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THE NOONER for February 3, 2017


Please let me know how you feel about the recent Nooner changes. I'm going with a more narrative approach rather than just highlighting new stories. The latter is easier, but I think many readers want a more digested discussion of the news.



It's Friday! You made it! 

This week has seemed particularly long. Just think, at this time last week, the executive order on travel from the seven countries hadn't yet been issued. That airport chaos seems so long ago. It will be interesting to see what this weekend has in store. Of course, for those that love the snow-covered slopes, it'll be perfect, aside from the traffic. 


  • After meeting with small business and big Pharma leaders earlier this week, President Trump met with big business leaders this morning. Cook and Dahsey at Politico report that early excitement over tax policy is now being met with caution re: travel/immigration and other policies. 
  • If, as expected, VP Mike Pence breaks a 50-50 tie on the final vote of the Betsy DeVos nomination on Tuesday, it will be the first time in history that a VP has used his (always been a "he") role as President of the Senate to break a tie on a cabinet nomination. Not a morale booster to the agency's career rank-and-file, who need to be inspired. From a former community college leader who is a friend of the former Assistant Secretary for higher education, the complete void of talk about public and private higher education in the confirmation hearings is totally disappointing. 

  • Although there were protests (including lots of folks in various confirmation hearings), President Trump is likely to fill his cabinet with all of his choices. Obama didn't accompish that, even though he had a landslide 2008 victory, and while POTUS received a significant minority of votes, but a win in the Constitution-established Electoral College.
  • Senator Charles Grassley, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, is planning on a fast-tract for POTUS's nominee of Gorsuch for SCOTUS.
  • A federal judge in Michigan has issued an injunction against enforcement of President Trump's travel/immigration orders. This differs from the ones last weekend, which were generally habeas corpus claims for those that were playing Tom Hanks.




In California, the Bee's Jim Miller writes that President Trump lost many of the GOP battleground cities here, and that POTUS attributes it to voter fraud in the Golden State. Trump trailed Clinton by 2.8 million votes, and that margin can be attributed to California's 4.26 million advantage for Clinton. Trump is alleging 3-5 million fraudulent votes nationwide in the November election. Analytically, these would mostly be from California.

I've looked at races around the state and there is no evidence of voter fraud. The supermajorities in both houses of California's Legislature were predicted by me and others well before the election, based on candidates, funding, and endorsements. Assembly seats test the validity of the electorate every two years. If the voter fraud alleged was true, Democrats would hold 80% of both houses of the Legislature and the congressional delegation would have changed significantly. That simple did not happen.

Whether you like the Electoral College or not, Donald Trump is POTUS. If I were advising the President, I would say "move past this. You legitimately won and the media should be focused on what you're doing to advance the country and not how you arrived here." 

Meanwhile, leaders of California's Democratic legislative/constitutional dominance are having many conversations off the record about how they build "the Golden Wall" to "protect" California's left-leaning policies from actions in DC.

This weekend, C-SPAN is focusing on the history of Fresno. It sounds like some Saturday at noon on C-SPAN2 and 2pm on C-SPAN3.

With the closing of the legendary Field Poll, Mark DiCamillo is moving to Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies to be director of the Berkeley-IGS poll. 

If you're looking for a new gig based in SoCal, Fiona Hutton tweeted this today: "Looking for a great job in comms & public affairs? Working on big challenging issues. FHA hiring VP as we grow. " Hmmmm...tempting even for me...great team there!

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Joe Krovoza, and a belated #CAKEDAY to Nicole Quinonez (yesterday)!




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  • Free Tuition for California Students to the UC, CSU and Community College Systems Is Possible Today
    A new policy paper demonstrates that it is entirely possible today to provide the same accessible, low-cost university experience that California successfully offered its students from the 1960s through the 1990s.

    The report demonstrates that we can revive the California Master Plan for Higher Education—eliminating tuition, restoring state per student funding, and providing seats for all students— would only cost the median California household $48 per year.

    The paper, The $48 fix: Reclaiming California’s Master Plan for Higher Education, is available at or

  • The 2017 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards. Join Irvine and state policymakers in recognizing Californians advancing innovative solutions in after-school programming, autism services, education, entrepreneurship, homelessness, and legal justice. February 9 12:00-1:30 p.m., Sheraton Grand, complimentary lunch. Tamara Torlakson: 916-508-2142
  • Save the Date: Tuesday February 21, 2017, State Capitol, a Sacramento Memorial to Celebrate the Life and Contributions of Senator Tom Hayden. The event begins at 2 p.m. with a memorial on the Senate Floor and continues at 3:30 p.m. with a reception, program, and refreshments in the Eureka Room located in the Capitol basement. Members, staffers, and lobbyists are invited to share their comments and reflections on Tom’s work in the Capitol and beyond. For more information or to RSVP (not necessary but appreciated) contact

  • Put the public back into public policy with a Pepperdine School of Public Policy MPP degree.  Our program – taught by policy practitioners and experts – combines empirical analysis, analytical reasoning, political philosophy, and history preparing our graduates to become policy leaders. Spring 2017 courses include former State Senator Gloria Romero’s “Seminar in Regional Policies: Education, Politics, and Reform” and “Seminar in Economics: Practical Applications of Policy Analysis” taught by RAND’s Marlon Graf. For legislative staffers with 2+ years of experience, we’ll waive your application fee and GRE requirement! Now accepting applications: (
  • SACRAMENTO-BASED THRILLER wins national honors for Best First Novel, Best Political Thriller & Best Female PI/Sleuth. "Entertaining whodunnit told with humor and intellect" ONE MURDER MORE by Kris Calvin features a woman lobbyist as the amateur sleuth, while the cast of suspects includes two CA Governors (one past, one present) & a Senate Fellow! Order now from Amazon or your favorite bookstore at $13.99 trade paper $4.99 ebook!
  • Associate Director, Legislative Affairs The University of California Office of the President is seeking an Associate Director of Legislative Affairs. This Associate Director represents the University in a wide variety of meetings and hearings with elected officials, staff and advocates. They also lead and manage a team of Legislative Directors who serve as the University's key advocates in Sacramento, and supervise Legislative Coordinators who monitor legislative developments. Highly competitive salary and benefits. Learn more and apply
  • LOBBYING SUCCESS BEGINS HERE. Capitol veteran Ray LeBov's Lobbying 101 and 201 seminars give you a comprehensive, real-world picture of lobbying in California -- the people, processes and best practices critical to your success. April 13-14, $275 each / $500 for both. Lobbying 101 covers the Legislative process and Legislative advocacy. Lobbying 201 explores the equally critical areas of Budget Advocacy, Regulatory Agency Advocacy, Lobbying the Administration and Media Strategies.

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Protest Shuts Down Event At UC Davis Iwth Yiannopoulos, Shkreli | The Sacramento Bee
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Trump's Epa Pick Poised To Survive Senate Fight, But His Brewing Battle With California Will Be Harder To Win
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Trump may soon find that battles like the one his nominee to run the EPA is threatening over Calif. emissions standards are full of unpleasant surprise.

Immigration Is More Complex Than Trump Vs. Them, Former GOP Congressman Says - The Orange County Register
After a fiery week of demonstrations critical of President Donald Trump for doing exactly what he promised, let’s consider a healthy dose of perspective from a five-term Republican congressman and former Chapman law school dean.

Donald Trump Lost Big Ground In Republican-leaning Cities | The Sacramento Bee
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Borenstein: Why Gov. Brown's Pension Reform Is A Failure
Gov. Jerry Brown’s attempt at pension reform has failed.

Trump's Justice Department May Crack Down On Thriving Pot Industry, But Is It Too Big To Jail?
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The election of Trump has shocked the marijuana industry into a state of high alert at a time it had planned to be gliding into unbridled growth.

Trump Update: Falwell Selected For Education Deregulation Task Force - San Francisco Chronicle
President Trump has chosen a leader for a new federal task force he is creating to deregulate the nation’s colleges and universities: Jerry Falwell Jr., president of a Christian university in Virginia, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

California Lawmakers Can't Figure Out What To Do With Airbnb. Here's Why
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Last year, New York state enacted sweeping legislation targeting Airbnb. Yet in California, no major statewide legislation related to homesharing has passed. Why?

Calif. Supreme Court Chief Justice Reacts To Trump's Executive Immigration Orders -
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Capital Public Radio, Inc.7055 Folsom BoulevardSacramento, CA 95826

Untested Consequences Come With Legislative Pushback On Immigration Order :: Fox&hounds
Now, however, political considerations have pushed the issue to the fore. Whatever objections raised by the brick-and-mortar small businesses, they have been shoved aside by politicians’ need to make statements in the current heated political atmosphere. The concerns raised by small businesses are no less important despite the politics of the moment.

Court Revives Suit Over Government Pesticide Approvals | The Sacramento Bee
A federal appeals court Thursday revived a sweeping lawsuit accusing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of endangering scores of protected species by approving toxic pesticides without required consultation with wildlife officials.

Senate Subpanel Launches New Russia Hacking Probe - Politico
A Senate subcommittee is joining the bevy of congressional investigations into Russia's alleged tampering with the 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trump Concerns Prompt UC Davis Experts To Spend Feb. 2, 2017 Archiving Climate Change Research | The Sacramento Bee
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By Diana Lambert

Could Trump Really Cut Funding To UC Berkeley? It Would Be Very Difficult
Could Trump really cut funding to UC Berkeley? It would be very difficult

How Donald Trump redrew the political map in 2016

The 2016 presidential election showed that an unorthodox candidate at the top of either ticket can shift votes — both for and against their party — even though the United States remains hugely partisan and swing voters are supposed to be an endangered species.

In Early Morning Tweet, Trump Continues Broadside Against Arnold Schwarzenegger - Politico
Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger voted for John Kasich in the California primary. | Getty

Lt. Gov. Newsom Responds To Trump Threat To Cut Funding Following UC Berkeley Protests | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
A man pulls a piece of metal out of a window as a flare burns inside a Wells Fargo Bank in Berkeley, on Feb. 1, 2017. Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Uber Ceo Travis Kalanick Quits Trump Advisory Council - Sfgate
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has decided to stay out of President Trump's business advisory council. Travis Kalanick The council of 16 business leaders is scheduled to have its first meeting on Friday.

Snapchat Company's Ipo Filing Might Be L.A.'s Biggest Ever
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Conceived six years ago by Stanford University fraternity brothers to help peers send photos that would vanish after viewing, Snapchat roared through high schools and colleges starting in Orange County. When the app hit 40,000 users in months, its co-founders knew they held a treasure.

Trump Convenes Business Leaders As Immigration Fight Looms - Politico
Absent from President Donald Trump's opening remarks was any mention of his immigration order. | Getty

Can President Trump's immigration ban survive?

A deep look at the constitutionality and historical precedent for Trump's immigration executive order.