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UNPROCESSED BALLOT STATUS (as of 12/1/16 @ 4:49 p.m.):

  • Vote-by-mail: 98,903
  • Provisional: 387,603
  • Other (damaged, non-machine readable): 27,924
  • Total: 514,430

Happy Saturday. It's a sad Saturday in Oakland, as a concert in a live/work warehouse exploded into flames last night, killing at least 9 and with 25 still missing. Reportedly, there were no sprinklers or smoke detectors on site. And, I had friends there, and still no complete word, although three are okay.

Ugh, and it just keep's getting worse.

Fortunately, on Facebook, lots of friends who were there have marked themselves safe. Of course, I don't know who else might have been there. No life is sad to lose, but my thoughts are with the friends and families who had loved ones there.

When I lived in Davis, we couldn't install a garbage disposal without a city permit. Someone's got some explaining to do. In Sacramento, I've had two independent inspections from the city in two years (they literally hire people from outside California to ensure no bias), where they check each smoke detector, CO2 detector, fire extinguisher, etc. 

JUST KIDDING! California state worker union cancels strike set for Monday [Alexei Koseff @ SacBee] - "A one-day strike by California’s largest state employee union, set for Monday, has been called off. In a letter to members Friday, sent shortly after a Sacramento judge postponed a hearing requested by state officials seeking an injunction, SEIU Local 1000 announced that it would not proceed with its unprecedented work stoppage."

Yes, ladies and gents, we can light the Capitol's Christmas tree on Monday.

THE NOT-SO-LONE-STAR STATE: California vows to resist Trump. How’d that work out for Texas under Obama? [Sean Cockerham @ SacBee] - "While overwhelmingly Democratic California is on opposite sides from Texas on many of the issues, California can learn lessons from the “modest success” that Texas had in battling the power of the president, McGarity said"

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: Xavier Becerra will be 68, not 52 in ten years. I have no idea how I typed 52. Also, Eric Garcetti is termed out in 2021, not 2018. Apparently, someone switched around my number keys yesterday.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Vanessa Cajina, Laura Friedman, Michael Mendez, and Brian Micek!




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  • SEIU-UHW is seeking a Political Capacity Organizer, which is responsible for a range of program objectives to build and strengthen our infrastructure and engage our members to be a powerful force at their worksites, in the legislative process, in the community and at the ballot box. Please submit cover letter, resume and at least 3 references to our candidate portal at

  • SEIU-UHW is seeking a Regional Political Organize, which reports to the Political Director, and is responsible for a broad range of program objectives to build and strengthen our infrastructure and engage our members to be a powerful force at their worksites, in the legislative process, in the community and at the ballot box. Please submit cover letter, resume and at least 3 references to our candidate portal at

  • The Office of Assemblymember Elect Phillip Chen is looking to hire talented and dedicated individuals to join its Capitol and District team in Brea, CA. The following positions are looking to be filled -- District Director, Scheduler, Legislative Assistant, Field Representative/Caseworker. For more information, please visit
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Trump Voter Lost Home, Blames Incoming Treasury Secretary - Sfgate
Sarah Palin- Trump is reportedly considering Palin for secretary of the interior. The former Alaska governor gained national prominence as the republican vice presidential candidate in 2008. As energy

California Treasurer To Study Legal Marijuana And Banking | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
California Treasurer John Chiang has formed a group to study banking issues he says could hamper implementation of the voter-approved ballot measure that legalizes recreational use of marijuana in the state.

Trump Supporters Left A Cnn Host Stunned Over A Question About Voter Fraud - Sfgate
A CNN interview with supporters of President-elect Donald Trump went off the rails on Thursday when some of the guests said they learned about voter fraud on Facebook. "Fox Business Network deceptively edited a clip of Barack Obama to argue that the president encouraged illegal immigrants to vote when in fact he said nothing of the sort when you go back to the transcript," she added, reading a news story that explained the misinformation. David Petraeus would have to inform his probation officer if Trump hires him as secretary of stateObama says the US is divided because 'people are no longer talking to each other'San Francisco schools sent more than 50,000 parents an alert promising safe space for immigrants

How Jerry Brown Picked Xavier Becerra For California Ag | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Trump's Education Pick Says Reform Can 'advance God's Kingdom' - Politico
The billionaire philanthropist whom Donald Trump has tapped to lead the Education Department once compared her work in education reform to a Biblical battleground where she wants to "advance God's Kingdom"

Is Becerra Bad For Business? :: Fox&hounds
Response from the business community over Governor Jerry Brown’s selection of Congressman Xavier Becerra as the next attorney general will be muted for the most part. Not a surprise. Why would any business leader want to make a negative comment about someone taking over such a powerful position, and in the alternative would a business leader say something strongly positive considering the Congressman’s record as measured by business interest groups is a mixed one?

East Bay school board race decided a single vote
East Bay school board race decided a single vote The old civics lesson that says every vote counts is not likely to be lost on retired schoolteacher Clementina Duron anytime soon. “I’m pleased that I got as many votes as I did,” Duron said, and that people were just willing to look at my literature and say, ‘Hey, she might not do such a bad job. Duron, 68, worked for 30 years as a teacher and principal in Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. Since retiring in 2006, she volunteers in a first-grade classroom in Albany, which means she makes even less money than a teacher does. Trutane, the woman who beat her for the second of two open spots on the Albany Unified School District Board of Education, said she was just clearing her Thanksgiving dinner table when she received a text saying the registrar of voters had certified the results. Trutane became involved in Albany schools when her youngest son entered preschool 12 years ago. Alameda County registrar of voters Tim Dupuis issued perhaps the most indisputable official decree in the history of the vote counting profession. People who study elections say that one-vote election results are rare but not unheard of. In a 2001 study, economists Casey B. Mulligan and Charles G. Hunter found that, out of 47,000 national and state elections since 1898, a total of eight were decided by a single vote. Other statisticians studying presidential elections have estimated that the chances of one vote deciding the U.S. presidency to be about 1 in 50 million. Since the Albany results came in, Trutane said that plenty of people have told her it was their vote that won her the election. Duron, who would like to have had one or two of those single votes her opponent was talking about, is the kind of educator who said she didn’t have to look far to find what her profession calls a “teachable moment.”

Trump Education Secretary Likely To Focus On School Vouchers - San Francisco Chronicle
Toward the back of Mike Kirst’s filing cabinet in his Stanford University office is a stuffed folder he hasn’t needed for more than a decade.

Audio: La County Vote Count Now Complete, Turnout Down At 69 Percent | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
Voters take part in early ballot casting at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk in Norwalk on Wednesday morning, Nov. 2, 2016. The county on Friday announced it had completed its vote count. Maya Sugarman/KPCC

California's Largest State Worker Union Cancels Its Monday Strike In Sacramento
John Myers @
Update on 'Essential Politics: State treasurer seeks help for pot businesses using cash, politics podcast digs into the choice for atto...

State GOP Suspicious Of Orange County Election Results - The Orange County Register
After his Nov. 27 tweet with allegations of “serious voter fraud” in California and two other states, President-elect Donald Trump has moved on to other matters, including filling out top administration jobs. He offered no evidence to support those allegations.

D.a. Sues To Remove Maywood Councilman From Water Board Seat
Ruben Vives @
The Los Angeles County district attorney is seeking to remove Maywood Councilman Sergio Calderon from a water board seat because the offices come into conflict with one another.

Trump To Meet With Debra Wong Yang, Linked To Christie Bridgegate | The Sacramento Bee
Sean Cockerham @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Eric Garcetti Is Walking On A Political Tightrope As He Looks To Work With Trump
Dakota Smith @
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti shifts tone as he seeks to work with Donald Trump

Woman Killed On Tortola Way Was Home With Her Family When Shot Was Fired | The Sacramento Bee
Bill Lindelof and Nashelly Chavez @
Covering crime, police and courts in the Sacramento region

Trump Talks To The Public Through Twitter. Here's What Happens When Your Next President Blocks You
David Pierson @
Donald Trump uses Twitter as his chief tool of communication. What does that mean for the untold number of people he's blocked from viewing his account?

White House Downplays Fireworks Between Clinton And Trump Aides - Politico
Shouting matches that erupted between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's presidential campaigns at a Thursday conference suggest that tensions from this historically divisive election year are left over, but the White House tried to signal on Friday that it is not too concerned by the discord.

Former Judge In San Onofre Case Takes New Job With Edison Contractor - The San Diego Union-tribune
Jeff McDonald @
The judge who until a few weeks ago was in charge of the long-running San Onofre case before the California Public Utilities Commission has taken a job with a contractor to plant owner Southern California Edison.

Trump's Call With Taiwan President Risks Diplomatic Dispute - Politico
Donald Trump's phone call with the president of Taiwan raises questions about whether the president-elect is seeking a policy shift. | Getty

Decades Before Black Lives Matter, There Were The Black Panthers In Oakland
Robin Abcarian @
Fifty years ago, two Oakland college kids started the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, launching an era of black militancy and self-sufficiency

U.S. Health Spending in 2015 Averaged Nearly $10,000 Per Person
Federal spending on health care increased by 21 percent over the past two years as millions of Americans gained coverage, the government reported.