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THE Nooner for October 29, 2016



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Happy Saturday Noonerific people!

Yesterday's screw-up by me when I mixed the campaign finance codes TEL and PHO led to lots of email from hungry people, whose--like me--minds jumped right to beef noodle soup. Funny, because I had pho on Thursday night.

For Sacramento people, Coriander is a great place on the grid, at 30th and Alhambra. The owner, Amy, takes pride in a relatively limited menu, focusing on what they do best, rather than dishes #1-80 found at some Viet restaurants. In addition to great pho, if you're in the mood for a spicy soup, go for the Bun Bo Hue. Nom nom... Okay, it may only be 6am, but I'm now super hungry.

Speaking of Sacramento plugs, last night I saw the Sacramento Theatre Company's production of To Kill a Mockingbird. It was a great break from Anthony Weiner and campaign news in general, and this is the last weekend. Tickets are available for the remaining shows (tonight at 8pm and tomorrow at 2pm and 8pm).

Here is the ad against Cheryl Cook-Kallio paid for by Spirit of Democracy.

VBM REQUEST DEADLINE: To receive a vote-by-mail ballot, requests must arrive at county registrars by Tuesday, November 1. If you (or family/friends) don't have your sample ballot with the request form, there's an online fill-in PDF (which still has to be printed, signed, and sent to your county elections office, which are listed in a link in that PDF doc).

WRITE-INS: Yesterday, the Secretary of State's office released the certified list of eligible write-in candidates for president and vice-president. Only these candidates are eligible write-ins. Mickey Mouse will not be tabulated.

  • Lawrence Kotlikoff and Edward Learner
  • Mike Maturen and Juan Muñoz
  • Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson
  • Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard
  • Jerry White and Niles Niemuth

VOTE-BY-MAIL REPORT (through 10/28/2016) from Political Data Inc.

  • Total VBMs: 11,039,088
  • Total VBMs returned: 2,510,472
  • Percent returned: 22.7%
  • Dems share of VR/VBM share of requested/VBM share of returned: 45%/45%/47%
  • Reps: 26%/28%/32%
  • Other: 29%/27%/21%
  • Latino: 24%/21%/14%
  • Asian: 9%/10%/10%
  • 18-35: 27%/26%/11%
  • 35-54: 34%/31%/24%
  • 55+: 39%/43%/64%

THE AG LIST: There are three major factors: 1) the governor wants to appoint someone who will run and win in 2018; 2) the governor likely won't appoint a sitting legislator, which would reduce the majorities (and possible Senate supermajority) and trigger a costly special election; and, 3) the fact that both he and his father moved from AG to governor and that an appointee, if elected twice, would line up perfectly for the 2026 gubernatorial election. Thus, he wants someone who would he likes personally, and would govern in a manner he would like.

Here's the current list based on conversations with many inside