax reform measure with a simple majority and without Democratic votes.

L.A. Moves To Ban Pepper Spray, Tiki Torches, Gas Masks And Other Items From Protests
Emily Alpert Reyes @
Los Angeles lawmakers vote to draft a new law that imposes restrictions on what people can bring to public demonstrations and meetings, banning pepper spray, Tasers and other items.

Brown Administration Says It Will Consider One-tunnel Delta Project | The Sacramento Bee
Dale Kasler And Ryan Sabalow @
By Dale Kasler And Ryan Sabalow

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Had $4 Million In The Bank Just Before She Announced Another Run
Sarah D. Wire @
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Mcconnell To Hold Senate In Session For Longer Workweeks - Politico
"With 36 legislative days left in the year, we have been raising these concerns again and urging Leader McConnell to turn the Senate on full-time so we can get all of our priorities done from the budget, funding the government, and tax [reform] this year," Perdue said in a statement Wednesday.

Wildfires Stressed Wine Country's Healthcare System, Creating A Crisis And A Warning For Future
Soumya Karlamangla @
The deadliest firestorm in California history has strained wine country's healthcare system. Some see it as a warning of what could happen during a big earthquake or another fire.

Senate Republicans look for political victory in D.C. judicial appointment

White House lawyer Gregory G. Katsas is President Trump’s nominee for appellate court.

City Hires Lawyer For Bredefeld After Complaint About Speech | The Fresno Bee
Lewis Griswold @
Breaking news, insight on the Valley's political movers and shakers

Rand wrecks GOP unity again
The Kentucky Republican is likely to vote against the Senate budget, an ominous start to the GOP’s tax reform push.

Female Inmates Learn Valuable Technology Skills Inside The Gates Of Folsom Prison | The Sacramento Bee
Cynthia Hubert @
By Cynthia Hubert

Grassley Promises Hearing On 2016 Law After Reports It Hurt Opioid Enforcement - Politico
"Now, former DEA employees are railing against the law, pointing fingers at lawmakers," Sen. Chuck Grassley said. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Trump Qualifies Support for Senate Deal to Fund Health Subsidies

After voicing support, the president offered a different take on the plan, while its Republican architect predicted it would pass before the end of the year.