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THE NOONER for February 11, 2017

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

Gavin Newsom Runs For Governor Of California While Waging Twitter War Against Donald Trump | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Morain @
Editorial page editor, political affairs columnist and editorial writer

California Expands Its Legal Attack On Federal Immigration Policy In New Amicus Brief
Patrick McGreevy @
Update on 'Essential Politics: California politicians speak out on 9th Circuit Court ruling, Sen. Kamala Harris proposes attorney acces...

Senate To Move On Friedman Nomination For Israel Ambassador - Politico
The only two other diplomatic positions in the Trump administration to be approved thus far are Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. | Getty

Damage To Oroville Dam Spillway Grows With Water Releases, Could Cost $100 Million - Sfgate
Melody Gutierrez, Peter Fimrite @
The California Department of Water Resources has suspended flows from the Oroville Dam spillway after a concrete section eroded on the middle section of the spillway. There is no anticipated threat to the dam

UC Berkeley Police Shift To Safety Over Force At Protests - San Francisco Chronicle
The most forceful action by UC Berkeley police recently against hordes of demonstrators protesting a campus appearance by right-wing agitator Milo Yiannopoulos was to shoot pepper-and-paint balls at them from a distance.

Homeland Security Secretary Talks About Tunnels, Immigration Sweeps And More At San Ysidro Border Visit - The San Diego Union-tribune
Greg Moran @

Immigration Arrests Heighten Fears In Southern California As Hoaxes, False Rumors Swirl
Joel Rubin, Brittny Mejia, James Queally, Ruben Vives @
The alarm sounded a few minutes past 3.

Use Of Untested Emergency Spillway Yet Again A Possibility At Crippled Oroville Dam | The Sacramento Bee
Dale Kasler, Ryan Sabalow, Peter Hecht and Phillip Reese @
By Dale Kasler, Ryan Sabalow, Peter Hecht and Phillip Reese

Dreamers Visit Mexico Under Program That May Come To End Under Trump - The San Diego Union-tribune
Kate Morrissey @

Advocates For People Facing Deportation Have Limited Ways To Help - San Francisco Chronicle
As long-feared threats of immigration raids and deportations became reality this week in California and Arizona, Bay Area advocates for people in the country illegally are struggling with how to help them.

Getting involved: Bay Area political events, Saturday-Wednesday
Bay Area political events, Saturday-Wednesday Political events Protest Planned Parenthood: A series of protests outside Planned Parenthood clinics in the Bay Area as part of a nationwide call to defund the organization. In response to the anti-Planned Parenthood rallies, a “solidarity” event is being held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. outside Redwood City Health Center, 2907 El Camino Real, Redwood City. A “Stand With Planned Parenthood” event is at 10 a.m., outside San Jose Health Center, 1691 The Alameda, San Jose. Trump Must Go — Now”: A “family-friendly rally” at Ocean Beach, where people will form a human chain that reads “Resist. Hosted by Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Carol Channing Auditorium, Lowell High School, 1101 Eucalyptus Drive, San Francisco. Post-Inauguration Resource Fair: Organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Council on American-Islamic Relations will hold an event for people to get involved in the political process, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Oakland Peace Center, 111 Fairmount Ave., Oakland. An event sponsored by congregations throughout the Bay Area in support of refugees, from 3 to 4 p.m., California Palace of the Legion of Honor, 100 34th Ave., San Francisco.

Bullet Train Agency Cleared To Buy Two Parcels In Downtown Los Angeles
Ralph Vartabedian @
The California bullet train agency received clearance Friday to buy its first pieces of property in Los Angeles, two parcels along the Hollywood Freeway in downtown Los Angeles.

100-year-old woman evicted from SF home
San Francisco Sheriff Vicki Hennessy had what might be the final eviction notice delivered to Iris Canada’s home on the 600 block of Page Street — after a lengthy battle with her landlord who said she violated her “life estate” agreement by not living there full-time. Canada was not home when the notice was posted and neither her lawyer nor her family have had the heart to break the news to her yet. The life estate agreement allowed Canada to remain in her apartment at a fixed rate of $700 a month for life. According to court records from a trial in March 2016, Robertson ruled that, “Canada has failed to permanently reside at the Premises as the sole and only occupant.”

Oroville Dam Crisis Highlights Risk Of Aging Facilities
A collapsed concrete spillway at the tallest dam in the United States will cost millions to fix and is causing major headaches for state water engineers, although the dam itself is not at risk of failure, they say.

Ex-L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca Must Pay $100,000 In Jail Beating Verdict Or Face Debtors Court Action
Richard Winton @
Former Sheriff Lee Baca must decide within a week whether to pay $100,000 in damages stemming from a 2013 civil lawsuit involving an inmate abuse case or face liens on his assets.

Mycapture | The Union Democrat

Tom Price Is Sworn in as Health Secretary Amid Senate Disunity
The former representative from Georgia was sworn in hours after being confirmed in a contentious party-line vote.

Sketch released in Union City Girl Scout cookie stand robbery
Filipa A. Ioannou @
Union City police released a sketch Friday and asked the public to help them catch a man who robbed a 12-year-old Girl Scout and her mother at gunpoint while they were selling cookies in a Safeway parking lot. The holdup occurred around 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday, when the man initially approached the girl and her mother to ask about buying cookies, but returned shortly thereafter with a handgun and demanded cash, according to police. Union City police officers responded by purchasing heaps of Girl Scout cookies from the victim and donating their own money to cover the loss from the theft, totaling more than $1,000, police said. [...] while the Union City Police headquarters briefly boasted Thin Mints and Samoas in abundance, the newly-purchased cookies stash had all been eaten by Friday, according to police spokesman Steve Mendez.

Trump Considering New Order On Immigration - Politico
President Donald Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that he's confident he'll win his court battle. | AP Photo

Public Policy Polling: 51 Percent Of Trump Voters Say Bowling Green Massacre Justifies Travel Ban - Sfgate
A few of the questions reference the much addressed but completely fake "Bowling Green massacre," a homeland terrorist attack that

State Authorities Seize Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars' Worth Of Illicit Ivory In Los Angeles County
Hannah Fry @
Hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of illicit ivory was seized from shops in L.A. County this week as part of a law enforcement effort aimed to enforce a law that bans the sale of the pre