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THE Nooner for July 15, 2017

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  • CA04 (Foothills): added national security strategist Jessica Morse (D) 
  • CA34 (Downtown LA): added city clerk administrator Sandra Mendoza (D)

AURAL PLEASURE: This week' s California Politics Podcast is a special sitdown with Speaker Anthony Rendon. The LAT's John Myers and Rendon "talk the era of Trump, the single-payer healthcare fight, and the balance of power in Sacramento come 2019." Myers tweets "Assembly Speaker says senators didn't consult with Assembly before sending over single-payer bill." 

Meanwhile, KQED's Newsroom roundable brought in Joe Garafoli, Marisa Lagos, Carla Marinucci, and host Thuy Vu.

CAP-AND-TRADE: Assembly Republicans offered a proposal yesterday that some members may be willing to vote for cap-and-trade, but only if it's amended to provide the minority party a chance to help have more of a say in the spending of the funds raised in the auctions, report Christopher Cadelago, Alexei Koseff and Taryn Luna in the Bee. The author is Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes. (R-Yucca Valley). The proposal would begin direction the proceeds of auctions, which then could only be approved by an appropriations bill approved on a 2/3 vote of both houses, but only for the initial vote.

The proposal was amended into a proposed constitutional amendment. As a constitutional amendment, ACA 1 would require voter approval. Mayes is the only one to lend his name to the new proposal, and some Republcan caucus members were still, such as moderate Rocky Chavez (R-Oceanside were asking for more.  The measure would also delay some of the sales tax exemptions until 2024.

Reportedly, the package wasn't discussed in a caucus meeting.

AB 398 and AB 617 also were amended yesterday at 3:48pm, so session will likely be late on Monday as the 72-hour in print rule tick-tocks.

Anthony York writes for Pacific Standard about how the governor is trying to thread the needle on the cap-and-trade package. 

Governor Jerry Brown and Democratic leaders will push for a vote on a revised Cap-and-Trade extension Monday in Sacramento. They have secured the backing of some business interests around the state—interests that have opposed Cap-and-Trade in the past. The question is whether enough Republican votes will follow, and whether the appeals to business interests can compensate for the hemorrhaging of support among the most strident environmental activists and legislators who are abandoning the proposal from the left. Activists say the plan is a "giveaway" to large oil interests, and claim it doesn't do enough to clean up the dirtiest air in some of the state's most economically disadvantaged communities."

Christopher Cadelago tweets that the California Manufacturers and Technology Association is running a social media campaign to put pressure on Anthony Cannella and Tom Berryhill--both Central Valley Republicans.

CA48 (Huntington Beach): The LAT's Sarah D. Wire reports on the lobbying of Dana Rohabacher by the same Russiian lobbyist who met with Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort

GAS TAX: Patrick McGreevy writes in The Times that opponents of the gas tax increase have filed a lawsuit alleging that the state tried to sabotage the gas tax increase by a biased title and summary prepared for the referendum. "The lawsuit alleges the title and summary drafted by the office of Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra is "a nakedly partisan attempt to derail what Petitioner expects to be an initiative of considerable public interest."

HOUSING: SB 35 (Wiener), which would streamline the approval process for affordable housing was amended and passed Asm Housing and Community Development yesterday and looks on track to reaching the governor, although the coalition of supporters and opponents is a strange mix

$$$: The California Republican Party reported yesterday spending $166,000 on petition signature gathering on the Senator Josh Newman recall effort.



In the Bee, Hannah Knowles looks at the use of unpaid interns in the Capitol. "Current and former interns who spoke to The Bee said they found their unpaid positions rewarding, citing the same benefits – both skills and connections – that employers promise. But some argued that just because offices can often hire free interns without breaking the law doesn’t mean they should." 

The Bee's Dale Kasler writes that California is poised to overtake Britain as the world's fifth largest economy based on a study released Friday by Palo Alto economist Stephen Levy

BAGHDAD BY THE BAY: Former Senator Mark Leno plans to run for mayor of San Francisco in 2019. 



#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Asael Sala! A belated birhday greeting to PDI, which turned 30 yesterday.

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: It's very possiblle that Gavin Newsom could not provide the 27th vote for cap-and-trade. The state constitution provides "The Lieutenant Governor shall have the same qualifications as the Governor. The Lieutenant Governor is President of the Senate but has only a casting vote."

A casting vote is defined as "an extra vote given by a chairperson to decide an issue when the votes on each side are equal."





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Lawsuit Alleges State Is Trying To Sabotage Initiative To Repeal Gas Tax Increase In California
Patrick McGreevy @
The state attorney general allegedly drafted a misleading title and summary for an initiative that would repeal increases to California...

CalPERS Had 11 Percent Investment Return In 2017 | The Sacramento Bee
Adam Ashton @
Chronicling civil-service life for California state workers

Partisan Rift Opens Over Vote-by-mail Law - San Francisco Chronicle
A dramatic change planned for California elections next year is morphing into a partisan battle over how the state’s ballots should be cast.

Prop. 13 Property Tax Reform Could Boost Housing Affordability, Experts Say - The San Diego Union-tribune
Roger Showley @
Portside Pier, replacement for the long-running Anthony's restaurant on downtown waterfront, wins port approval

Governor Jerry Brown Likely To Face Decision On 100 Percent Clean Electricity
Ingrid Lobet @
If Brown signs the bill, California utilities would have to get 50 percent of electricity from clean sources on an even more accelerated schedule than the law currently requires, by 2026 instead of 2030. The law also mandates 60 percent by 2030. By 2045, there would be no more fossil fuel electricity in California, 28 years from now.

Bay Area political events: town hall, anti-Trump march
Bay Area political events: town hall, anti-Trump march Political events in the Bay Area Anti-Trump march: A protest against President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, starting with a rally at 2 p.m. at U.N. Plaza, 355 McAllister St., San Francisco. Environmental action: A conversation with the Sierra Club’s executive director and local environmental justice groups on what people can do to take action against President Trump’s environmental agenda. Health and housing: Hosted by the Democratic Socialists of America-Peninsula, a chapter meeting on efforts to enact the single-payer health care plan and affordable housing. Cool Effect, a Bay Area nonprofit focused on climate change, is holding a forum to discuss environmental actions that will help reduce carbon emissions. The event is from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the Hawthorn Room at the Golden Gate Club, 135 Fisher Loop, San Francisco. Health care film: A free screening of Now Is the Time: Healthcare for Everybody and discussion on single-payer health care.

Public Health: A Legislative Easter Egg Hunt in the Health Bill

We looked for the goodies Senate leadership slipped into its newest health care bill for particular states. (Alaska came up a lot.)

California Congressman Was Lobbied By The Same Former Soviet Military Intelligence Officer At The Trump Meeting
Sarah D. Wire @
A former Soviet military counterintelligence officer who met with President Trump's son, son-in-law and campaign manager in June 2016 h...

Price, Verma Try To Quell Governors' Anxiety Over Senate Bill's Coverage Losses - Politico
Administration officials in the meeting, which included Tom Price, disputed initial estimates from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office that 22 million people would lose coverage under the Senate bill by 2026. | Getty

Here Are The Hidden Horrors In The Senate Gop's New Obamacare Repeal Bill
Michael Hiltzik @
The Senate GOP hid some of the worst provisions deep in its Obamacare repeal bill. We ferreted them out.

Disabled Teacher Can't Afford Caregivers Who Feed, Bathe And Get Her Out Of Bed | The Sacramento Bee
Diana Lambert @
By Diana Lambert

California Housing Crisis Spurring Lawmakers Into Action - San Francisco Chronicle
SACRAMENTO — Five years after California ended a program that helped pay for affordable housing, lawmakers are eager to create a new permanent stream of public funding to spur development amid what they say is the state’s worst housing crisis.

Trump's Border Wall Project In San Diego Faces Environmental Lawsuit | Kpbs
Jean Guerrero @
At the edge of San Diego County where the U.S. meets Mexico, the valleys and mountains are home to endangered species like the Quino checkerspot butterfly and fragile ecosystems like vernal pools.

Former Russian Military Intelligence Officer Attended Trump Tower Meeting
David S. Cloud @
Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer aimed at obtaining derogatory information about Hillary Clinton in June 2016 had anoth...

Governors from Both Parties Slam Senate Obamacare Repeal Bill

The nation’s governors, gathered for their annual conference, came out against the latest bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act but for very different reasons.

House GOP To Unveil Budget With Uncertain Fate
House Republicans are forging ahead with the release of their contentious fiscal blueprint next week, despite an obstacle-filled path to a floor vote before August break.

LA Mayor Wants To Increase Veteran Hiring Through 10,000 Strong Initiative
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined forces Friday with more than 50 companies for a training session aimed at spurring veteran hiring. The event at City Hall, which is the first in a planned series as part of Garcetti’s 10,000 Strong veterans hiring initiative, also helped promote the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit granting tax relief to employers that hire and retain workers from target groups with “significant barriers to employment.”

Homeowners Could See Flood Insurance Costs Rise As Congress Debates Bills]
Stuart Leavenworth @
Congress is considering sweeping changes to the debt-laden National Flood Insurance Program that could jack up flood insurance rates for hundreds of thousands of homeowners under a bill that a Florida real estate group called “devastating.”

Lessons Learned From Oroville Dam Spillway Evacuations Helped In Wall Fire Evacuations
Bob Moffitt @
First came the Oroville Dam spillway evacuation in February. Then came the Wall Fire a week ago. The Butte County Sheriffs Office says it learned several lessons from the first incident that helped it respond to the second.

Will Schools Follow L.A.'s Lead And Pay Trustees $125,000?
Los Angeles Unified Board of Education members are about to receive a whopping raise, nearly tripling their salaries to $125,000.

States May See Federal Medicaid Funding Decline Up To 39 Percent Under Repeal - Politico
Under the Senate repeal bill, Medicaid would be put on a budget starting in 2020. | Getty

California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra Goes To Court To Defend State Program Helping Unaccompanied Minor Immigrants
Patrick McGreevy @
State Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra has filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of an unaccompanied minor immigrant who is fighting deportation.

Trump Visits Women's U.S. Open Golf Tournament — At His Course - Politico
President Donald Trump gestures to spectators while looking over the 15th green from his viewing platform along with Trump National Golf Club director of golf, Mickie Gallagher, left, and son Eric Trump, right during the second round of the U.S. Women's Open golf tournament on July 14 in Bedminster, N.J. | AP Photo

#SaveTheRaise campaign in St. Louis pushes back against preemption laws

The new Missouri law prevents any city from raising its minimum wage higher than the state's $7.70 rate.