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Good midday Noonerific people! 

Okay, of course, my stream of consciousness yesterday had a few errors. I feel particularly stupid because I knew about all them. The curse of writing daily!

U.S. Senate: Alex Padilla is widely known to be interested in a run, should Dianne Feinstein retire.

With John Chiang running for Governor and the race for Treasurer opening up, Board of Equalization member Fiona Ma is running for Treasurer. Assemblymember Mike Gatto is also running. While Gatto has a financial lead ($2.1m), Ma has nearly $1m on hand and a large number of endorsements.

UNPROCESSED BALLOT STATUS (as of 11/14/16 @ 5:00 p.m.):

  • Vote-by-mail: 3,032,429
  • Provisional: 1,201,033
  • Other (damaged, non-machine readable): 122,895
  • Total: 4,356,357

Five largest remaining:

  • Contra Costa: 153,200
  • Los Angeles: 1,036,710 
  • Orange: 388,679
  • Riverside: 212,000
  • Sacramento: 194,810
  • San Diego: 616,000

We had some minor updates yesterday, with no changes to the races we're watching. However, Darrell Issa's lead over challenger Doug Applegate in CA49 shrank from 50.9% to 50.7%, with a lead of 2,871 votes.

Los Angeles is expected to release its latest results at 3pm today.

POLL POSITION: No surprise: Newsom tops poll for 2018 governor race [Dan Walters @ SacBee] - “A new poll indicates that Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is, by a wide margin, the leading candidate for governor two years hence – which shouldn’t surprise anyone.”

Here are the Field Poll results:

  • Gavin Newsom (D): 23%
  • Kevin Faulconer (R): 16%
  • Ashley Swearingen (R): 11%
  • Eric Garcetti (D): 7%
  • Antonio Villaraigosa (D): 6%
  • Tom Steyer (D): 5%
  • Alex Padilla (D): 4%
  • John Chiang (D): 2%
  • Steve Westly (D): 1%
  • Undecided: 25%

First, this is a poll of California registered voters. In 2014, only 25.17% of registered voters cast ballots in the June primary. Also, this is a poll of nine "possible" candidates. The only ones who have declared are Chiang, Newsom and Villaraigosa. And, they left off Delaine Eastin.

Obviously, if Padilla runs for either Governor or U.S. Senate, that opens up another statewide office for those desiring a step up. Similarly, if Chiang bows out at some point, that takes a statewide off the table. Importantly, it's very early and with the caveats in the previous graf, we can't read too much into this poll.

MOVIN’ ON UP: Democrat Kamala Harris will soon join a Republican-controlled Senate. Here's where she sees common ground [Phil Willon @ LAT] - Kamala “Harris, who won the Senate election last week, didn’t disclose the topics of any of those conversations, but did share her thoughts about working with the Republican Senate majority and what the Democrats must do to reconnect with working-class voters who backed Trump. Harris also said that she plans to continue serving as California attorney general until she is sworn into the Senate on Jan. 3.”

WANNABE: Here's why Mike Ramos wants to be appointed California attorney general [Jeff Horseman @ PE] - “San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos said Monday, Nov. 14, that he’s interested in being appointed to serve the remainder of Kamala Harris’ term as California attorney general now that she’s been elected to the U.S. Senate.”

Jerry Brown is not going to appoint a Republican. Period.

DISGRUNTLED DISRUPTION: Cal State trustees could raise tuition by $270, and hundreds of students plan to disrupt their meeting [Rosanna Via @ LAT] - “The proposed increase, which could amount to an annual increase of $270 for the 2017-18 school year, will be considered as a last resort to help address Cal State’s budget shortfall. The idea has raised the ire of many students and faculty members as news of it ricocheted across the system’s 23 campuses.”

ROADBLOCK: Sanctuary cities face a moment of truth amid Trump's war on illegal immigration [LAT] - “In the wake of Trump's election, leaders in some cities are vowing to continue their policies. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said Monday the department had no plans to get involved in any deportation efforts by the federal government and would continue a longstanding policy against allowing officers to stop people solely to determine their immigration status.”

CHATSWORTH REBOUND? L.A. County saw a 95% drop in porn film permits. With the condom law defeated, the industry looks to make its return [David Ng @ LAT] - “L.A. has seen a staggering 95% drop in on-location porn permit requests in the last four years, following the passage of a separate 2012 county measure requiring condoms, according to county permit data. But porn industry leaders say they are now bullish that the defeat of Prop. 60 as well as other recent condom-related victories will reverse the exodus.” 

LAW AND DISORDER: State watchdog widens investigation into Supervisor Andrew Do's taxpayer-funded mailers [Jordan Graham @ OCR] - “California’s political watchdog agency said Monday it is widening its investigation into Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do’s use of taxpayer-funded mass mailers in the months leading up to the Nov. 8 election, when the supervisor sent out 1.2 million county communications for at least $277,000.”

SACTOWN GOOD EATS: A friend and I enjoyed eating at Takumi Izakaya last night. The restaurant, at 826 J Street, replaced a previous sushi restaurant there, and it's totally new ownership and concept. There is a sushi bar, but also great izakaya (small dishes). We had delicious shishito peppers, the "akami tacos," scallop carpaccio, the maguro nigiri trio, amber jack nigiri, and uni. They also have ramen and just added oxtail ramen. Can't wait to go back and slurp up some noodles. Definitely recommend, although best to do on nights when there is not a home Kings game.

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: Not a Nooner correction, but a correction to the crowdsource list of key legislative positions. Kelly Garman is Dir. of Governmental Affairs for the American Council of Engineering Companies, not still with Senator Roth. If you know of other errors or additions, make them. That's the purpose of a crowdsource list!


THE AG LIST: Here's the current list based on conversations with many insiders:

  • Joe Cotchett, attorney
  • Rocky Delgadillo, former LA City Attorney
  • Katherine Feinstein, retired judge and daughter of Dianne Feinstein
  • Mike Feuer, LA City Attorney
  • Dario Frommer, former assemblymember and my fellow UCD law grad, who I later followed in his footsteps as president of the LSA
  • Leticia Perez, Kern County Supervisor and member, California Board of State and Community Corrections
  • Mike Gatto, Assemblymember (termed out)
  • Clark Kelso, professor of law at McGeorge and a Republican nominee appointed to insurance commish in 2000 when the vacancy arose after Chuck Quackenbush was compelled to resign and moved to serve as the state's chief information officer under both Davis and Schwarenegger. Easy confirmation. 
  • Nancy McFadden, executive secretary to Jerry Brown, and a key part of his inner circle
  • Nancy O'Malley, Alameda County DA
  • Ann Ravel, FEC commissioner 
  • Jeff Rosen, Santa Clara County DA
  • Jackie Speier, Member of Congress
  • Phillip A. Talbert, US attorney for the Eastern District of California

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Mark Evilsizer, Susan Lovenburg and Amanda Renteria!



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Democrat Kamala Harris Will Soon Join A Republican-controlled Senate. Here's Where She Sees Common Ground
Newly-elected U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris said she’s already been in contact with her West Coast colleagues about banding together in the political era of President-elect Donald Trump.

Gavin Newsom Tops Poll For 2018 California Governor's Race | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Walters @
Observations on California and its politics

UC Berkeley students demand professorâ
Dozens of graduate students at UC Berkeley sent a starkly worded petition to campus leaders Monday demanding that a renowned architecture professor and Middle East scholar be suspended immediately for sexually harassing a student. Nezar AlSayyad, an internationally recognized academic who teaches in the architecture department and Department of City and Regional Planning, is the latest prominent faculty member at UC Berkeley found to have sexually harassed a student or colleague in violation of University of California rules, The Chronicle reported on Sunday. The next day, 74 students and three alumni from City and Regional Planning sent a petition to campus Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, the Academic Senate’s tenure committee, and other campus leaders demanding that they consider the most severe punishment available, tenure revocation. In response, administrators have called a meeting Tuesday with campus officials and College of Environmental Design leaders “to discuss all aspects of how best to protect student welfare and support their needs and interests,” a campus source said. In October, an independent investigator hired by UC Berkeley concluded that AlSayyad had spent months ingratiating himself with a graduate student before placing his hand on her upper thigh in 2013, proposing they become “close friends” and suggesting they go to Las Vegas. Students who signed the petition said they wanted to stand in solidarity with Hagberg Fisher and to express frustration with a campus process that prevents administrators from notifying students sooner about investigations into faculty misconduct. The findings and the graduate students’ strong response follow revelations this year and last about three high-profile employees at UC Berkeley — an astronomy professor, the Law School dean and a vice chancellor — who groped, kissed or touched students or colleagues. AlSayyad has also been given no courses to teach this spring, according to a source connected to the College of Environmental Design, which houses AlSayyad’s departments.

State Watchdog Widens Investigation Into Supervisor Andrew Do's Taxpayer-funded Mailers - The Orange County Register
California’s political watchdog agency said Monday it is widening its investigation into Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do’s use of taxpayer-funded mass mailers in the months leading up to the Nov. 8 election, when the supervisor sent out 1.2 million county communications for at least $277,000.

Applegate Gains On Issa As More Votes Counted - The San Diego Union-tribune
Rep. Darrell Issa’s lead over Democratic challenger Doug Applegate continued to shrink after tens of thousands of mail-in votes were counted through Monday.

LAPD Union Complains There Were Too Few Officers To Handle Demonstrations, Blasts Mayor's Support Of Protests
The union that represents Los Angeles’ rank-and-file officers complained Monday that the city’s police department did not adequately prepare to handle thousands of protesters who swarmed downtown Los Angeles after Donald Trump’s election day victory, and union officials also blasted Mayor Eric Garcetti’s support of the demonstrators.

Trump Election Won't Change Immigration Enforcement At Some Southern California Police Agencies - The Orange County Register
Several major Southern California police agencies have no plans to alter immigration policies despite a pledge from President-elect Donald Trump to impose tougher immigration laws and deport some 2 million to 3 million immigrants with criminal records.

Marijuana Business Owner Seeks Frozen Assets Back - The San Diego Union-tribune
The owner of a marijuana refining business went to court Monday in an effort to regain money seized from his family’s accounts after a January raid of his company — the kind of showdown that could become more common now that state law allows recreational pot while federal law prohibits it.

California Is An Alternate Universe :: Fox&hounds
The Union has just seceded from California.

How Churches Are Responding To The Polarizing Presidential Election
Today's high

Trump: I Would Have Won Popular Vote If I Needed To - Politico
Had last week's presidential election hinged on the popular vote, Donald Trump would have adjusted his strategy, he wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning.

Several SF election contests still up in the air
A week has passed since the election, but three San Francisco supervisors races and the hard-fought contest for the state Senate seat representing the city and northern San Mateo County are still several days from being decided. A total of 105,000 late-arriving mail ballots and provisional ballots remained to be counted in San Francisco on Monday, and even more mail ballots were likely to arrive before the city Elections Department’s cutoff of 5 p.m. On Monday afternoon, workers sorted the lavender envelopes into mail bins in the basement of City Hall. Wiener has maintained a consistent lead since election night, and on Monday it totaled 13,833 votes — 161,012 to Kim’s 147,179 — a margin that translates into a 52.2 to 47.8 percent advantage. Three races are still undecided, and elections officials must wait until all the votes are tabulated before they can run the ranked-choice process that will determine the winners. The raw vote total has narrowed since election day in District 11 between moderate Ahsha Safai and progressive Kimberly Alvarenga. The two are battling to fill termed-out progressive Supervisor John Avalos for the seat representing the Excelsior, Merced Heights and Ingleside neighborhoods. In District Seven, progressive Supervisor Norman Yee looks to be in good shape in his re-election contest against four challengers led by Joel Engardio.

Gavin Newsom Leads California Governor's Race In Poll | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

LAPD Union Blasts Department’s Response To Trump Protests, Saying Officers Were ‘overwhelmed’
Today's high

Boehner 'would Love To See' Paul Ryan Run For President - Politico
Rep. Tom Price is being considered for Donald Trump's secretary of Health and Human Services, two sources tell POLITICO.

Bay Area Schools Try To Ease Kids’ Fears Spurred By Donald Trump’s Win – The Mercury News
Presidential Election

Oakland Schools Anti-trump Protest Draws More Than 1,000 Students
The protest started at noon and included at least 75 students from Oakland Technical High School who marched through downtown Oakland, chanting protest slogans, including “We regret the president-elect” and “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go.”

Trump foes hope to build on initial flurry of protests
Yet for all the miles marched, candles burned and verses of “Imagine” softly sung, many demonstrators are struggling to come to peace with the purpose of the protests and where they’ll lead, if anywhere. Does encircling Oakland’s Lake Merritt and holding hands — as Trump opponents did Sunday — represent a mass catharsis, a message to the incoming administration or the gathering of a movement for fights ahead? On Monday, fiery street protests and candlelight vigils gave way to a rally at San Francisco City Hall, a big high school walkout in Oakland, a series of “greeting” events for schoolkids in Alameda and the creation of “walls of empathy” decorated by sticky notes outside BART stations. Trump’s supporters have criticized the protesters who have taken to the streets around the country — mostly peacefully but at times violently — calling those in the outraged crowds irresponsible for not accepting the results of the election and giving the president-elect a chance. [...] street demonstrations “serve notice” and provide an emotional release, said Stephen Zunes, a professor of politics and international studies at the University of San Francisco. The past week’s demonstrations have come in many forms, and on Monday in San Francisco, hundreds gathered in the City Hall rotunda for a unity rally, with Mayor Ed Lee and others vowing to stand up to the Trump administration if it sought to upend the city’s values, including sanctuary for undocumented people. In Alameda, hundreds of parents, community members and students descended on several school campuses early Monday, bringing posters, stickers and pins to offer a positive message of togetherness after Edison Elementary was hit with racist graffiti over the weekend. The crime was one of many racially charged incidents reported across the country after the election, including the waving of the Confederate flag at the Veterans Day parade in Petaluma and the painting of the words “Heil Trump” and a swastika near a San Diego bus stop. Elliot Cevallos, 10, held a rainbow-colored “Love each otter” sign, inspired by the school mascot. For some, participating in such public events has offered an expression of communal mourning, a way to work through grief. Whether the actions happening around the country turn into a movement remains to be seen, said Erica Chenoweth, a professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. What we know from the history of mass movements is that it takes about three years. she said, adding that success entails long conversations, the building of coalitions, concrete goals and long-term thinking.

Oakland's Equity Pot Permit Debate Heats Up
City Council in May approved the equity permit program but in the months since there has been a flurry of opposing revisions by council members.Related Articles California, Massachusetts approve recreational marijuana San Leandro awards third pot dispensary permit

Mountain View Teacher Who Compared Trump To Hitler Back To Work - San Francisco Chronicle
The Mountain View high school teacher who compared president-elect Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and was later suspended returned to work Monday.