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THE Nooner for January 30, 2017



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Be patient...we have a long one today because, there appear to be some things going on. I hope you'll make it to my mini-bio of Fred Korematsu on his day.

Well, yesterday was a pretty miserable day if you were leaving on a jet plane. Large protests were held at Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego International Airports. In San Jose, protesters gathered downtown.

The biggest impact was at LAX, where protesters blocked both levels of the traffic circle (World Way). Lots of people missed their flights. This was on top of Delta travelers who, because of a computer outage, had their flights cancelled. While the computer outage has been fixed, today 80 flights have been cancelled as they reposition planes (likely mostly international flights).

Electeds fanned out to the various protests. John Chiang was at LAX and tweeted "Love not hate, makes America great- proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow Californians." Delaine Eastin attended a rally in Davis and tweeted "There are so many people out there doing good work, incl. this wonderful group in Davis today. Continue to speak up, and we will prevail." Gavin Newsom was at SFO and said "..."I'm just pissed off like everybody else is."" Antonio Villaraigosa showed up at LAX amd tweeted ""I’m not going to be one of those candidates ... that’s going to tweet in response to every ignorant tweet we see come from Washington."" Senator Kamala Harris joined protesters in LaFayette Park in front of The White House.

Also this weekend, Silicon Valley's tech leaders (including Airbnb, Apple, Facebook, Google, Lyft, Netflix, Tesla, Twitter, Uber (see below)) criticized the travel ban, report the NYT's David Streitfeld, Mike Isaac and Katie Benner. I know some think the use of the word "ban" is misleading, but that's the word President Trump is using. Google co-founder Sergey Brin turned up at the SFO protest yesterday and related the story to the crowd that his family arrived as refugees when he was 5 from the Soviet Union before he got a M.S. and Stanford, where he co-founded the company and now has a reported net worth of $38.4 billion.

On the subject of tech, Uber had a big misstep this weekend that has led to a campaign among activists to boycott the California company with the hashtag #DeleteUber. On Saturday, the Taxi Workers Alliance agreed to not make drop-offs at JFK airport for one hour to protest the travel ban. Lyft respectied the taxi strike, but Uber did not. Further, Uber eliminated its "surge pricing" during the time of the boycott and later. After the strike, Uber and taxi drivers were angry, feeling like Uber was undercutting them. Yesterday, protesters closed Market Street in SF in front of Uber's headquarters.

Ironically, most of the Uber drop-offs during the strike were protesters.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has a relationship with President Trump, as he serves on economic advisory group, which meets this Friday. On Saturday, he posted a message on Facebook reflecting an email he sent to drivers. On Sunday, he said that the company would provide legal assistance to any drivers or other employees stuck overseas because of the ban, and announced that company was creating a $3 million fund to assist its drivers needing immigration and translation services --which was followed by announcement by Lyft that it would contribute $1 million over the next four years to the ACLU. However, the damage to Uber won't be reversed easily. Right now, there are 570,000 results for #DeleteUber, according Google.

Meanwhile, President Trump tweeted out that he will announce his Supreme Court nominee at 8pm tomorrow. Don't expect quick action by the Senate. The three finalists are conservative appellate judges. Aside from political differences, many are critical that the finalists are all white men.

Travelers will be happy to know that the next scheduled protest is in San Francisco at Civic Center/UN Plaza on Saturday, February 4 @ 4pm-7pm.

Speaking of, Senator Dianne Feinstein is introducing two bills relating to President Trump's travel ban for people seeking to come to the United States from seven countries for leisure or as a refugee. She tweeted "The first bill immediately rescinds the order. The second limits executive authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act." A vote may happen today, but it's unlikely. McConnell doesn't want to put his members on the line and my sources say he would rather work it out with the White House.

DACA: DACA immigrants in limbo as they wait for Trump to decide its fate [Grace Wyler @ OCR] - "President Donald Trump signed executive orders this week that might deliver two of his biggest campaign promises: to build a border wall and to make it considerably tougher to be an undocumented resident of the United States. But a third campaign promise – to repeal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and start the deportation process of about 750,000 people who grew up in the United States after being brought here as children – remains unfilled."

Okay, that's a lot of federal-related news, but all about effects on California or actions by Californians. More California news after the jump.



CHANGE OF AGENDA: The executive order has shifted the focus of the State Capitol as legislators scramble to pass legislation to put a virtual wall around the Golden State. Senator Toni Atkins tweeted about four bills on topic:

  • AB 3 (Bonta): Public defenders: legal counsel: immigration consequences: grants.
  • SB 6 (Hueso): Immigrants: removal proceedings: legal services.
  • SB 31 (Lara): California Religious Freedom Act: state agencies: disclosure of religious affiliation information.
  • SB 54 (De León): Law enforcement: sharing data.

All of these bills were announced before Friday's executive order. The window for introducing bills closed, unless it is a proposed contitutional amendment or a special session is called by the governor. Of course, there is always the reliable strategy of "gut and amend" where an existing "vehicle" has its text deleted and replaced by new text. Or, this may be where the two-thirds advantage in both houses could come into play. A constitutional amendment must be approved by two-thirds of both houses and then it is placed on the ballot, where it needs 50%+1 to be enacted.

Ben Adler of Capitol Public Radio got an interview over the weekend with Speaker Anthony Rendon that's ran this morning. Like other Democratic leaders, Rendon offers significant concerns about last week's developments in Washington.

MONEY MATTERS--IT REALLY DOES: Brown puts lid on school aid, may rekindle old fight [Dan Walters @ SacBee] - "[R]evenue growth has slowed, and in his 2017-18 budget, Gov. Jerry Brown takes an ultra-cautious approach that’s putting the squeeze on schools. His budget claims an $800-plus million “overpayment” to schools over the previous two fiscal years as revenue fell short and proposes to recapture the money by reducing the 2017-18 figure, leaving schools with a barely $1 billion increase, tiny in relative terms."

CD50 (East SD County): Explore Rep. Duncan Hunter's spending with this map [Daniel Wheaton and Morgan Cook] - "The San Diego Union-Tribune has been examining the campaign spending of Rep. Duncan Hunter, who has receipts all across the country and world."

Meanwhile, Democratic consultants Dave Jacobson and Maclen Zilber penned--or more likely typed--an op-ed Huffington Post  titled "The World Can’t Afford President Obama’s Silence Anymore." They write "Barack Obama’s presidency is just a few days into the rear view mirror, and already questions are being raised about whether or not these wars that Trump has incited, will ever end."

Happy birthday to Assemblyman Kevin KileyBrent PerumalKristen Root, and Senator Jeff Stone!



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Fred Korematsu

It's Fred Korematsu Day. Definitely an important day to observe given the discussions over the last few days. Thank you Google for honoring this civil rights hero who was a major player in the finding that the United States acted improperly in placing Japanese-Americans in internment camps.

He refused to go to the War Assembly Center and went into hiding. He was subsequently arrested and placed in jail. The ACLU's Northern California director asked if he was willing to be the test case against internment and he said yes. However the national ACLU--close to Franklin Roosevelt--refused, but the director represented him anyway. Upon posting bail, federal MPs arrested him and he was convicted in federal court, and subsequently the Topaz internment camp.

After release from "camp," he was forced to move east and Japanese-Americans were forbidden from going back to the West Coast. Eventually he married and went back to the West Coast.

In 1976, President Ford formally ended Roosevelt's Executive Order 9066. In 1983, Peter Irons argued in federal District Court that his conviction was improperly tried. The federal judge agreed vacated the decision. In court, Korematsu said ""I would like to see the government admit that they were wrong and do something about it so this will never happen again to any American citizen of any race, creed, or color."

In 1988, Congress passed, and President Reagan signed, a formal apology and partial reparations of $20,000 for each survivor for property lost during internment.

In 1998, Korematsu was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Clinton at age 79. He died in 2005 at age 86.

My Congresswoman--Doris Matsui--was born in the Poston War Relocation Center internment camp in Poston, Arizona.

Let's not repeat this. In 2015, President Trump said he may have supported internment of Japanese Americans at the time (granted, a different time), although it has formally been deemed as wrong by Ronald Reagan and the United States Supreme Court.




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  • Save the Date: Tuesday February 21, 2017, State Capitol, a Sacramento Memorial to Celebrate the Life and Contributions of Senator Tom Hayden. The event begins at 2 p.m. with a memorial on the Senate Floor and continues at 3:30 p.m. with a reception, program, and refreshments in the Eureka Room located in the Capitol basement. Members, staffers, and lobbyists are invited to share their comments and reflections on Tom’s work in the Capitol and beyond. For more information or to RSVP (not necessary but appreciated) contact

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Trump Refugee Ban: Protesters Flood San Francisco Airport For Second Day
For a second day, scores of outraged protesters headed to San Francisco International Airport on Sunday, joining fellow demonstrators around the nation to voice their opposition to President Trump's ban on refugees coming into the United States.

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