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THE Nooner for July 8, 2017

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Happy Saturday. Finally a good night's sleep. A couple of lingering fireworks and frolicking raccoons, but otherwise quiet although a bit warm. It'll be another hot one today. The state is on fire, and not in a good way.

Candidates continue to send out their "my fundraising is bigger than your fundraising messages," although long before they file their actual reports by July 31.

CAP-AND-EVADE: Well, the fight to renew California's cap-and-trade law that sunsets in 2020 just got harder as the Legislature didn't reach a deal before congressman-elect Jimmy Gomez heads to Washington to be sworn in on Tuesday, writes Melanie Mason in the Times. The departure of Gomez drops the number of Democrats to 54 in the Assembly, meaning that, with expected unified GOP opposition, every Democrat would have to vote for the law's extension. That's not an easy feat, particularly after they cast a difficult vote for the taxes and fees earlier this year for road repairs.



THE SAD STORY: I don't write on the relationship of former AG Bill Lockyer and Nadia Davis Lockyer, as it has been a sad story played out on social media. Since I'm Facebook "friends," I consider that non-public information. However, it's now gone public with Nadia's arrest on allegations of spousal abuse at a Tuolumne County vacation home on Thursday, reports the Bee's Adam Ashton.

Nadia, who has a history of substance abuse problems, reportedly had a blood alchohol level of 0.22%, and allegedly was throwing objects at Bill. A neighbor reported the situation, leading to the arrest.

As Adam notes, Nadia's Facebook posts have vascillated over the month from praising Bill on Father's Day to another post earlier this week that accused Bill of physical and mental abuse, repeating one from earlier this year. The post has been removed, and the latest is a posting by a "friend" with the Twelve Steps.

It's frankly very sad. We all know that Bill is short-tempered, particularly those of us who were at the Assembly "gate" in the Capitol at the end of session in 1996 in a fight over tribal gaming. It ended publicly before a couple of dozen lobbyists in the hallway with Bill yelling at Assemblyman Phil Isenberg, "Well, f*ck you Mr. term limited." 

It's the saddest story of a political couple in my career and wish the two and their kids the best. 



MARY JANE MONEY: The Times's James Rufus Koren writes up the current situation of banking of proceeds from legal marijuana sales, something that will become an even bigger problem after the recreational pot law passed by Proposition 64 last year takes effect. While medical and recreational is legal in the state, federally insured banks fear touching the money. 

STETHOSCOPE: Senator Dianne Feinstein rallied the troops to continue the fight against the Senate Republican health care bill yesterday in San Francisco, reports Angela Hart in the Bee. “My sense is that he won’t until [Mitch McConnell] has the votes, and my sense is that he’s not going to have the votes,” Feinstein said. “I think we’re very close to defeating it.” 

FAIR? The OCR's Margot Roosevelt looks at the pending legal argument over whether unions should be able to charge "fair share" fees for collective bargaining for objectors that don't want to support the union's political agenda.

CA41 (Redlands): Representative Pete Aguilar (D-Redlands) spent yesterday bagging groceries at Gerrards Market in Redlands as part of his "job for a day" tour, reports Alejandra Molina in the PE.

CA48 (Huntington Beach): The Bee's Martin Wisckol profiles Rohrabacher-challenger attorney Omar Siddiqui. "While his law firm has been based in Costa Mesa for 14 years, he lives in Fullerton — well outside the coastal district he’d like to represent. One reason he isn’t running in his own district is he thinks the Republican House representative there is doing a good job." Hmmm...his votes are essentially the same as Dana's, not like the House has lately voted much anything substantive. A campaign of "Royce is good, but Rohrabacher is bad" is not really a good theme.

END OF AN ERA: The famous "immigrants crossing" signs along I-5 are down to one and when it's gone, it won't be replaced, reports Cindy Carcamo in the Times.



#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Celina Luna and Lea-Ann Tratten!



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Feinstein revs up the opposition to GOP Senate health care plan
Republican efforts to replace former President Obama’s Affordable Care Act would devastate children’s hospitals across California and make it harder for millions of people — young and old — to get the care they need, Sen. Dianne Feinstein said in San Francisco Friday. The GOP plan before the Senate “provides tax cuts for the very weathy” at the expense of health care for children, Feinstein told an audience of about 100 doctors, nurses, health care professionals and parents of patients at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco. Feinstein joined hospital officials on a morning tour of the sprawling Mission Bay facility, talking with doctors, nurses, parents and patients, before returning for a 45-minute pep rally aimed at revving up opposition to the GOP attack on the Affordable Care Act. The focus of concern is the GOP effort to trim Medicaid, which Obama’s 2010 health care plan expanded to cover millions more people. In California, more than one-third of the state’s 39 million residents are on Medi-Cal, along with one out of every two children, 60 percent of nursing home residents and half the people with disabilities. Feinstein also heard from a trio of parents, who she described as “true American warrior women,” who talked about what the children’s hospital — and the Medi-Cal money to pay for needed care — meant to their children. Kristin Chaset talked about her nearly 2-year-old daughter, Megan, who had heart surgery five hours after birth and spent more than 10 months in the hospital before finally going home to continuing nursing care and therapy. Sally McDonald spoke of her daughter, Maggie, who underwent 80 surgeries for a congenital disorder, but was provided the resources that enabled her to graduate from Mission High School before she died at age 20. In a statement Thursday, Feinstein called the GOP health plan “an immoral policy.”

Gavin Newsom Continues To Dominate Gubernatorial Campaign Fundraising
Seema Mehta @
Gavin Newsom continues to dominate fundraising in the 2018 race for California governor, raising millions more than his Democratic oppo...

Gallego Pushes For House Vote On Russia’s Election Meddling - Politico
The Arizona Democrat said in an interview Friday that he is seeking to force a House vote next week endorsing the January assessment by U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia waged a covert campaign, using hacking and propaganda, to damage Hillary Clinton and sway the election toward Trump.

Nadia Davis Lockyer Arrested For Alleged Assault | The Sacramento Bee
Adam Ashton @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Cybercriminals Could Find Treasure Trove In Voter Data - San Francisco Chronicle
When Kris Kobach of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity sent out a letter last week asking all 50 states to provide the federal government with detailed information on every voter in the nation in hopes of combatting election fraud, experts say he may have unwittingly opened a new gate for the bad actors of the cyberworld.

Nerdcast: The 2018 Senate Lookahead - Politico
The Nerdcast team dives into the Senate health care battle, President Donald Trump's meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and more.

Hearst Foundations award $1.75 million in California grants
The Hearst Foundations have awarded $1.75 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in California to support a variety of educational, health and social service programs. Recipients of the quarterly grants include programs for job training and vaccinations for the needy, brain research, and public broadcasting about higher education. Common Sense Media of San Francisco, $100,000 to expand its Digital Citizenship Program, which teaches responsible use of technology to students from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Community Housing Partnership of San Francisco, $100,000 for its Employment Pathway program, which trains formerly homeless people for jobs in property management. TechSoup, in San Francisco, $250,000 for expansion and outreach of the Safe Shelter Collaborative Program for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. UC Santa Barbara, $200,000 to establish the Hearst Accelerator fund for two years of support for the university’s Brain Initiative, a study of brain function and human behavior in disciplines ranging from neuroscience and engineering to history and literature.

Here's How Jimmy Gomez's New Job Makes The State's Climate Change Fight More Difficult
Melanie Mason @
A reauthorization of cap and trade fails to pass before the state Assembly loses Democrat Jimmy Gomez to Congress, complicating efforts to pass the bill with a two-thirds vote.

Senate GOP, White House plan final, urgent blitz to pass health-care law

President Trump, Vice President Pence will engage heavily over the next two weeks in hopes of passing legislation before the month-long August recess.

Amador County Protests Sacramento County's Plan To Expand Highway 16 | The Sacramento Bee
Tony Bizjak @
By Tony Bizjak

Putin Thinks Trump Believed His Election Denials - Politico
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Trump asked him numerous questions about Russia's alleged interference in the U.S. election. | AP Photo

Republican senators can't escape health-care protests, even outside D.C.

The debate over the Senate’s embattled health-care bill followed Republican senators home over the fourth of July recess.

Homeless And Lawless? A Stretch Of The Santa Ana River Is Often Unpoliced – Orange County Register
Police and sheriff agencies offer scant oversight of a fast-growing homeless encampment in Orange County, along the Santa Ana River, prompting people who work with the homeless to suggest that violence and drug dealing in the community soon could grow akin to Los Angeles’ notorious Skid Row.

Facebook Plans Offices, Retail, Grocery Store, Homes

Oakland Blaze At Construction Site Looks Suspiciously Like Previous East Bay Fires – East Bay Times
The four-alarm blaze that had 80 firefighters battling a burning apartment building under construction in Oakland early Friday was an instant reminder of three other nearby fires that have hit the East Bay in the past 12 months.

With Only One Left, Iconic Yellow Road Sign Showing Running Immigrants Now Borders On The Extinct - The San Diego Union-tribune
Cindy Carcamo @

Haley: 'everybody Knows That Russia Meddled In Our Elections' - Politico
Nikki Haley said that more global leaders will likely come out and say that Russia interfered with their elections and denounce the actions. | Getty

Trump's lawyer: Comments about sexual harassment accusers 'nothing more than heated campaign rhetoric'

Trump's lawyers seeks to dismiss a defamation lawsuit using a familiar strategy.

Was That Shootdown Of A Mock Enemy Warhead In May 'realistic'? Not Exactly
David Willman @
A recent test of the U.S. homeland missile defense system was carefully scripted for success. But the officer in charge of the program called it "an exact replica" of what North Korea might do.

Long Path Ahead For Arson Investigators After Oakland Inferno - San Francisco Chronicle
Investigators trying to figure out if Friday’s towering fire at an Oakland construction site was ignited by accident or attack will likely spend weeks combing the wreckage for clues, while talking to neighbors and developers and consulting specialists in fire behavior before drawing a conclusion.