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THE Nooner for March 29, 2017

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Happy Humpday! We're that much closer to the Final Four. #QuackAttack

LG: Ed Hernandez has gained his first official challenger for his Lite Gov bid, with Democrat Los Angeles physician Amid Mahmood joining the race, with the main theme of being a Muslim who wants to fight the Trump Administration.

The Bee's Christopher Cadelago writes that Silicon Valley entrepreneur Tim Draper hasn't given up on changing California, even after his costly failure of his "six Californias" initiative, although isn't ready yet to say what that will entail.

Dan Walters looks at two bills approved by Senate G.O. yesterday that provide more exemptions to the "tied-house" law, which generally requires a three-tiered appoach to alcohol sales--separating producers, distributors and retailers. One is for the Los Angeles Rams and the other for boutique hotels that a producer or distributor has a financial interest in, by lowering the qualification for the exemption from hotels with 100+ rooms to those with more than 50.



I missed this one last week, but the LAO has a great report out about flood management in California. It makes me glad I live on the second floor.

When the headlines talked about California flooding over the last couple of months, friends and family expressed concerns, since I live only about five blocks from the Sacramento River. However, the SacTown river is one of the best managed in the state and always had plenty of capacity, largely because of the Yolo Causeway, where water is diverted when the river is too high. It creates a great environment for junior salmon, sturgeon, steelhead and other fish, as well as geese, ducks and cranes heading down to Mexico via the Pacific Flyway.  And, it keeps us dry.

Anyway, for those interested in California geography and history, the report is a great read.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions yesterday reiterated the Trump Administration's threats to cities and states who declare themselves as sanctuaries for undocumented residents, reports Michael Meloni in the Times. Meanwhile, Berkeley's IGS is out with a poll today that finds that Californians are divided on the topic.

Yesterday, protesters at a forum with the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement found a hostile crowd at a Sacramento forum, with speakers including Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, report Ryan Lillis and Steven Magagnini in the Bee.

The Bay Area News Group's Patrick May reports that House Intel chairman Devin Nunes is in a "hole and can't stop digging." The big question is how long Paul Ryan is willing to stand behind him.

It's really been a bad week for Nunes, and politicos on both sides of the aisle seem unwilling to take a position whether he should stay or go as chairman. 



#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Kiyomi BurchillJohn Laird and Jose Medina!



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Ca Legislators Prefer Liquor Law Loopholes Rather Than Reforms | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Walters @
Observations on California and its politics

Immigration boss offers explanations to raucous Sacramento crowd
SACRAMENTO — A raucous crowd of several hundred people greeted the head of the country’s immigration enforcement agency at a public forum in a Sacramento gym Tuesday night — the first such meeting the director has held since being named to the position by President Trump late in January. Fears that the Trump administration’s recent moves to expand immigration enforcement priorities would lead to mass raids and arrests have swept across the country. California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, the author of legislation that would further restrict information sharing between county jails and immigration officials, sat in the front row. Immigration officers do not make arrests at schools, churches or hospitals. “I don’t want children not going to school, I don’t want people not going to their doctor or not going to church,” he said, noting that ICE does targeted enforcement. Homan made a point of saying that he wanted to remove people from county jails — many cities, like San Francisco, require a criminal warrant to hold individuals longer than their release date. Homan’s talk came a day after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to block grants to sanctuary cities and states — a threat that could cost San Francisco and Richmond more than $2 million each. Homan said sanctuary cities threaten public safety and make things difficult for ICE officers. Homan was asked at one point about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which allows certain individuals who entered the country as children and were undocumented to defer deportation for two years and obtain a work permit. Later in the night, de León, the state Senate leader, stood up and said he knew the director was in a difficult position. [...] de León listed examples of cases he was concerned by — including a case regarding a woman with a tumor who was removed by immigration officers from a hospital.

Trump Tells Senators: We Can Deal On Health Care ‘very Quickly’ - Politico
President Donald Trump speaks at a reception for Senators and their spouses in the East Room of the White House on March 28. | AP Photo

San Diego Signs Historic Memorandum, Gaining Role In Mexico's Legislative Process | Kpbs
Jean Guerrero @
The agreement establishes a working group made up of business leaders and politicians from the San Diego-Tijuana region, as well as members of the Mexican Senate.

Sanctuary Cities For Illegal Immigrants Backed In California | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Gov. Jerry Brown, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Blast President Trump On Climate Change
Chris Megerian @
Gov. Jerry Brown joined with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday to criticize President Trump's pending announcement to roll back cli...

Becerra Files Felonies Against Anti-abortion Activist Daleiden | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Political events in the Bay Area: sanctuary, privacy
Political events in the Bay Area: sanctuary, privacy Political events Rallies and protest events are a part of political life in the Bay Area. Here’s a roundup of what’s happening. Sanctuary panel: Panel talk on sanctuary cities, as well as stories of immigration challenges. The event featuring immigration attorneys and former members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors begins at 6:30 p.m., 3271 18th St., San Francisco. Privacy meeting: Hosted by the Oakland Privacy Working Group to organize against “the surveillance state, against Urban Shield and to advocate for privacy and surveillance regulation ordinances to be passed around the Bay Area.” The event is from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave. in Oakland. Resistance event: The San Francisco Young Democrats are hosting an event to celebrate the resistance against President Trump, featuring Supervisor Jane Kim and members of the Indivisible group. Women’s event: A happy hour and panel discussion featuring female entrepreneurs, Nevertheless, She Persisted: The Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center will host a free event to commemorate Transgender Day of Visibility. Connecting with activists: “Take Back America” with Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough, who will discuss the “California congressional picture” and host a fair where attendees can connect with activist and advocacy groups. Anger and Mourning on the American Right. Panel on nuclear weapons: “Morality of the Nuclear Age” discussion, featuring Richard Rhodes, Ira Helfand and Martin Hellman. The event is from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Sacred Heart Schools, Harman Auditorium, 150 Valparaiso Ave. in Atherton. Political discussion: A conversation, “Fixing the Bay Area’s Growth Politics,” on issues affecting the Bay Area including, environmental quality and social justice. Discussion on Medicare: “Medicare for All in California” presented by Dr. Paul Song, co-chair of Campaign for a Healthy California.

Record Number Of Local Sales Tax Hikes Take Effect Saturday - San Francisco Chronicle
A record number of voter-approved local sales tax increases will take effect in California Saturday, raising the rate by one-quarter to a full percentage point in 42 cities, including eight in the Bay Area, and across seven counties, including Santa Clara and Sonoma.

Tim Draper Is Considering Ways To Fix California | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Roskam Rejects Bid To Revive Failed GOP Obamacare Repeal Bill - Politico
The move by the senior House Republican who sits on the Ways and Means committee could complicate any GOP leadership attempt to resurrect the bill that Ryan pulled from the floor Friday. Lawmakers and aides have suggested that Ryan and his top lieutenants might offer new changes to the American Health Care Act sought by conservatives and moderates in the hopes of garnering enough votes to pass it. Ryan would then try to pass the revised legislation through the chamber in the the coming weeks.

San Jose Flood: Water District Says San Jose Was Warned
san jose, flood, water district, warned, agencies

Anti-abortion Forces Campaign For Recycled Reconciliation - Politico
Anti-abortion advocates had said the failed GOP health care bill was their best chance at nixing funding for Planned Parenthood in nearly a decade. | M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO

To Stem Rising Prices, A California Lawmaker Is Taking On How Hospital Chains Craft Their Contracts
Melanie Mason @
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Trump to senators: We will â

President Trump told senators on March 28 that they would “make a deal on health care” together. “That’s such an easy one,” he added. Trump was hosting a reception for senators at the White House.

Poll: Health Care Debacle Takes Toll On Trump - Politico
While disapproval of Trump only narrowly exceeds his approval rating, the intensity gap between opponents and supporters of Trump is far wider. Overall, 38 percent of voters strongly disapprove of Trump, compared to only 23 percent who strongly approve.

Senate Democrats offer to work with Trump on health care â

Forty-four members of the Democratic Caucus says they are willing to work with the president — but with a catch.

Farmworker Union Underpaid Its Own Organizers, Judge Rules
Geoffrey Mohan @
The union that protects farm workers from wage abuse will have to pay for its own organizers more than $700 in back wages, a judge ruled

San Diego Refugee Arrivals Reduced As A Result Of Trump's Order - The San Diego Union-tribune
Kate Morrissey @
David Murphy, executive director of the International Rescue Committee in San Diego, said that the county hasn't yet seen arrivals go back up because of the time it takes to book flights and get the process moving again.

Innocent Man Freed After Spending 20 Years Behind Bars For Attempted Murder In A Compton Shooting
Marisa Gerber @
A Los Angeles judge ordered the release of Marco Contreras, who spent 20 years in prison for a Compton shooting he didn't commit.

Troll For The 'lulz'? A Target Of Online Abuse Isn't Amused | The Sacramento Bee
With mounting horror, she scanned a barrage of anti-Semitic emails from anonymous trolls. "Get out of my country, kike," read one. "Get to Israel to where you belong. That or the oven. Take your pick."

Will The Senate Invoke The 'nuclear Option' For Gorsuch? - Politico
If Senate Republicans decide to go nuclear to change the rules ahead of a vote on Neil Gorsuch, Democrats would not have enough votes to stall his confirmation. | Getty

Whip Count: Senate Democrats are a dozen votes from holding up Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination

More than two dozen Democratic senators have said they'll try to block Judge Neil Gorsuch from getting a final vote. But Democrats will need 41 votes to delay his nomination.