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THE Nooner for February 27, 2017

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

Trump To Lay Out Healthcare Revamp Details In Speech To Congress | Reuters
Steve Holland @
WASHINGTON President Donald Trump said on Sunday he will offer details on how he would like to overhaul President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law in a speech to the U.S. Congress on Tuesday.

Vietnamese-american Senator Silenced, Stirring Up Old Conflicts | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Walters @
Observations on California and its politics

Election Officials Question Campaign Accounting For Issa's Challenger, Applegate - The San Diego Union-tribune
Morgan Cook @
City-owned land sold, left vacant amid affordable housing crisis

Resolutions Backing Trump Agenda Sail Through On Last Day Of California GOP Convention, But Internal Politics Bubble Up
Update on 'Essential Politics: California Republicans gather for their state convention in Sacramento'

California Democrats Had Muzzle Ready For GOP Senator - San Francisco Chronicle
The Democrats who muzzled a Republican state senator and had her dragged out of the chambers had plenty of warning of what was coming, and went through with the eye-popping scene after pressuring her in advance not to open her mouth on the Senate floor.

Oakland: Feinstein Misses "empty-chair" Townhall Meeting
Groups representing 15,000 of Feinstein’s constituents calling themselves Indivisible East Bay requested that Feinstein be present at the meeting, which the group says is an organized way to put in direct requests to their representatives and resist President Donald Trump’s administration.

Trump says he is looking forward to U.S. healthcare being 'better than any country anywhere in the world'

In a meeting with healthcare CEOs Feb. 27, President Trump touted expanded savings accounts and the ability to purchase healthcare across state lines as parts of a new healthcare proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act.

California Republicans Move To Align With Donald Trump | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Trump: 'nobody Knew That Health Care Could Be So Complicated' - Politico
President Donald Trump speaks at the National Governors Association meeting in the State Dining Room of the White House Feb. 27. | Getty

Trump Budget Plan Boosts Pentagon, Trims State Dept, Epa: Officials | Reuters
Reuters Editorial @
WASHINGTON The White House will send federal departments a budget proposal on Monday containing the defense spending increase President Donald Trump promised, financed partly by cuts to the U.S. State Department, Environmental Protection Agency and other non-defense programs, two officials familiar with the proposal said.

Politics Speak At Numerous Volumes On Oscar Night
Cathleen Decker @
At the 2017 Oscars, politics speak most powerfully in understated ways: a Muslim actor's supporting actor win, the foreign-language winner's absence from the ceremony.

Sacramento Police Officer Rescues Grandmother From Burning House Before Firefighters Arrive | The Sacramento Bee
Jessica Hice @
Covering crime, police and courts in the Sacramento region

Sleeping With Frenemies: How Moderates, Progressives Can Coexist - San Francisco Chronicle
Two titanic political battles are raging in America today. One, of course, pits the Democratic Party — and the majority of American voters who rejected Donald Trump — against his freakish presidency. The other battle pits the Democratic Party against itself, with progressives clashing with establishment forces for the soul of the party.

Angling for a Comeback, Democratic Governors Sharpen Focus on Jobs
At a national meeting, several governors said they must frame all their priorities, including immigration and health care, in economic terms.

Eu, Nato Urge Macedonian Leader To Allow New Government – Politico
Conservative candidate said ‘thugs and enemies of democracy’ were disrupting the campaign.

Primary for Virginia Governor Tests Power of an Anti-Trump Campaign
One Democratic candidate is focusing on state issues, while the other hopes to harness anger toward the president, betting on a new strategy for Democrats.

California Republicans Eaily Re-elect Jim Brulte Chairman | The Sacramento Bee
Angela Hart @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Father Of Dead Navy Seal Refused To Meet Trump At Ceremony
"I want an investigation," said Owens, a retired Fort Lauderdale police detective and veteran. "The government owes my son an investigation."

Sf Tourism Industry Fears Impact Of Trump Immigration Policies - San Francisco Chronicle
As a Canadian citizen with a spotless legal history, Sahar Fatima should technically be able to fly into San Francisco International Airport, enjoy 10 carefree days traversing the California coastline with her best friend, and return home without a problem.