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THE Nooner for July 7, 2017

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#CAKEDAY! Happy birthday to my wonderful and beautiful sister Lisa Ortega! I am pretty sure these from the Portland/Beaverton days. I'm sure Lisa will correct could have been Martinez, but I still looked cute enough for Placentia.


Lisa and Scott



  • CA03 (East Sacto County): added businessman Andrew Grant (R) 

Well, hello there. Happy Friday...that was a long week. Actually, the long part was the nights, when most of us were kept awake by illegal fireworks. Hopefully, last night the supplies ran out. Here at the Nooner Global Headquarters, it was around 12:30am when I was enjoying my first good night of sleep this week and included about five loud bangs.

It's going to be a hot one, expected to reach 105 in SacTown. 

I didn't note the Dalai Lama's #CAKEDAY here yesterday. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama had his 82nd birthday yesterday, and his message last year to the Legislature is as current tense as we get ready to close out this year's session.

RETURN OF THE COMPANY TOWN: For anyone who has driven up 101 to the north coast or Oregon, you likely know the former company town of Scotia in Humboldt County. The idolic town had housing, shopping, and dining for residents, established for employees (and their families) of the Pacific Lumber Company. It's still technically a private town as the Town of Scotia, LLC, and continues to try to convert the community into a regular community as the sawmill has declined.

However, the end of the company town may not have arrived. Facebook is now proposing an expansion of office buildings and 1,500 units of housing, and retail space in Menlo Park. 

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? California has a housing crisis. Is the solution to look at the biggest employers to create housing for their employees, or does this go back to the era where employees of certain employers found the luster of the Golden State shinier than those who weren't hired?

There is a parallel debate going on now in San Francisco, where the difference between the golden (or platinum) bridge is seperated from a third world wooden plate bridge among dangling ropes.

I don't know the solution. Nothing I learned in college or law school tought me it. I just know the problem. 



MONEY MATTERS: While we won't see actual totals until the end of the month, Seema Mehta reports in the Times that Gavin Newsom continues to lead the gubernatorial pack in fundraising. The semin-annual reports are due by July 31.  "Gavin Newsom continues to dominate fundraising in the 2018 race for California governor, raising millions more than his Democratic opponents in the reporting period that recently closed, according to preliminary information filed with the state."

So far, we're only seeing reports of contributions of $5,000 or more, with the rest likely coming July 31.

That said, Antonio Villaraigosa had a $509k day yesterday, and John Chiang had a $326.5k day

CA25 (Simi-Antelope Valleys): The Times's Javier Panzar reports that a promised rally with hundreds at the Simi Valley office of Congressman Steve Knight yesterday only drew around 50 amid summer heat. 



The Times's Liam Dillon reports on the Senate's passage of SB 2 (Atkins), which would provide up to $250 million a year for low-income housing subsidies through a tax on real estate transactions. Clearly, it's a two-year bill, having missed key deadlines. "Senate Bill 2 from Sen. Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) would add a $75 fee to real estate transactions, such as mortgage refinances, to fund the state housing subsidies. Home and commercial property sales would be exempted from the fee."

LET THEIR BE FLIGHT: The Bee's Richard Chang reports that UC Davis admitted 60% of the international applicants but only 36% of its resident students. "Among the nine University of California campuses that enrolls undergraduates, UC Davis admitted the highest number of international students for the upcoming school year, according to admissions data released Thursday. . .Asked Thursday to respond to the surge in international admissions relative to other campuses, Ebony Lewis, the school’s executive director of undergraduate admissions, said: “Those are decisions that are made in consultation with our leadership.”

That's not a good spin. It should be that the international students outperformed the in-state students on standardized tests and showed a desire to stay in the United States and build companies. I strongly believe in international education, but it should never be about revenue. So, shenanigans on my beloved alma mater.

Of course, this is more an immigration policy matter than an educational matter. In my years in education policy, I have met many international student who wanted to stay but were being told by ICE to go home and stand in line. That's completely different than the policies that led to so many immigrants who studied here, stayed here, and built our economy.

The other side of this story is that international students are specifically recruited, while in-state students are generically recruited. This explains much of the difference. That said, a seat is a seat.



#CAKEDAY: Light those candles to Lavenne Gravelle! 


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  • The University of California Office of the President is seeking an Associate Director of State Budget Relations in Sacramento. The Associate Director (AD) provides expertise, analysis, political strategy and advocacy related to UC's budget on behalf of the University. The ideal candidate has a working knowledge of the functions, organizations, structure and procedures of UC and experience with the executive and legislative branches of California government. Highly competitive salary and benefits. Learn more and apply here
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California And 17 Other States Sue Education Secretary Betsy Devos For Delaying New Student-loan Protection Rules
Jim Puzzanghera @
California and 17 other states on Thursday sued Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, alleging she unlawfully delayed new regulations designed to protect student loan borrowers from being ripped off.

California counters Sessionsâ
Attorney General Jeff Sessions lashed out at so-called sanctuary cities Thursday and said some of the 10 state and local governments whose immigration policies his office is reviewing — a group that includes the state of California — appear to be defying federal law. The altercation comes as President Trump’s administration prepares to ask a federal judge in San Francisco next week to dismiss lawsuits by San Francisco, Santa Clara County and the city of Richmond challenging Trump’s authority to cut off funding to cities and counties that refuse to cooperate with his immigration policies. Sessions’ Justice Department is studying responses from eight local governments in other states, including the cities of New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, and the states of California and Connecticut to queries from President Barack Obama’s administration last year about policies that restrict local contact with federal immigration officers. “Sanctuary cities put the lives and well-being of their residents at risk by shielding criminal illegal aliens from federal immigration authorities,” Sessions said Thursday. Sessions, in a speech in March and other statements, has indicated he believes the law requires local agencies to keep noncitizens locked up after serving jail sentences if immigration agents want them held for deportation. The state’s response to the Justice Department inquiry said California is complying with its sole obligation under federal law: to let local police share any information they have with federal agents about the immigration status of a local jail inmate. California laws “ensure certain protections for persons in the custody of local law enforcement,” such as the right to refuse to speak to an immigration agent, but “do not prohibit or in any way restrict the sharing of citizenship or immigration status information,” Aaron Maguire, general counsel for the Board of State and Community Corrections, said in a letter to the Justice Department. U.S. District Judge William Orrick ruled in April that the wording of Trump’s order suggested a threat to all federal grants — as much as $2 billion a year for San Francisco — and said such an action would exceed the president’s legal authority.

Jerry Brown One-ups Trump On Climate Change During G20
In an affront to President Trump and his decision to pull the US out of the Paris climate accord, California Gov. Jerry Brown is upping his environmental game and calling for a global conference on climate change to take place in late 2018 in San Francisco

The Minimum Wage Disruption :: Fox&hounds
Recently, I read an announcement posted in a place of business that told customers the establishment was raising membership dues because of the minimum wage increase. However, it was not because the establishment had many minimum wage workers, the announcement went on to say, but because of the increase in minimum wage, the business felt it necessary to boost the salaries of workers earning above the minimum wage, so customers had to pony up.

Cdcr Pay Error Punishes Dental Assistant | The Sacramento Bee
Adam Ashton @
Chronicling civil-service life for California state workers

Senate GOP recruiting slow-going for 2018
Democrats say Republicans are afraid of a political environment poisoned by an unpredictable president and a widely disliked GOP health care plan.

Rep. Ami Bera Has A Republican Challenger In 2018 House Race | The Sacramento Bee
Angela Hart @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Illinois Capitol Locked Down Before Key Vote - Politico
The Springfield Fire Dept. and the Hazardous Materials Unit exit the Governor's office at the Illinois State Capitol after after a woman threw a powdery substance in the office during an overtime session on July 6 in Springfield. | AP Photo

Plea Deal Protected Felon Contra Costa Da Peterson's Pension
Mark Peterson, the Contra Costa district attorney forced to resign as part of a felony perjury conviction, cut a sweet plea deal with state prosecutors allowing him to keep most of his pension.

Loretta Lynch Denies Offering Assurances To Clinton Campaign Over Email Probe - Politico
Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged Thursday to cooperate with a Senate Judiciary Committee investigation into whether she assured the Hillary Clinton campaign last year that the FBI probe into Clinton's emails wouldn't go too far.

UC Davis Admits The Most Internationational Students Out Of UC Schools | The Sacramento Bee
Richard Chang @
By Richard Chang

What Does Trump Mean When He Says 'other Countries' Hacked The Election?
Kurtis Lee @
In Poland, Trump said "other people" might have hacked last year's presidential election. What does that mean?

Frances Gracechild, Advocate For Disabled And Elderly People, Will Be Honored At A Memorial Service In Sacramento | The Sacramento Bee
Cynthia Hubert @
By Cynthia Hubert

Bay Area political events: John Lewis documentary, ACLU benefit
Bay Area political events: John Lewis documentary, ACLU benefit Political events in the Bay Area The Ladies of the Resistance are hosting a benefit for the American Civil Liberties Union. Documentary: A screening of “Get in the Way,” on Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis’ work advancing civil rights in the 1960s and his other efforts to enact change nonviolently. The East Bay and San Francisco branches of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom present historian, author and activist Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, who will discuss the history of wars and gun violence and possible solutions. The Jewish Voice for Peace and the American Friends Services Committee discuss human rights in Israel and Palestine, and how to confront prejudice in the United States. Environmental action: A conversation with the Sierra Club’s executive director and local environmental justice groups on what people can do to take action against President Trump’s environmental agenda. Cool Effect, a Bay Area nonprofit focused on climate change, is holding a forum to discuss environmental actions that will help reduce carbon emissions. The event is from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the Hawthorn Room at the Golden Gate Club, 135 Fisher Loop, San Francisco. Health care film: A free screening of Now Is the Time:

Audio: University Of California Opening More Seats For In-state Students | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
Nearly all Southern California campuses showed two-year increases in admission offers. U.C. Irvine sent 2,600 more in-state admission letters this year than it did two years ago, and U.C. Riverside sent 2,800 more. UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego also had big two-year jumps.

Unlikely Holdout Underscores Challenge for Senate Health Bill

At a constituent meeting in Kansas, a state President Trump won by 20 points, Senator Jerry Moran faced probing questions about the bill — and had some of his own.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort In Lincoln Aims To Hire Hundreds Of Workers | The Sacramento Bee
Mark Glover @
By Mark Glover

On Washington: Mitch McConnell, Master Tactician, Faces Daunting Puzzle: Health Bill

Long known as a crafty Senate majority leader, Mr. McConnell has a narrow margin of error in his effort to secure the passage of the Republican health care bill.

New Pro-charter L.A. School Board Seeks Emergency Motion To 'put Students First'
Howard Blume @
L.A. school board's pro-charter majority arrives with a resolution to put "students first."

California's Hotel Building Boom Shows No Signs Of Slowing - The San Diego Union-tribune
Lori Weisberg @

Audio: In A Conservative Corner Of California, A Push To Preserve Obamacare | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
Greta Elliott, who manages a health clinic in Canby, Calif., says she didn't buy health insurance for herself because she thinks it's too expensive. /April Dembosky/KQED

Bart Communication With Public Questioned After 2nd Teen Mob Robbery - San Francisco Chronicle
Nicholas Price commutes with his bicycle enroute to the West Oakland BART station after boarding in San Francisco, Calif. on Wednesday, March 13, 2013.