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THE Nooner for September 13, 2017


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AB 186 (Eggman): AB 186, which would allow the counties or cities within Alameda, Humboldt, Los Angeles, Mendocino, San Francisco and San Joaquin counties to establish "safe zones" for perennially addicted users of illicit drugs to consume them while being near licensed professionals, provides a difficult dilemma for me.

I have been candid in this space and work hard to not express my opinion.

I have had two stints in rehab. Albeit for only alcohol, which I have fortunately kicked, I met and loved lots of people with other addictions. After my first stint, two of my friends died two weeks after they left. One would have been "Most likely to succeed," even though he always sported a Dodgers sports cap. He went to a highly acclaimed sober living facility in Monterey county, which is also the predetory land of opioid predators. Richie, we love and remember you.

Insurers have limits and kick people out of rehab. I watched it first-hand, with sometimes people in rehab waiting each day on their insurance coverage rather than their recovery. The state provides funding under Medi-Cal, if you are already poor. But, it's usually too little, too late. 

I have also witnessed people who, on condition of their "discharge" (it was always an open door policy) who had to "break up" with their overprescribing doctor(s) to cut the ties to their white-coat prescribers. We think about drug corners of Baltimore from The Wire, but, frankly, many of our beach cities are as bad. Yeah, color of the skin matters.

AB 186 is well intentioned and I personally don't oppose it, as that's not my job in this space, but it is a big fat STOP sign in how we deal with this issue. This is as important as water. It is as important as criminal justice realignment. It is as important as test scores. We must deal with it, and it ain't cheap. 

On AB 186, which needs two more votes on the Senate Floor, I urge members to add to the "aye" side, and I'll be there with you when the critics come, as long as we pledge to do far more for those facing those predators who get them, and keep them, addicted. Richie didn't go to find drugs. The assholes know the vulnerable and pray on them. Keep this conversation and the people, like Richie, alive.



Sorry for getting all dark on you. After all, many of you have half smiles from the Dodgers win, which breaks the 11 game losing streak, last night against the Giants. And, if you were watching at 2am--unlike Monday's game, it was actually a repeat and not a delayed game.


  • In one of the budget trailer bills, $10 million is being provided for subsidized student loans for DREAM Act students who otherwise would be ineligible because of their immigration status.

CONGRESS: The LAT's team looks at thirteen races in California that might determine the control of the 116th Congress. 

REDISTRICTING: Paul Mitchell looks at the impact of incarcerated individuals in the census count that determines redistricting:

In redistricting, [the incarcerated] population is used to determine the size of a political district.

And it dilutes the representation for people in the areas where prisoners originally were living before they got locked up.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Brian Duke and Allen Wilson!



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La County Leaders Limit Travel To Anti-daca States – Daily News
Faced with growing uncertainty and fear among immigrants across their districts, Los Angeles County Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to defend an Obama-era policy that protected undocumented children from being deported, but disagreed on how their Board should press the federal government to preserve it.

Embattled Ethics Watchdog To Step Down Amid Turmoil At Water Agency
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The board weighed in hours later, putting Ghaly on paid administrative leave until Oct. 10, her last day on the job. MWD spokesman Bob Muir said no reason was given for the decision, which was discussed during a closed session meeting.

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