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THE Nooner for February 18, 2017



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Happy Saturday to you! Yesterday, Southern California took the brunt of the atmospheric river. Storms return to SacTown tonight. The Bee's Brad Branan writes that the flood concerns have shifted to south Sacramento County. Meanwhile, who knew that Lake Berryessa in the Vaca Mountains between Winters and Napa had a "glory hole"?

Meanwhile, SpaceX scrapped a rocket launch in Florida this morning over worries about one of the rocket's engines and the NBA's Jeremy Lin has a crazy-ass new haircut.



  • California Secretary of State Alex Padilla was unable to get the association of state top elections officials to pass a resolution affirming the integrity of the state elections process, reports the LAT's John Myers.
  • State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León took to Twitter to criticize Trump's pick for EPA Secretary. ". appointment presents a clear and danger to our economic prosperity and the health of our children."
  • The list of program cuts is out and, not suprisingly includes many perennial GOP favorites like Big Bird, Nina Totenberg, Legal Services Corp, Office of National Drug Control Policy, the NEA and the NHA.
  • The "wall" is becoming a "fence" amid concerns about logistics and the security advantage of being able to see through it as was most recently installed near Brownsville, TX. 
  • In more examples of polling incompetency, Gallup yesterday pegged POTUS's job approval rating at 38/56 (all residents), while Rasmussen reported 55/45 (likely voters). Huh.
  • During last night's Celebrity All-Star Game, Mark Cuban donned a jersey with the number 46, tweaking POTUS who is 45. The skills challenge, three-point contest, and slam dunk competition are tonight starting at 5pm PST on TNT.



Lobbyist Chris Michell emails out this update signaling a busy year ahead under the dome:

Yesterday at 5pm was the deadline for introducing new bills, absent a rule waiver, committee bill, etc.

There are a total of 1,687 Assembly Bills and 808 Senate Bills for a total of 2,495 bills, which is about 200 measures above the normal for the first year of the 2-year session. 

By way of comparison:

Total 2017 bill introductions as of the deadline: 2,495
Total 2016 bill introductions as of the deadline: 1,993
Total 2015 bill introductions as of the deadline: 2,297
Total 2014 bill introductions as of the deadline: 1,930
Total 2013 bill introductions as of the deadline: 2,256

  • The LAT's Liam Dillon reports on a new California bill by Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego) to require Uber and other companies to accept tips on credit card payments.
  • Senators Ricardo Lara and Toni Atkins introduced a bill for single-payer health care in California.
  • After a rocky couple of years, environmentalists are happy with the Jack Ainsworth as the new leader of the Coastal Commission, reports Aaron Kinney for the Merc News.


#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Tyler Aguilar, Jean Hurst, Louise Jaffe, Jim Leddy, Ben Pak, and Senator Bob Wieckoski!




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  • Capitol Weekly/Open California is hosting an event on a Carbon Free California on March 8 at the Masonic Lodge, with a keynote by Mary Nichols, Chair of the California Air Resources Board. [Information and Registration]
  • Free Tuition for California Students to the UC, CSU and Community College Systems Is Possible Today
  • A new policy paper demonstrates that it is entirely possible today to provide the same accessible, low-cost university experience that California successfully offered its students from the 1960s through the 1990s.

    The report demonstrates that we can revive the California Master Plan for Higher Education—eliminating tuition, restoring state per student funding, and providing seats for all students— would only cost the median California household $48 per year.

    The paper, The $48 fix: Reclaiming California’s Master Plan for Higher Education, is available at or

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California Legislation Would Create Single-payer Health Care System - San Francisco Chronicle
President Donald Trump caused a stir when he suggested Sunday that the Republican quest to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act could continue through 2018. However, some Republicans think he's on to something. Some think it's more realistic to think that way. The current plan is a multi-step path, requiring the GOP to use the budget reconciliation process to partly repeal Obamacare by a majority vote.

Lawmaker Wants To Give Californians A Break For Pet Healthcare | The Sacramento Bee
Taryn Luna @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Politicians, Residents 'terrified' At Reports Of National Guard Immigration Roundups
Staffers in the Department of Homeland Security said the proposal was discussed as recently as last Friday, according to the Associated Press. White House spokesman Sean Spicer, however, vehemently denied the reports, saying, “there is no effort to do what is potentially suggested.”

Trump administration deals a big setback to Caltrain
In the first big hit to the Bay Area from the Trump administration, newly minted Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has put the brakes on $647 million for Caltrain to go electric — and in the process pretty much killed hopes for high-speed rail coming to San Francisco anytime soon. Going electric would also allow the Peninsula line to be the final link in the high-speed rail system that Gov. Jerry Brown wants to stretch from San Francisco to Los Angeles. In a Jan. 24 letter to Chao, all 14 Republicans in the state’s congressional delegation called for the Caltrain money to be put on hold until a full audit is done on high-speed rail. On Friday, Chao obliged — the Federal Transit Administration, which she oversees, said a decision on the $647 million federal grant needed to keep the project going would be delayed. Matthew Welbes, the agency’s director, told Caltrain officials in a letter that the delay would allow the grant “to be considered in conjunction” with President Trump’s upcoming budget proposal for fiscal 2017-18. “I never imagined that the electrification of a train would be subjected to such brutal, partisan politics,” Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, whose district includes several Caltrain stations, said in a statement. In his letter, Welbes said federal officials were aware of Caltrain’s March 1 deadline, but that Washington needed “additional time to complete review of this significant commitment of federal resources.” Caltrain has already spent $150 million on planning to go electric, but without the federal and matching funds, the overall $1.98 billion project will go into limbo.

Republicans In Congress Gambled On Trump And Won. Here's Why They're Worried Now
Lisa Mascaro @
The relationship between President Trump and GOP leaders in Congress started as a marriage of convenience, thrown together by necessity and sustained on the promise of pushing a Republican agenda into law.

California Bill Would Require Inspections Of Auxiliary Spillways | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Downstream From The Stricken Oroville Dam, The Feather River Fish Hatchery Manages To Save Millions Of Fish
Louis Sahagun @
On Friday, the staff at the Feather River Fish Hatchery, just downstream from the stricken Oroville Dam, took stock of their losses, gave thanks for their victories and girded for a long, hard recovery after being inundated with debris-laden water the color of chocolate milk. A few thousand Chinook...

Public Health: To Fund Health Plan, G.O.P. Considers Limiting Popular Tax Break
A tax on high-cost employee health plans, the Cadillac tax, was a reviled part of the original Obamacare law. It was blocked, but something similar may be back.

Mudslides Close Sierra Nevada Highways, Cause Millions Of Dollars In Damage | The Sacramento Bee
Tony Bizjak @
By Tony Bizjak

Oroville Dam: What Made The Spillway Collapse?
A process called 'cavitation,' where tiny vapor bubbles in fast-moving water can smash concrete is a key suspect. Why didn't California officials guard against it?

Anti-trump Protests Could Fuel Successful Opposition To President | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Congress Pledges To Fight Trump Marijuana Crackdown | Fresno Bee
Sean Cockerham @
By Sean Cockerham

Sd Unified Considers Layoffs, Early Retirements To Balance Budget - The San Diego Union-tribune
Gary Warth @

Oroville Dam: Emergency Cause Won't Be Known For 'long Time'
California's top water official said Friday that whether erosion, cavitation or some other massive failure caused the Oroville Dam concrete spillway to collapse won't be known anytime soon.

Lawmakers say Trumpâ

A growing roster of lawmakers from both major parties believe the president’s pugnacious rhetoric and unpredictable behavior damage diplomatic relationships and weaken global stability.

Workplace Immigration Enforcement Could Come Roaring Back Under Trump - The San Diego Union-tribune
Kate Morrissey @

He Prefers Rowing And Classes But Occ Student Ended Up On National News For Politics - The Orange County Register
Caleb O’Neil’s life revolves around collegiate rowing and classes – not politics.

L.A. Community Plans Languished For Years. Now They're An Unlikely Issue In The March Election
David Zahniser @
Essential California Newsletter

Measuring The Power Of Southern California Politicians - With Trading Cards - The Orange County Register
Getting ahead in the nation’s capital doesn’t require Frank Underwood’s murderous lust for power or Ned Stark’s arguably naive idealism -- we hope.

Trump May Allow States Some Leeway With Marijuana - San Francisco Chronicle
Here’s one thing Californians might not have to worry about from the Trump administration: interference in the state’s annual $7 billion cannabis industry.