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THE Nooner for April 26, 2017

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Happy humpday! 

I've talked many times about the great food that comes to the Southside Park neighborhood on Sundays during the services all day at Our Lady of Guadalupe. Well, on Sunday as Earth Day was being celebrated in the park across the street, City of Sacramento code enforcement cracked down on the vendors, taking all of their food and equipment. They offered to leave and take their food and equipment, but officials said no.

I've had bacon-wrapped hot dogs, tamales, steak and peppers and many other items and have never gotten sick. I get the need for food safety, but I thought America's "Farm-to-Fork Capital" was better than this. 

Anyway...CALmatters's Julie Cart writes that California's coastline is at risk of disappearing even faster than scientists predicted. Over the next 70 years, some believe that coastal waters could be up to 10 feet higher. "The potential result: crippled economies, compromised public safety, submerged infrastructure, and a forced retreat from our iconic Pacific coast." We're talking about SFO and OAK being underwater.

LET THERE BE LIGHT: In an audit ordered by the state Legislature, the Bureau of State Audits found that the UC Office of the President has $175 million in previously unknown reserves as tuition is being increased. 

Reserves are in sticky issue. Unions and other employee advocates generally are opposed to them, but we will have an economic downturn at some point. The question is what the right level is. K-12 districts have a 5% cap after a budget deal, with the idea that the state's reserve requirement under Proposition 2 (The Rainy Day Budget Stabilzation Fund Act), which stand at $8.5 billion in the current year. Of course, K-12 spending this year is $62.5 billion this year, so a significant downturn would require massive cuts outside of K-12 should education be protected.

Meanwhile, UC (statewide and campuses) has $14.4 billion in endowed funding. Obviously, some is earmarked, while other is discretionary. There's also a huge financial interest with the University's private-sector partners for maintaining high balances in the accounts, from which they generate revenues from fees on appreciating assets.



For those who haven't heard, Jamie Bunnell of Jamie's Broadway Grille died last Friday. If you haven't been to Jamie's, it's a great spot at 5th and Broadway (427 Broadway) specializing in prime rib, steak sandwiches and the like. It was featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network. No sign outside (it's the brown wooden building) and it's not exactly Ella's in the decor department. But, it's great. Jamie's wife and long time sous chefs plan to keep it going despite his passing. 



#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Assemblymember Marc Levine!



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Auditor rips UC for keeping millions in secret fund
SACRAMENTO — The University of California’s headquarters hid $175 million from the public in a secret fund while the Office of the President was demanding more state funds, according to a report released Tuesday by state Auditor Elaine Howle. The office of UC President Janet Napolitano amassed millions in the secret reserve fund by overestimating the funding needed to run the 10-campus university system — and then spending less than budgeted. The true amount is $38 million, which is roughly 10 percent of UCOP’s operating and administrative budget, a prudent and reasonable amount for unexpected expenses such as cybersecurity threat response and emerging issues like increased support for undocumented students and efforts to prevent sexual violence and sexual harassment. The audit also found salaries within the Office of the President are significantly higher than comparable state employees and that the UC’s headquarters offered job perks not seen in the public sector that totaled $21.6 million over a five year period. Auditors said that officials in the Office of the President “intentionally interfered” with the audit by screening survey responses from campuses’ and revising critical statements sent by campuses to be more positive. The audit was ordered by state lawmakers to determine whether the UC Office of the President was wisely spending its $686 million annual budget - which is more than twice that of the state Legislature. “The UC Board of Regents just raised tuition on students and has nearly doubled in-state student tuition over the last 10 years, while spending hundreds of millions of dollars on projects and administrative salaries,” said Baker, vice chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee.

Democrats Hitting California Republican Lawmakers On Proposed Exemption For Congress In New Health Bill
Sarah D. Wire @
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is up with digital ads dinging Republicans over a proposal to exempt Congress from some...

Ann Coulter planning to speak at UC Berkeleyâ
Conservative commentator Ann Coulter plans to speak on UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza on Thursday, campus officials said, prompting the university to scramble to prepare for what they fear could be another violent showdown between fans and opponents of President Trump. Coulter is expected to bring her own security for the afternoon appearance, but campus officials — who had urged her to reschedule for a later date — fear that won’t be sufficient. “We’re going to be doing what we can in this short amount of time that’s left to provide safety and security to our students, other members of the campus community, the public, and if need be Ms. Coulter,” UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof said Tuesday. UC cannot bar Coulter from speaking in Sproul Plaza, Mogulof said. Besides being one of the main campus entrances, Sproul has historic significance as the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement in 1964. Coulter was originally invited to speak Thursday at an undisclosed campus location by the Berkeley College Republicans, but UC officials said they could not ensure the safety of those attending or protesting the event after police learned of threats of violence. University officials offered to reschedule to May 2, but Coulter refused, saying the proposed date was during “Dead Week,” when students would be studying for finals. Students associated with the Berkeley College Republicans and Young America’s Foundation, the sponsor of the speech, sued the University of California on Monday over the cancellation, saying it amounted to unconstitutional censorship. “The University of California welcomes speakers of all political viewpoints and is committed to providing a forum to enable Ann Coulter to speak on the Berkeley campus,” said Dianne Klein, spokeswoman for UC President Janet Napolitano, said in a statement Monday.

Split Roll Property Tax Proposal Is Really A Pension Tax :: Fox&hounds
Originally published in the Sacramento Bee. To read the rest of the article go here.

Lawmakers Want Contract Details On Oroville Dam Fix | The Sacramento Bee
Dale Kasler @
By Dale Kasler

Aclu Sues LAPD Over 'systemic Violation' Of Public Records Law
Kate Mather @
The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, accused the LAPD of failing to comply with the California Public Records Act by not responding to requests within the time frame mandated by the law or by ignoring inquiries altogether.

Covered California Insurers Move Forward On 2018 Plans - San Francisco Chronicle
Despite a cloud of uncertainty hanging over federal health care policy, several of the nation’s largest insurers are moving forward with plans to sell insurance on the Covered California exchange in 2018.

Judge Cites Trump's Comment In 'sanctuary City' Ruling - Sfgate
In a ruling on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge William Orrick quoted Trump to support his decision to block the president's order to withhold funding from "sanctuary cities" that do not cooperate with U.S. immigration officials. The sanctuary city order was among a flurry of immigration measures Trump signed in January, including a ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries and a directive calling for a wall on the Mexican border. Trump's words were also cited by federal judges in Maryland and Hawaii, who last month blocked his revised ban on new visas for people from six Muslim-majority countries. The Trump administration says sanctuary cities allow dangerous criminals back on the street and that the order is needed to keep the country safe. San Francisco and other sanctuary cities say turning local police into immigration officers erodes the trust that is needed to get people to report crime.

Gas taxes have been siphoned away from road repairs for years
Senator Mike Morrell @
For years, Sacramento Democrats have been laser-focused on raising taxes. Echoing Ronald Reagan’s famous observation about government’s view of the economy, their mission statement should read: “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

Who Will Pay For Oroville Dam Spillway Work? | The Sacramento Bee
Jim Miller @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

New Study: California Drought Increased Electricity Bills And Air Pollution – East Bay Times
California’s brutal five-year drought did more than lead to water shortages and dead lawns. It increased electricity bills statewide by $2.45 billion and boosted levels of smog and greenhouse gases, according to a new study released Wednesday.

Moorlach's Sb 32 Dies In Ca Pension Committee | The Sacramento Bee
Adam Ashton @
Chronicling civil-service life for California state workers

Trump Incorrectly Targets 9th Circuit For Blocking Order On Sanctuary Cities - Politico
President Donald Trump also suggested that the 9th circuit is biased against him and his policies. | Getty

Oroville Dam: U.S. Army Corps Examined How Spillway Was Undermined | The Sacramento Bee
Dale Kasler @
By Dale Kasler

Nancy Pelosi Just Got A Challenger And He's A 'pretty Hard-core' Bernie Sanders Supporter
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Bart Keeps Riders In Dark About Teen Mob Robbery - San Francisco Chronicle
Seeking to track down some of the 40 to 60 teen robbers who took over a train car in Oakland, BART police investigators have pored over video footage, interviewed witnesses, combed through social media chatter and shared surveillance images of the suspects with other police agencies in an all-points bulletin.

Trump Sanctuary Cities Threat Ruled Unconstitutional | The Sacramento Bee
Tens of millions of dollars are at stake for communities like Sacramento County, which received $315 million in Office of Justice Programs grants in 2016, and Miami-Dade County, which receives nearly $6 million in Office of Justice Programs grants.

Russia still looms over Trump and Congress â

This week’s focus was supposed to be on averting a government shutdown. Then came a new health-care proposal, and Trump’s plans to cut taxes. Yet the topic of Russia still found a way to claim some of the spotlight.