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THE Nooner for September 27, 2017


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Well, we apparently had another server fart this morning. Ergo, here's a little Noonerific show time for humpday. Sorry about that. As you know, this is a one person show with on server, and doo-do happens. I write and save, and then find out when you do if the server cooperated.

Of course, everything I wrote before daylight this morning was lost. ARGH.

While the city of Sacramento seems to have found another location for homeless residents, the Bee's Angela Hart says that a fix for finding homeless residents housing in SacTown is far off. "...Californians should not expect the effects to be felt immediately. Even years down the road, the measures will not stop rents from increasing or home prices from trending upwards."

WATER WARS: While the behemoth Westlands Water District has declined to support the "twin tunnels" project to ferry more water from the Delta to the state water project, the also huge Metropolitan Water District has indicated its continuned support, writes Dale Kasler in the Bee.

DACA CACA: While Congress continues to not act on anything, the Bee's Diana Lambert reports on a Natomas middle school math teacher and Berkeley graduate caught in the jam. There are reportedly 5,000 such professionals in the same position in California.




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L.A. Board Of Education Chooses Monica Garcia As New President To Replace Rodriguez
Howard Blume @
The L.A. Board of Education chooses a new president to replace Ref Rodriguez, who faces felony charges related to his campaign for office.

Alabama Official Warns Of Crossover Voting In Senate Election - Politico
Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore and wife Kayla leave the Gallant Fire Hall after voting in today's GOP runoff election September 26, 2017 in Gallant, Alabama. Multiple news organizations predicted that Moore would win Tuesday night. | Hal Yeager/Getty Images

Feinstein Contends That Cadiz Project Would Contaminate Water Supply – Daily News
As the Cadiz project seems increasingly likely to go forward, Sen. Dianne Feinstein issued a statement contending the underground desert water could ultimately contaminate much of Southern California’s water supply.

L.A. Pension Officials Deliver Another Financial Blow To The City Budget
David Zahniser @
An L.A. city pension board is scaling back its investment projections, dealing another financial blow to the city budget

Trump says he wants health-care vote â

President Trump on Sept. 27 said Congress will vote on a health-care bill “early next year,” adding that he supports ending the legislative filibuster in the Senate.

Poll: Majority Of Voters Say Trump Isn't Fit To Be President - Politico
More Democrats than Republicans disapprove of President Donald Trump's fitness for office. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo

GOP Gives Up On Voting On Obamacare Repeal, But Bipartisan Approaches Remain In Doubt
Lisa Mascaro, Noam N. Levey @
Republicans end, for now, their healthcare overhaul, but promise to try again to replace Obamacare while other bipartisan efforts gain sway

CpUC Postpones Final Vote On Sdg&e Request To Bill Customers $379m For 2007 Wildfires - The San Diego Union-tribune
Rob Nikolewski @

Delta Tunnels: Metropolitan Ready To Go Ahead On Waterfix | The Sacramento Bee
Dale Kasler @
By Dale Kasler

Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Others Commit $300 Million To Tech Education - Sfgate
The White House on Monday announced plans to spend $200 million a year on grants meant to boost science, tech, engineering and math education in an effort to close a widening skills gap that, some say, has left Americans out of the running for scientific and technical jobs. Bay Area powerhouses Facebook, Google and Salesforce have committed $50 million apiece to support these efforts - making up about half the $300 million commitment from the private sector. It was not immediately clear where the $200 million in federal dollars would come from, though the Trump administration emphasized that it would not be new funding, but rather existing money that would be redirected.

New Republican Tax Outline Gives Huge Cuts To Businesses, But Details Of Individual Relief Are Less Certain
Jim Puzzanghera, Lisa Mascaro @
Businesses would receive huge tax cuts, but middle-class Americans get mostly only promises of relief under a new tax overhaul outline agreed to by President Trump and top congressional Republicans.

Claims Mislead About California Forcing Jail Time For Using Wrong Transgender Pronoun | Politifact California
subject @
A bill to prevent discrimination of LGBT seniors in California’s long-term care homes is one step from becoming law. It passed the Legislature this month and now sits on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

Trump warns Donnelly against opposing GOP tax plan

During a speech in Indianapolis, Sept. 27, President Trump said he will campaign against Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) “like you wouldn’t believe” if Donnelly opposes the GOP tax plan.

Lawyers Seek Dismissal Of Lawsuit Challenging Rainbow Flags Flown By House Members - The San Diego Union-tribune
Joshua Stewart @

Police Body Camera Footage Depicting Rape Victims Won't Be Released In California Under New Law
Liam Dillon @
Gov. Jerry Brown signed a measure Tuesday that would prohibit the public release of police body camera footage or other videos that dep...

In speech, Jeff Sessions slams universities for stifling free speech
Today’s typical American university clamps down on free speech, pushes political correctness, and shelters the “fragile egos” of its students, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared Tuesday in a talk singling out UC Berkeley for the purported ills. Speaking at Georgetown University Law School in Washington, D.C., Sessions offered examples of public and private universities where protesters have prevented people from speaking, including at Middlebury College, where students assaulted a professor and a guest speaker, and at Brown University because a co-sponsor of the talk was a Jewish group.

Construction Begins On Trump's Border Wall Prototypes In Otay Mesa - The San Diego Union-tribune
Greg Moran, Kristina Davis @
The construction site is about 1.5 miles east of Enrico Fermi Drive on open land that is a mixture of public and private ownership. It is several miles east of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in a spot where the existing mesh secondary fence ends and a single barrier continues into the desert.

McConnell Gambled on Health Care and the Alabama Senate Race. He Lost.

A majority leader celebrated for years as a brilliant tactician suddenly looks vulnerable to dissent in his caucus, and insurgent Republican candidates.

Hepatitis Deaths Grow By One As Cases Continue To Rise - The San Diego Union-tribune
Paul Sisson @
Labs at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta have confirmed current case counts, and Wooten said her office is still waiting for word from the CDC that an 18th death was caused by one of the 1B hepatitis strains responsible for outbreak cases in San Diego and several other California communities.

House Republicans Propose $10 Billion For Trump’s Border Wall - Politico
Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul said his panel will vote on the legislation next week. The bill also would add 10,000 more border patrol agents and Customs and Border Protection officers, tap the National Guard to patrol the southern border and target people who have overstayed visas.

The New Health Care: Which Country Has the Best Health Care System? Readers Respond

“Americans should understand the tranquillity of spirit that truly universal health care brings to a population,” one reader who lives in France says.

He spent 15 years in San Quentin and died 2 months after his release. Now his story is being shared.
Arnulfo Garcia spent almost 50 years in and out of California prisons. On Saturday, two months after his release from San Quentin State Prison, Garcia died in a car accident alongside his sister, Yolanda Hernandez. They were driving to look at property for a re-entry home Garcia planned to build near Gilroy.

Democratic senator to appear with Trump at tax reform event
Joe Donnelly of Indiana is the latest endangered lawmaker from a red state who's willing to show bipartisanship.