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THE Nooner for July 6, 2017

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Well, the illegal fireworks only extended until 12:30 last night. Hopefully that concludes our regularly scheduled noise pollution. 

It's an absolutely beautiful Sacramento morning outside as I just got back from my morning walk around Southside Park. The geese seemed to be in a particularly good mood. It's going to be a hot one this afternoon (102) and even hotter tomorrow (106). Then a cooling trend arrives (Sacramento style on Sunday).

  • Giants at Tigers (10:10am PDT)
  • Padres at Indians (4:10pm PDT)
  • A's at Mariners (7:10pm PDT)
  • Diamondbacks @ Dodgers (7:10pm PDT) 

I know few of you turn to the Nooner for your sports schedule, but is a legislative getaway Thursday. Anyway, on to the news...

SANCTUARY STATE: Yesterday, the Assembly Judiciary Committee approved SB 54 (de León) on a party-line vote. Of course, in that commttee, that means an 8-3 vote. de León indicated that he has not had conversatios with Governor Brown on the bill. The bill would prohibit state and local govrnments from providing immigration status to Immigration and Customs Service.

U.S. SENATE: Cathleen Decker reports in the Times on the continuation of Senator Kamala Harris's recess week tour of California. Yesterday, she was in the Central Valley. Hearing about the water woes affecting agriculture. The issue splits her traditional base in the Bay Area, which is largely opposed to Jerry Brown's proposal to build tunnels to circumvent the Delta to make more water available for the Central Valley and Southern California.

The opposition is over salinity of the Bay Delta and what it means for the environment and obviously water districts in the Central Valley and Southen California are seeking more water for their residents. Of course, San Francisco contracting local munipalities receive water from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite National Park, which also naturally flows into the Tuolumne River. (San Francisco receives around 85% of it's water and 20% of its electricity from Hetch Hetchy's O'Shaugnessey dam.)

Oh, water politics.

THE GREAT DIVIDE: Yesterday the California Democratic posted the results of its Compleiance Review Committee in the disputed race for party chair between Eric Bauman and Kimberly Ellis. They also posted the results of each of the ballots in dispute.



SUMMIT: In the Times, Melanie Mason reports that Governor Brown plans to convene a global summit on climate change in San Francisco in the fall of next year. Obviously, this is affront to President Trump and is likely to trigger huge rallies.

SMILE: A bill is moving through the Legislature to require police body cam videos to become broadly more public, reports Liam Dillons in the Times. The bill is  AB 748 (Ting).

TEST DELAYS: In CALmatters, Samantha Young reports that despite a backlog in rape kits testing, it can be years before they are tested, limiting prosecutions because the testing past the statute of limitations.  

OUT OF RANGE: The MercNews's Romana Giwargis writes up a bill opposed by many local governments on the placement of cell towers. Senate Bill 649, by Sen. Ben Hueso, D-San Diego, proposes scaling back permit processes for antennas and equipment in an effort to meet demand for wireless services. It would cap how much a local government could charge phone companies for leases to $250 per year, though it does not prohibit them from “mutually agreeing” to a charge that’s different.

WATER WOES (THE OTHER KIND): KQED's Nathan Rott reports on the shift in water fortunes that came with the wet winter:

Two years ago, near the end of California’s devastating drought, Tom Moore stood on the banks of the depleted Kern River in Southern California and looked out at the slow-moving waters dejectedly.

“We call that a creek,” he said of the mighty Kern.

Moore is the owner of Sierra South, a whitewater recreation company in Kernville. And with the drought, there wasn’t much in the way of whitewater.

Oh, how things change.

ED MATTERS: the LADN's Antonie Boessenkool looks att how LA Unified School District's relatively new chancellor Michelle King seeks to reach 100% graduation rates under her leadership.

MONEY MATTERS: In Fox&Hounds, Joel Fox looks at the effects of changes to the minimum wage as the state starts its $15 by 2020 campaign. 

WOOF: The Bee's Dale Kasler reports on the new litter of grey wolf pups in Lassen County. This is now two wolf packs known to be in California. University of Nevada Reno is beside itself.





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Nurse Ratched is at it again. Like the controlling nurse in Ken Kesey’s classic “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, RoseAnn DeMoro is taking another “my way or the highway” stand—this time over the California Nurses Association’s single payer health care proposal—SB 562.

2017 Raises For California Government Managers
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About 38,000 California state government managers will see a bump in their next paychecks that will match wage increases for the workers they supervise.

Cities Fight Bill To Streamline Cell Antenna Installations
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Lawmakers in 179 California cities including San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco are fighting a bill to streamline permitting for wireless antennas on public buildings, streetlamps and traffic signal poles that they say would limit local control over where they go.

Senate Obamacare repeal vote unlikely next week
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Republicans are reviewing possible changes to the bill and still don't have the votes to gut the health law.

L.A. County Prosecutor Arrested After Domestic Violence Call, And Is Accused Of Trying To Intimidate Police
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A high-ranking supervisor in the Los Angeles County district attorney's office has been placed on administrative leave after his arrest last month on suspicion of domestic violence.

Billionaire Acquires Majority Stake In 4 Bay Area Hospitals
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California Bill Would Make Police Body Camera Videos Public
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New legislation from a Bay Area assemblyman would make public footage from police shootings and other cases considered to be in the public interest, such as uses of force or violent protests.

California, New Mexico Sue Feds Over Methane Gas Rules
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The Trump administration’s order to halt rules reducing emissions of climate-changing methane gas from oil and gas wells on federal lands is environmentally harmful and legally nonsensical, state Attorney General Xavier Becerra charged in a lawsuit Wednesday.

Wounded Rep. Scalise Readmitted To Intensive Care | The Sacramento Bee
The Washington hospital where House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is recuperating from a gunshot wound says he has been readmitted to the intensive care unit.

9th Circuit Judges: Minors Who Enter U.S. Illegally May Not Be Confined Without Court Hearings
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The 9th Circuit said the government must hold bond hearings for minors who immigrated without authorization.

Effort To Bar Child Marriage In California Runs Into Opposition
Jill Rucker @
A Bay Area legislator was shocked when he learned from a young constituent that while Californians cannot legally consent to sex until they are 18, they can — with the permission of a parent and a judge’s order — get married at any age, even if their spouse is many years older.

The Health 202: Republicans may return from recess even more skittish on health care

Republican senators could return to Washington next week even more flustered over how their health-care bill would affect their constituents if you consider what they've been hearing over the Fourth of July recess.

Senate Judiciary Committee To Hold Confirmation Hearing For Trump's FBI Pick Next Week - Politico
FBI Director nominee Christopher Wray meets lawmakers on Capitol Hill on June 29. | AP Photo

Kamala Harris Works To Forge Relationship With Central Valley
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Kris Kobach Defends Election Commission Voter Data Request - Politico
Democrats, already critics of the commission, balked at the request, and some Republicans did, too, including the secretary of state of Mississippi, who suggested that Kobach jump into the Gulf of Mexico.

Detained immigrant youths entitled to release hearing, court rules
Thousands of youngsters in U.S. immigration custody are entitled to judicial hearings that could lead to their release, to either a parent or another adult, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco rejected the government’s argument that laws passed after a 1997 lawsuit settlement gave a federal agency sole authority over the custody of unaccompanied minors who entered the country illegally. A lawyer for the youths in Wednesday’s case said the aggressive immigration enforcement policies of President Trump’s administration would only increase their need for legal protection. The hearing before an immigration judge would not entitle minors to release on bail, but instead to learn why they are being held and, with a lawyer’s help, to challenge the government’s claim that they would pose a danger if released. “Most of these kids have a suitable custodian,” usually a parent, and the federal office would have little justification for keeping them locked up if they pose no danger, Cooper said. The court said one immigrant, identified as Hector, was taken into custody in August 2015 at age 15 and sent to a juvenile detention facility in Yolo County while his mother in Los Angeles pleaded for his release.

California's 'sanctuary State Bill' Advances In Assembly -
Ben Bradford @
Capital Public Radio, Inc.7055 Folsom BoulevardSacramento, CA 95826

Schumer Urges Trump To Confront Putin Over Election Meddling
The letter is signed by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, along with Minority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois and the ranking Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations, Armed Services and Intelligence panels.

Senator Kamala Harrisâ

Ms. Harris, California’s junior senator, has gained notice during her first year in office, in some cases for being cut off by Republican colleagues.