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Happy Sunday morning to all of you! Today I'll keep it a bit shorter, as many of you are probably still reading yesterday's!

THE FLIPS: Three CA counties that voted for Obama once or twice flipped to Trump:

  • Butte (once Obama)
  • Stanislaus (twice Obama) - very possible this ends up as Clinton as VBMs and provisionals are counted
  • Trinity (once Obama)

One county that never voted for Obama flipped to Clinton: Orange County. I never thought I would type that. The demographics are certainly changing in the OC.

THE UNDERVOTE: Thus far, there are 348,473 CA voters who did not cast a vote for president, or 3.5%.

INTRODUCTIONS: Meet the three Latinos Southern California voters just elected to Congress [Javier Panzar @ LAT] - “The three Democrats — Nanette Barragán, Salud Carbajal and Lou Correa — won seats representing parts of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Orange County, respectively.”

POT POLITICS: Now what? A dispensary owner, a scientist, a defense expert and a city manager reflect on the new pot law [Robin Abcarian @ LAT] - “Under Proposition 64, the state’s new Bureau of Marijuana Control will have to develop rules for retailers and other “ganja-preneurs” by January 2018. Clines will have to apply for a state license. And then it will be up to Los Angeles voters, who will decide in March whether to approve regulations for retail pot shops and other cannabis businesses.”

POT PROCEEDS: Sacramento may ask pot growers to give 1 percent to neighborhoods [Anita Chabria @ SacBee] - Jay “Schenirer would like to see the city’s 4 percent business tax on the industry – which could amount to about $2.2 million annually – used to support kids through the funding of nonprofits and government-run programs. He envisions the tax money going into the general fund but being earmarked for particular purposes on an annual basis. At odds with Schenirer are Councilmen Allen Warren and Eric Guerra, who say any cultivation plan must bring public revenue directly back to the neighborhoods most likely to house such businesses.”

SCHOOL BONDAGE: Local and state voters willing to spend big on schools [Howard Blume @ LAT] - “Conventional political wisdom may have been upended in the race for the White House, but when it came to funding for school construction, a little-known strategy worked like a charm: Presidential elections are a good time to pass school bonds.”

IMPACT: If Obamacare is repealed, California has the most to lose — putting the insured on edge [Soumya Karlamangla] - “The state would lose $20 billion in federal funding if Congress votes to undo the exchanges and the Medicaid expansions, according to state data.”

THE MAKE-UP: Sorry about some of the errors yesterday, and I knew there would be some. But, Team Nooner stepped up and helped me find some. Here's the updated table:


Assembly Democrats 52   55
Assembly Republicans 28  25
Senate Democrats 26  26
Senate Republicans 14  14
Assembly Men 60 63
Assembly Women 20 17
Senate Men 30 30
Senate Women 10 10
Assembly Af-Am 10 9
Assembly Asian 9 12
Assembly Latino 20 23
Assembly LGBT 4 4
Senate Af-Am 2 2
Senate Asian 3 3
Senate Latino 5 5
Senate LGBT 3  4


  • 39 Democrats: no change
  • 14 Republicans: no change
  • 37 men: +2 (Salud Carbajal and Lpu Correa)
  • 16 women: -2 (Lois Capps and Loretta Sanchez)
  • 39 Democrats: no change
  • 14 Republicans: no change
  • 3 African-Americans: no change
  • 6 Asians/South Asians: no change
  • 12 Latinos: +1 (Salud Carbajal)


THE CRUNCH: Making California housing affordable again will require new laws, more avenues to build [Jeff Collins @ OCR]:

How can California increase the number of homes that people can afford?

By giving more money to cities that build sufficient affordable housing, some said at a housing summit last week in Los Angeles. Or cutting off funding to those that don’t.

Or by allowing developers to bypass the local process in cities and counties with insufficient affordable housing. Allowing single-family homeowners to build and rent out granny flats. And by streamlining the approval process for affordable housing projects.



THE AG LIST: Here's the current list based on conversations with many insiders:

  • Joe Cotchett, attorney
  • Rocky Delgadillo, former LA City Attorney
  • Katherine Feinstein, retired judge and daughter of Dianne Feinstein
  • Mike Feuer, LA City Attorney
  • Dario Frommer, former assemblymember and my fellow UCD law grad, who I later followed in his footsteps as president of the LSA
  • Leticia Perez, Kern County Supervisor and member, California Board of State and Community Corrections
  • Mike Gatto, Assemblymember (termed out)
  • Clark Kelso, professor of law at McGeorge and a Republican nominee appointed to insurance commish in 2000 when the vacancy arose after Chuck Quackenbush was compelled to resign and moved to serve as the state's chief information officer under both Davis and Schwarenegger. Easy confirmation. 
  • Nancy McFadden, executive secretary to Jerry Brown, and a key part of his inner circle
  • Nancy O'Malley, Alameda County DA
  • Ann Ravel, FEC commissioner 
  • Jeff Rosen, Santa Clara County DA
  • Phillip A. Talbert, US attorney for the Eastern District of California

#CAKEDAY: Light the candles for Sarah Couch and Robin Swanson!



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Political Road Map: Californians Have A Long, Love-hate Relationship With Ballot Propositions
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Hundreds of San Diego County residents, upset over the result of Tuesday’s presidential election, marched in Balboa Park to voice their discontent Saturday, joining a wave of protests across the country against President-elect Donald Trump. 

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With Trump's Election, Border Groups "double Down" Efforts - The San Diego Union-tribune
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Consumer advocates at the California Public Utilities Commission are fighting a San Diego Gas & Electric Co. plan to charge customers hundreds of millions of dollars for expenses leftover from San Diego County’s 2007 wildfires.

After a Fraught Election, Questions Over the Impact of a Balky Voting Process
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8,000 Anti-trump Marchers Flood Downtown Los Angeles; Many Fear Immigration Policies
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Hundreds March Through Long Beach In Anti-trump Protest
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Mountain View Teacher Suspended For Comparing Trump To Hitler - San Francisco Chronicle
A Mountain View High School history teacher is on paid leave after comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, in an effort to show students that the 2016 election is a reflection of the past.

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By Mackenzie Mays

Ryan Says He And Trump 'not Planning' Mass Deportations - Politico
House Speaker Paul Ryan said Sunday that he and President-elect Donald Trump are "not planning" to pursue mass deportations of undocumented immigrants, despite Trump's vow to the contrary during the campaign.

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Mountain View teacher suspended for comparing Trump to Hitler
A Mountain View High School history teacher is on paid leave after comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, in an effort to show students that the 2016 election is a reflection of the past. Frank Navarro, a Holocaust scholar who has taught at Mountain View High School for 40 years, said the school’s principal and district superintendent asked him to leave Thursday, after a parent complained about the parallels he was drawing in his world studies class. “Regardless of their political affiliation, many of our students show signs of emotional stress,” Grissom wrote in a letter to parents Friday. Grissom called the paid leave process a “time-out” for the staff member under investigation. On Thursday night the school’s newspaper, The Oracle, published an article about the investigation, prompting outrage among parents and students. Two days later a Mountain View High School alumnus started a petition, demanding that Grissom revoke Navarro’s leave and publicly apologize “for attempting to intimidate a respected educator.”

Ellison: Democrats Need To Focus Less On Donors - Politico
Rep. Keith Ellison, reported to be planning a run for chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said his party will mount a comeback after a disastrous 2016 election cycle by focusing harder on voters and less on donors.