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SAY IT AIN'T SO! The Field Poll is shutting down after 70 years of charting political highs and lows [Christopher Cadelago @ SacBee] - "Field’s closure, announced by poll director Mark DiCamillo, comes less than two years after the death of Mervin Field, who founded the surveying firm after working for Gallup and serving in the U.S. Merchant Marine during World War II. Field operated continuously since 1947 as an independent, nonpartisan opinion poll service, and has issued tens of thousands of reports." 

BEST WISHES: John Pérez drops out of the race for Congress [John Myers @ LAT] - "Citing a recent diagnosis of a serious health problem, former California Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez said Saturday he is dropping out of the race to replace U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles)."

Kevin de León, the plate is yours. If you pass, Anthony and Annie might be willing to relocate to DC. After all, Congress doesn't have residency limitations.

DRAFTING: GOP’s Proposition 54 objections to immigration resolution without merit [Alexei Koseff @ SacBee] - "The sponsor of the recently-passed Proposition 54 and his Republican backers in the Legislature tried to score some political points on Monday by criticizing the majority Democrats for taking up a resolution on the first day back in session. Their objections, however, had no legal merit, Charles Munger Jr. conceded this week."

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Eric Bauman, Primo Castro and Mark Takano!




  • The California Charter Schools Association welcomes back to session the 2017-2018 class of State Legislators and looks forward to working to ensure all kids have quality educational opportunities.  CCSA will work with the Legislature to block any federal efforts that undermine the rights of students or are fundamentally at odds with values held by the vast majority of Californians.  Read CCSA’s letter to Legislators here.
  • Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) is hiring an Organizing Director in their San Francisco office. The E2 Organizing Director will operate in the nexus of advocacy and development. The position’s primary purpose is to grow and maintain E2’s membership and support its nine chapters and 850+ members throughout the U.S. in order to further our policy advocacy. S/he will also co-manage E2’s database with development staff and provide data and targeting services the advocacy team. S/he will also work closely with our Executive Director to cultivate membership donations. This is a mid-to-senior level position with a competitive compensation package. Full description and application instructions are here.
  • The Sacramento LGBT Center is searching for an Executive & Finance Assistant, which reports to the Executive Director and provides community engagement and administrative support. This position may be part or full-time and is non-exempt. High school diploma is required; associate’s or bachelor’s degree is preferred & 3 years or more in an executive, finance, or related assistant role. Full description.
  • SEIU-UHW is seeking a Political Capacity Organizer, which is responsible for a range of program objectives to build and strengthen our infrastructure and engage our members to be a powerful force at their worksites, in the legislative process, in the community and at the ballot box. Please submit cover letter, resume and at least 3 references to our candidate portal at

  • SEIU-UHW is seeking a Regional Political Organize, which reports to the Political Director, and is responsible for a broad range of program objectives to build and strengthen our infrastructure and engage our members to be a powerful force at their worksites, in the legislative process, in the community and at the ballot box. Please submit cover letter, resume and at least 3 references to our candidate portal at

  • The Office of Assemblymember Elect Phillip Chen is looking to hire talented and dedicated individuals to join its Capitol and District team in Brea, CA. The following positions are looking to be filled -- District Director, Scheduler, Legislative Assistant, Field Representative/Caseworker. For more information, please visit
  • LOBBYING SUCCESS BEGINS HERE. Capitol veteran Ray LeBov's Lobbying 101 and 201 seminars give you a comprehensive, real-world picture of lobbying in California -- the people, processes and best practices critical to your success. December 8-9, $275 each / $500 for both. Lobbying 101 covers the Legislative process and Legislative advocacy. Lobbying 201 explores the equally critical areas of Budget Advocacy, Regulatory Agency Advocacy, Lobbying the Administration and Media Relations. Essential for lobbying firm principals / staff, organizations / agencies that employ lobbyists, newcomers to the profession. Information / registration: or 916 442 5009.
  • Thinking about Graduate School?  Sacramento State’s Department of Public Policy and Administration is now accepting applications for graduate studies in Public Policy & Administration and Urban Land Development. Highly affordable, we offer a rigorous education in a political context with more than 400 alumni working in California State and local government as well as private and non-profit organizations. Priority deadline is December 1; final deadline is March 1 for Fall 2017 admissions.
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Voters Chose Transparency. But For The Legislature, Interpretation Is The Issue
John Myers @
Backers of a new state legislative transparency measure, Proposition 54, say the Assembly acted this week to weaken the law's goal of more public review of legislation.

Boxer ends career with a filibuster over surprise rider in water bill
WASHINGTON — California Democrat Barbara Boxer capped her 24-year Senate career with a blistering filibuster Friday against what she called a “sneak attack” by her colleague Dianne Feinstein and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy against the Endangered Species Act that would devastate the state’s native salmon. Displaying the verbal fire for which she’s famous, Boxer said Feinstein, D-Calif., and McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, were attempting the very thing that leads the public to despise Congress by dropping a “midnight rider” into a popular water infrastructure bill — that Boxer co-authored — to help a special interest, in this case agribusiness in the San Joaquin Valley. Avoiding calling out Feinstein by name, Boxer called the rider a case “where people have the power and the money and the ear of a senator” to gain special aid. Feinstein defended her bill on the floor later in the day and expressed regret for missing a farewell speech Boxer delivered to the Senate on Wednesday, noting that she and Boxer had arrived in the Senate together. Wetlands restoration for San Francisco Bay, pollution controls for Lake Tahoe, and levee rebuilding for Sacramento, as well as a big update for the state’s plumbing, with modernized dam operations and investment in desalination, water recycling and other measures to increase water supplies. Feinstein had been negotiating with House Republicans for years on a federal response to California’s five-year drought, and Boxer had joined her on some of Feinstein’s own water bills. The rider incorporated many of the elements of a bill Feinstein introduced earlier this year, but the rider itself was negotiated behind closed doors with Republicans and was not subject to hearings. Feinstein argued, when she introduced the rider, that it would be better to compromise with Republicans on water now, before the GOP is able to pass much worse legislation without fear of veto from the Trump administration.

Audio: California Voting Rights Act Helps Latinos Make Political Inroads In Orange County | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
Until November, San Juan Capistrano elected its city councils in an "at large" system, in which all voters were eligible to cast ballots for all candidates running.

Elon Musk And Tesla Play The Tax Subsidy Game Well, And Wins | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Morain @
Editorial page editor, political affairs columnist and editorial writer

Water Fight: Sen. Barbara Boxer Giving Up On Filibuster Attempt
Sarah D. Wire @
Update on 'Essential Politics: California's ballots have all been counted, Democratic leader wants immigration 'safe zones''

Devos Says Media Is Spreading ‘false News’ About Her - Politico
DeVos doesn't have a conventional background in education, such as working as a teacher or schools superintendent. But the billionaire philanthropist has long donated to "school choice" advocacy groups and politicians who are supportive of school vouchers and charter schools.

President-elect Donald Trump Eyes Putin-friendly Calif. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher For Secretary Of State | Mcclatchy Dc
Sean Cockerham @
By Sean Cockerham

California Police Officers Will Soon Begin Gathering Data On The Race Of Those They Stop
Liam Dillon @
Update on 'Essential Politics: California's ballots have all been counted, Democratic leader wants immigration 'safe zones''

House Passes Water Bill Seen As Threat To California Delta Fish
Water bill, california water.

Marijuana Is Now Legal In California, But It Can Still Keep You From Getting A Job
Samantha Masunaga @
Employment lawyers say most companies they’ve spoken with plan to keep their current drug screening procedures, which prohibit cannabis.

Schumer demands Senate election inquiry on Russia
'That any country could be meddling in our elections should shake both political parties to their core,' the incoming Democratic leader said.

Called the gold-standard by political insiders, the announcement came as a surprise to many who relied on the polls to gauge interest in their campaigns or on hot-button ballot measures. DiCamillo made the announcement in an email to news outlets Friday, saying the poll’s parent company, HAVAS Advertising, has suspended its Field Poll operation. The nonpartisan and independent public opinion poll was founded in 1947 by Mervin Field, who died last year, as a media-sponsored public opinion news service. “The Field Poll had an impeccable reputation and was always rated among the top,” said Larry Gerston, a retired political science professor at San Jose State University, who had his own polling firm he ran for 25 years. Gerston said pollsters are facing an increasingly difficult landscape with more people using cell phones versus landlines, fewer people wanting to participate in polls, an increase in the number of languages spoken by voters and more online polls taking away business.

Trump Faces A More Skeptical Public Than Any Incoming President Since 1989 | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
Protesters yell during a July 18 rally in Cleveland against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Patrick Semansky/AP

Trump’s Cabinet Will Serve Corporate Interests, Not The Chumps Who Voted For Him
David Horsey @
Donald Trump is assembling a cabinet that will betray the interests of the working class voters who supported him.

Last of 36 names released as agonizing wait comes to an end
Last of 36 names released as agonizing wait comes to an end Peter Wadsworth was the resident computer genius at the Ghost Shop warehouse and art collective. Michele Sylvan was a singer and clothing designer. Barrett Clark was a sound engineer and DJ who worked at some of the Bay Area’s biggest nightclubs. [...] the number that will stick is 36 for the staggering tally of victims of the conflagration that erupted seven days ago at a warehouse music event in Oakland. The list of names is the longest to emerge from a fire in California since the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. [...] most of those names were delivered by sheriff’s deputies to people waiting in the family assistance center set up in a sheriff’s office facility several blocks from the fire scene. When the news came they usually had the same question: “Did they suffer?” “Smoke inhalation knocks you unconscious,” he’d tell them. The names were released in clusters of eight or nine at first, then trickled to three or four a day. The oldest person claimed by the fire was 61. [...] in those last moments, just before 11:30 p.m. Dec. 2, there was a shining assembly of avant-garde musicians, eccentric personalities and artists of every medium gathered in the innocence of an underground warehouse party and electronic music show on a Friday night. By Saturday morning, all that was left were their cars parked outside or their bicycles still chained to the fence at the Ghost Ship, and their life stories to be pieced together. The victims weren’t all musicians, but they all shared a love for music. Most of all they shared a love for the artistic community that has evolved in Oakland, or Oaktown or just the Town. [...] though a $10 or $15 cover charge was a tough nut for some of these people, they dug deep for it to keep that Town spirit moving along. “There has been a spotlight put on this magnetic community,” said the Rev. Jayson Lendeza, a volunteer chaplain for the Oakland Fire Department who probably spent more time at the scene than anybody. For a solid week, Lendeza was embedded among the artists, honoring the spirit of those that perished, the grief of those that made it out, and the luck of those that did not happen to be there that night. “They’re creative, they’re vibrant, they’re wonderfully edgy,” Lendeza said. There is just a wonderfully innovative and diverse spirit that bodes well for the city. Loss in educated talent is easier to measure, and it is staggering. A social justice lawyer who was Phi Beta Kappa at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A grad student a year away from her doctorate in health psychology from UC Merced. Juniors who were roommates at UC Berkeley. [...] those are just the victims identified Thursday. To generalize among the characteristics of all 36, the words that surface the most are open, nonjudgmental, kind. Once the families of Wadsworth, Sylvan and Clark were notified and their names released, the family assistance center was closed, and the space was returned to its regular use. International Boulevard, the main thoroughfare that had been closed for a week, finally reopened to traffic. Sam Whiting is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. The identities of all 36 people who died in the Dec. 2 fire at a converted warehouse in Oakland known as the Ghost Ship have been released.

Wapo Blockbuster: Cia: Russia Tried To Help Trump Win -- Tillerson Leading Secstate Candidate -- Working The Acela For Votes -- Alex Conant’s Wsj Debut -- Obamas To Hawaii Friday -- B’day: Kip Wainscott - Politico
D.C. INSIDERS SAY that Tillerson is one of the only Americans who has a personal relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Field Poll Shuts Down After Decades Of California Surveys | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Colorado GOP Urges Court To Scrap Electoral College Lawsuit - Politico
Two Colorado Democratic electors filed the lawsuit as part of a strategy to block Donald Trump from winning the presidency. | Getty

Us Labor Secretary-nominee Flees Ca Business Climate :: Fox&hounds
However, Puzder has defended his statements in the past declaring that it is government policies that drive up the cost of labor to a point that employers must turn to automation to maintain the thin profit margins restaurants offer.

Without These Ads, There Wouldn't Be Money In Fake News
Paresh Dave @
Recommended content ads, sometimes called chum, are everywhere online. And without them, there wouldn't be any money in the fake news economy.

A U.S. Company Creates Software Jobs In Tijuana - And San Diego Applauds - The San Diego Union-tribune
Sandra Dibble @
India, Vietnam and eastern Europe were all locations under consideration for  a new software engineering center planned by the U.S. company Thermo Fisher Scientific. Central Mexico, with its strong software sector, also was a possibility.

Pimping Charges Against Chief Executive Tossed Out By Judge
A judge has rejected state Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris’ effort to prosecute the operators of, one of the largest online classified advertisement websites, as the “world’s top online brothel” in hosting advertisements for adult services.