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THE Nooner for October 9, 2017


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It's another sad Monday morning, following devastating fires in the greater Santa Rosa area last night, fueled by the high winds we saw across Northern California. As of 5:00 a.m., a firefighter told KGO "at least 60" homes had burned in Santa Rosa, but the devestation is likely broader than that. The Hilton Sonoma Wine Country, Fountaingrove Inn, and a Kmart burned (apparently completely), reports the Chron.

Also destroyed is the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, where I saw Ira Glass years ago and a brand new fire station.

The Kaiser and Sutter hospitals were evacuated, and while standing, the Sutter hospital was reportedly still standing, but charred and badly damaged. 

On the Napa side, a fire is burning from the east of the Silverado Trail and has damaged or destroyed many structures, likely including wineries. The famous Silverado Resort was evacuated and structures near it were burning, although it's unclear whether the Resort itself was damaged or destroyed. Even with firefighters arriving from around Northern California, there are too many fires to tackle, as there are also fires in Yolo and Mendocino counties. As many are spot fires, it's much more difficult to defend every structure--the focus is on preserving lives.

Although the winds have died down, as I write this morning, the fires still burn with essentially no containment and the hospitals remain evacuated.

Governor Brown has declared a state of emergency. 

Thoughts are with those evacuated and the fire, police officials that are working tirelessly to keep people safe and limit the damage to property. 

U.S. SENATE: Dianne Feinstein dusted off her personal Twitter account this morning and used it for the first time since April to tweet:

@DianneFeinstein - "I am running for reelection to the Senate. Lots more to do: ending gun violence, combating climate change, access to healthcare. I’m all in!" 

The tweet was followed by a Facebook post and press release.

And, from her colleague: @KamalaHarris - "I strongly support @DianneFeinstein's reelection campaign, and am thankful she is again offering to serve our state."

Already, "progressive" Democrats are responding calling for a challenger from the left with Kevin de León's name coming up frequently.

So, continuing on my writing yesterday, we at least have certainty on one front.

One of the items of feedback I got yesterday was the rumor that de León was eyeing Eric Garcetti's seat, should the Los Angeles mayor run for U.S. Senate. However, Garcetti is not likely to challenge Feinstein from the left or President.

Even if Garcetti ran for President, though, his term as mayor doesn't end until 2022, which is extended one year with the move from odd-year elections for LA muni elections to even-year elections. Thus, de León could wait, but that means he would be out of office until 2021 (if Garcetti became President) or 2022 (end of Garcetti's term).

Thus, de León would still need to find a way to maintain his voice and expand his reach, so my thoughts yesterday of becoming an immigrant/low income populist makes sense.

However, he may challenge Feinstein from the left. Yesterday, following Feinstein's appearence on Meet the Press and Face the Nation, de León seemingly criticized her incremental approach of "art of the possible" right now, while he's pushing the more popular assault weapons ban that Feinstein pushed before.

We'll see what de León does and watching for any clues. If he decides to challenge her, its very possible that the two of them would land in the top to spots, facing off in the November general election. No significant Republicans have indicated that they are running. I wouldn't be shocked if former San Diego councilmember and now radio talk show host Carl DeMaio jumped in to carry the Republican flag. He is the public face behind Reform California, which is behind one of the two initiatives to repeal the gas tax.

Anyway, you thought the Democratic Party's race for chair in May was ugly. It's possible you ain't seen nothing yet.

SB 17 (Hernandez): Governor Brown this morning signed SB 17, which requires insurers to report on prescription drug costs in the same manner they report on their premium rates. It further requires prescription drug manufacturers to notify bulk purchasers of wholesale price increases of more than 16% 90 days before the price hike takes place.

The bill likely was the most hotly contested among interest groups this legislative year. It pitted health insurers, hospitals, labor (and CalPERS), public interest groups against the pharmaceutical industry.The opposition centered around the burden of reporting and the impact on emerging biotechnology companies and the competitive effect of early disclosure of pricing information.

BLURRED LINES: John Myers writes in the Times that California likely went from "worst" to "first" in gerrymandering in redistricting, at least the way Arnold Schwarzenegger sees it.

GOOD WATCH: Sacramento native Lisa Ling had a great episode of "This is Life" on CNN last night on Chinese immigration, with a large focus on California. The episode ranges from the uber wealthy Chinese students driving Maseratis to high school and owning houses while they are alone in the U.S. to the struggling working class immigrants to "birth tourism," a particular phenomenon in the San Gabriel Valley.

It's been another crazy morning and frankly I haven't gotten to all the papers. I'll likely have an afterNOONER as things play out over the day.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Joshua Golka, former Assemblyman Eric Linder, Christina Romero, Michael Saragosa, and Thomas Wong!


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