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THE Nooner for October 10, 2017


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Buddha rebuilds

One of the most hopeful pictures of yesterday. Buddha is ready to raise the roof with all of us as we rebuild California.

Well, that was a tough day. As I wrote to you earlier this morning, things are still dire in the extended wine country, with zero percent containment. At least the winds have died down and it's a bit cooler today. The Canyon 2 fire that originated in the Anaheim Hills near the 91 moved over the ridge and has threatened areas such as North Tustin. The OC fire is at 5% containment.

Public safety officials are urging fire victims to post on the following site sponsored by the Red Cross. Friends and family looking for them can then search. This is important as there is very little cell service because cell towers require power, which is out in many areas. PG&E trucks may not be able to access many lines for repair for several days. 

As I noted earlier today, Vice President Mike Pence pledged the federal government's assistance at his Rancho Cordova stop (read Ami Bera) pitching tax rform during his California fundraising swing through the Sacramento region yesterday, reports Christopher Cadelago at the Bee. 

“We are with you,” he said. “The dryness of the climate, the strength of the winds, you all in California know much better than this Midwesterner does, but I can assure you as I did the governor, that the federal government stands ready to provide any and all assistance to the state of California as your courageous firefighters and first responders confront this widening challenge.”

When we think of "public safety" employees in a situation like this, we may overlook entities like the California National Guard, which is augmenting police in defending property against looting. There was a curfew in areas of mandatory evacuation from 6:45 last night until 7:15 this morning, which is likely to be repeated tonight.

A big ol' NOONER "thank you" to all of the public safety employees and all of the volunteers.

I posted this earlier this morning to Facebook, but it's critically important for you as political and policy leaders to think about. The victims are not the number of physical casualties and the emergency isn't over when the flames are extinguished.

There are five categories of victims in the fires:

1) those who lost their lives
2) those who are injured (including several in critical condition with burns)
3) those who lost physical property
4) those who lost jobs directly because there place of employment is no more
5) those who will lose jobs or hours because of the "downstream" effect, such as in winery support companies and businesses that rely on tourism

The number may currently stand at 13, but the number of victims is in the thousands.

In other news . . . 

AURAL PLEASURE: Capitol Weekly's John Howard and Tim Foster sit down with Paul Mitchell for the Capitol Weekly Podcast to discuss his postmortem of the California voters who support Donald Trump.

U.S. SENATE: A day following Senator Dianne Feinstein's tweet that she is indeed running for reelection, Eric Garcetti is hosting a fundraiser for her in Beverly Hills tonight, writes Angela Hart at the Bee. 

THE PITCH: The LAT's Liam Dillon looks at Pence's pitch on tax reform.

"RETIREMENT" PLAN: CALmatters's Laurel Rosenhall looks at how the oil industry employs the "revolving door" of elected officials to exercise influence in the Capitol:

Inside the California Assembly chamber on the night of June 1, the presiding officer urged lawmakers to recognize former members in their midst, “the honorable Henry Perea and Felipe Fuentes.” In a familiar Capitol ritual, the former assemblymen waved from the balcony as applause rang out from their one-time colleagues.

But the two weren’t just retired lawmakers—they were now lobbyists being paid by oil companies to kill a bill that would soon meet its fate on the Assembly floor below.

That bill, by Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, aimed to force industry to reduce air pollution that comes from their plants. Garcia knew the lobbyists in the balcony were pals with many of her Assembly colleagues, she knew oil and other industries were working hard to defeat her, and she knew her bill was in danger.

THE GOP: For CALmatters, Dan Walters writes that California Republicans have become a "circular firing squad." While Democrats also have an internal divide between "Berniecrats" and the "Establishment," the GOP's fights have more to do with declining party registration and perceived influence in Sacramento.



  • SB 17 (Hernandez): requires pharmaceutical companies to provide more "price transparency" to providers
    and notice before price hikes. Christopher Cadelago looks at the impact of the bill for the Bee.
  • AB 265 (Wood): prohibits, with exceptions, pharmaceutical drug manufacturers from providing discounts to consumers' out-of-pocket expenses on branded drugs if a therapeutically equivalent generic drug is available.
  • AB 1048 (Arambula): Allows pharmists to do a "partial fill" of a Schedule II controlled substance (mostly opioids) at the request of the prescriber or patient, with the reminaing fill on the prescription available for 30 days after the original prescription. This allows a physician to prescribe a larger amount to minimize the number of required visits and will minimize "surplus" opioids.
  • AB 1219 (Eggman): provides that no donee of food products to a nonprofit, food bank or end user, shall be held civilly liable unless the donee is engaged in gross negligence or willfull misconduct. Unfortunately, the bill doesn't take effect until January 1, so it doesn't help this week!


  • AB 82 (Medina): would have directed the State Registrar to require state and local officials to use diacritical marks on birth, death, and marriage certificates. Okay, many of you may be wondering what they are...they are such accentual marks included in names like de León, Chavéz, or Limón. We don't have any members with ñ right now, but likely will.

    The governor's veto states that it would create inconsistencies in state records and would require "significant" funds to modify or replace existing registration systems.

    The bill passed the Assembly on concurrence 68-2 and the Senate 39-1!

* Obviously, in the eye of the beholder.



  • SD 36 (Carlsbad): added businesswoman Marggie Castellano (D)


#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Jeremy Thompson and Dan Walters!

#DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: Why I typed AD54 runoff rather than AD51 in yesterday's afterNOONER, I have no clue. It was a really long day. You got the gist. For some reason, I just like screwing things up when writing about that special.



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