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THE Nooner for June 21, 2017

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Happy Humpday! It's still hot here in The Nooner's Global Headquarters, and I thank you for all the offers of accommodations. So far, I'm no more delirious than I normally am, although I forgot to buy ice cream at the Co-op yesterday.  Meanwhile, today I continue my trek through Sacramento's air conditioned spots. I just wish there were better movies out.

Where have we have we gone as a country when we have money to prosecute kids from pulling a dry ice prank at Disneyland but not enough to test rape kits? 

As usual, when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, little is happening in Sacramento, even when the Legislature is technically in session. There are definitely more reports from district events in cooler climates than there are in SacTown.



The Bee's Alexei Koseff reports on the lack of testing of rape kits throughout California and across the country:

In California, legislation periodically emerges to prod the process. With each test running $1,000 or more, however, cost is a major barrier, and bills with significant funding requirements have generally fallen by the wayside over the past decade.

So Assemblyman Evan Low, D-Campbell, has another solution: Rather than appropriating money from the state budget, Assembly Bill 280 creates a voluntary contribution check-off on the California income tax form. Donations supplement other funds to provide more money for rape kit testing by county and local agencies and crime labs.



BUH-BYE: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned. The company is working hard to remake its image. As readers know, I love the ride-hailing services of Uber and Lyft and hope Uber can become as positive as it drivers are. I love meeting people and giving them work sitting in the front seat and have had zero problems. That said, corporate has been totally screwed up. I like Lyft too, and Uber opened many markets for them.

As for taxis, which many people profess I should use, it's usually 15-20 minutes longer to arrive at my midtown/downtown location. Uber and Lyft are usually 5 minutes, and are willing to wait as I run in to the Co-op for a few items, with a nice tip. 



#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Vito Imbasciani!



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Roseville, Rocklin Eye Split From Rural Placer Voters In Plan To Raise Taxes For Roads | The Sacramento Bee
Tony Bizjak @
By Tony Bizjak

After Handel Win, Trump Tells Dems To Join GOP On Healthcare, Tax Cuts, Security - Politico
The day after Republican Karen Handel won the heated Georgia special election, President Donald Trump offered some advice to Democrats, recommending that they work to cut deals with Republicans on some of his top policy goals and suggesting that such a maneuver would ultimately be to their benefit.

Republican Handel Wins Georgia Race, Thanks Donald Trump | The Sacramento Bee
Republican Karen Handel won a nationally watched congressional election Tuesday in Georgia, and she thanked President Donald Trump after she avoided an upset that would have rocked Washington ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Overhaul Of California's State Tax Board Plagued By Confusion, Members Say
Patrick McGreevy @
State tax board members on Tuesday said there remain a lot of unanswered questions about how their agency will transfer many of its dut...

Audit: Low-income Phone Program Grew To $84 Million From $36 Million Because Of Poor Oversight - The San Diego Union-tribune
Jeff McDonald @
State officials are not regulating the procurement of goods and services by departments across the California government, allowing some vendors to extend contracts worth millions of dollars for years without competitive bidding, a new audit concludes.

Alice Waters Wants Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos To Change The Food World - San Francisco Chronicle
In an era when single Tweets announce shifts in the country’s foreign policy, it’s not surprising that Alice Waters took to Twitter to respond to the June 16 news of Amazon’s proposed purchase of Whole Foods, nor that her statement, posted Saturday, made national news in itself.

Ivanka Trump Meets Senators On Paid Leave, Tax Credits - Politico
According to those present, Ivanka Trump did not ask senators to support the White House's proposal, but rather listened to their ideas. | AP Photo

Sdsu Pondering Stadium Alternatives As Soccercity Remains Alive - The San Diego Union-tribune
Roger Showley @
San Diego State University was regrouping Tuesday on how and where to build a new Aztec football stadium, following City Council action to delay a vote on SoccerCity until November 2018.

Senate Democrats Go Searching For GOP Obamacare Bill - Politico
Sen. Cory Booker and other Democrats headed across the Hill to the Congressional Budget Office in what they acknowledged would be a fruitless quest for a copy of the Republican health care bill. | AP Photo

Bill Aims To Have California Save Water For A Not-so-rainy Day | The Sacramento Bee
Anshu Siripurapu @
By Anshu Siripurapu

Johnson clarifies Russian interference didn't impact vote tallies, but could have affected election

Former Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson outlined how Russian interference in the election did not affect voting machine tallies, but could have affected the election in other ways, during a House Intelligence Committee hearing on June 21 at the Capitol.

2 arrests in protest of Berkeley City Council vote on Urban Shield
Two arrests were made at the Berkeley City Council meeting Tuesday night after hundreds of people showed up to protest a vote to continue the police department’s participation in the annual Urban Shield training program and expo. Community members began chanting, “Stop Urban Shield,” as some mounted the stage where council members sat. Shehk said officers hit demonstrators with batons and threatened to them with a tear gas launcher, which was never deployed. Urban Shield, an event funded by the federal Department of Homeland Security, provides law enforcement officers training for disasters, terrorist attacks and crisis interventions. The protesters see Urban Shield as an event that militarizes police departments and pits them against communities of color, Shehk said. “Urban Shield is a SWAT training exercise program and we’ve seen that SWAT raids have impacted primarily black communities and Latino communities disproportionately in the Bay Area and across the country,” Shehk said. Over 100 people gave testimony during the public comment portion of the city council meeting, most demanding that the city withdraw from the event, Shehk said. The Stop Urban Shield coalition also gave a presentation to city council members on what alternatives law enforcement can partake in to prepare for emergency response.

Senate GOP leaders will present health bill this week, even as divisions flare

Key senators expressed concern about the emerging legislation, the secrecy surrounding it and the level of disagreement that remains.

11 Times Republicans Said Obamacare Process Was Too Secretive - Politico
Senate Republicans have come under fire from Democrats and even some in their own party for crafting their Obamacare replacement plan in secret, without public hearings to debate the legislation they have promised to voters for years.

Noncompetitve Contracts Get Lax Oversight By Ca Government | The Sacramento Bee
Adam Ashton @
Chronicling civil-service life for California state workers

Spicer: Trump Wants A Health Care Bill 'that Has Heart' - Politico

New Super Pac Targets Seven California Republicans
Phil Willon @
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Some States Beat Supreme Court to Punch on Eliminating Gerrymanders

A handful of states, including California, have tried to minimize the partisanship in redistricting — but mostly because voters, not politicians, insisted on it.

L.A. Fire Department Could Soon Seek Federal Permission To Fly Drones
Emily Alpert Reyes @
The Los Angeles Fire Department could soon seek federal permission to fly drones, a tool that officials say could help them track down missing hikers and gauge the risks in burning buildings.

Buffet Owners Cheated Workers, Ordered To Pay $6.1 Million
MARTINEZ — The former operators of a Bay Area buffet restaurant chain that allegedly stole millions from low-wage workers were served with a whopping $6.1 million bill and sentenced to prison Friday.