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WARNING: This is a long one, which you probably don't want to read on your iPhone. But, there's a lot to cover.

Well, that was an interesting day. I know my liberal friends will point to the ascerbic inaugural address (followed by much calmer and unifying actions and comments inside the Capitol in front of "the Establishment," while my conservative friends point to the anarchist protesters that took advantage of closed streets to attack the newspaper and coffee industries by burning newspaper stands and breaking Starbucks windows.

Today, there are marches across the country focusing on women's issues, including here in Sacramento from Southside Park to the State Capitol, which will likely actually have a message and be peaceful. The Sacramento march is huge. I'll post pictures on Facebook, as I had to take time out from writing this morning to go outside and see the commotion. Southside Park (very large) was completely full, as were the streets of at least thirteen blocks. Even from the stairs of the Konko Church, I couldn't see the end. After an hour of marching one mile, there are still so many people that the cell towers are overwhelmed.

The question for the Democratic Party is, with likely a million people across the country rallying for Democratic/liberal causes, how did the party fail to activate most of these people from largely blue states to work in one of the three swing states, in which only one was needed to swing the election. The party focused on money and not engaging swing voters. Their candidate and surrogates spent more time raising money in the Bay Area and Los Angeles's West Side than voters in cities like Madison, Philadelphia, and Miami--and many more. #FAIL

The official actions of President Trump yesterday, in addition to a somewhat awkward first dance to "My Way" (which included fist bumps to attendees), were the official appointments of cabinet secretaries (most of whom are awaiting confirmation), a halt on all new regulations, and the first step in undoing ObamaCare. The first of those was a formality, the second is somewhat standard until the cabinet is in place, but the third is clearly substantive from a policy standpoint.

The President can't single-handedly repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. That requires an act of Congress. Some parts can be done in budget reconciliation on a simple majority vote, thus bypassing the 60-vote filibuster block in the Senate, while others are purely policy and would require 60 votes in the Senate. 

The action taken yesterday by executive order requires agency and department secretaries, or temporary agency and department heads, to provide the maximum flexibility in waivers to states that reduce the burden of the individual mandate. The order also requires those officials to take steps to promote a "free and open market" and encourage interstate commerce.

These actions are all subject to the "maximum extent permitted by law," which is a standard phrase in most executive orders. It also opens the door to legal challenges if and when the flexibility is exercised by agencies and departments.

The actions will have little impact on California. The only waiver that the state had been considering was asking the feds if the state could allow undocumented individuals to participate in the exchange, only if they paid the unsubsidized cost of the insurance. The health interest groups mostly supported the effort, as even a small number of undocumented individuals got insurance, it would reduce the burden on hospitals and doctors who are obligated under law to serve anyone who shows up in an emergency room. The waiver request is not moving forward, given the policy declarations of the new Administration.

This space is not about attacking the new Administration, but rather to look at the impact of policy changes on California, which is the nation's largest economy and population.  

The much larger issue for California will be the immigration actions that are anticipated over the next week. One expected is the immediate deportation of "criminal undocumented aliens." While not in and of itself among the most controversial actions, the implementation will be. First, what level of criminal records will be included? There was the recent op-ed by a Cambodian-American resident who was brought as a 1-year-old child after being born in a Thai refugee camp after her parents fled Pol Pot. She was convicted of possessing ecstacy in her first year at George Mason University in Virginia, and claims she didn't know it was illegal.

Policy implementation versus campaign rhetoric, as Barack Obama and George W. Bush know quite well, is very difficult. Does the United States send Lundy Khoy to Thailand--her technical country of citizenship even though she's of Cambodian heritage and American upbringing--even though she doesn't speak a word of Thai? 

There are lots of story like Khoy's, who aren't gang members and don't have a country they know other than America. This will be a bipartisan concern that will have to be sorted out in implemebtation.

Similarly, on the ACA/"ObamaCare" repeal and replace, there have been many suggestions that states could continue to operate exchanges on there own and would allow individuals to buy insurance from other states. This sounds great, however the very complex balancing act that was part of the ACA collapses. California couldn't continue to operate Covered California without an anticipated $20 billion in federal funds.

All that said, yesterday was a jubilant day for most Republicans (although it wasn't easy for Trump-supporting Californians) and they deserved it under our Constitution and the election results. Now it's up to the President and 535 members of Congress, and their constituents.

Regardless of your political leanings--and I'm happy The Nooner has them all--this is going to be a wild ride.

AG/CA34: The full State Senate is expected to confirm Xavier Becerra as California's Attorney General on Monday, and Governor Brown will swear him in during Tuesday's State of the State address, which is Tuesday at 10:00am in the Assembly Chambers. It will be viewable on This will set the stage for the formal setting of a date for the CA34 vacancy, where there are at least thirteen candidates. 

Speaking of Attorney General, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris has been mentioned--along with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti--have been mentioned a lot in the last week as the future of the Democratic Party, including by President Obama on his final interview on the Pod Save America podcast with his former speechwriters.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Jaspreet Johl, Ash Kalra, J.G. Preston, Trevor Taylor!



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