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THE Nooner for October 24, 2016


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Happy Monday! Ugh, many of you have The Walking Dead hangovers this morning. In addition to registering to vote online, you and your friends can register as part of the Secretary of State's voter registration drive on the Capitol's north steps (L Street for those geographically challenged) between 11am and 5pm today. 

It's going to be a wet week in Sacramento.

If you stepped away from your computer over the weekend (highly advisable), here are Nooner highlights:

  • Saturday: District changes in CA52 (LeanD->LikelyD), SD39 (LikelyD->SafeD), and AD38 (from LeansR->Toss-Up); added the newspaper endorsements in competitive races (listed below); more big tobacco money for Prop 56; SacBee's top ten burgers.
  • Sunday: District change in SD21 (LeanR->Toss-Up); diving deep into the unlimited state and candidate contributions to candidates; battleground race news; and presidential coattails and rerverse coattails.

Below the classifieds, I have listed the contributors to state and local political party committees since January 1 that exceed $25,000. This extends on yesterday's conversation, in which I listed the amounts state and local political party committees have given to candidates. As we know and as John Myers wrote about yesterday, while donors are limited to state candidates at $4,200 per election, they can give $35,200 to state and local political party committees. In turn, those political parties can give unlimited amounts to those state candidates.

I cynically call it "doing the laundry," even though it is perfectly legal under the voter-approved Prop. 34. The one limit is that donors to those state and local committees can't "designate" where the money goes. But, we're not kidding anyone. There are twelve races that the party committees are investing in, and anybody giving $25,000 or more is informed enough as to where their money is going.

I put it below the classifieds because it's large--191 rows. Today may be a good day to print The Nooner out! Many of the donors have given larger amounts to the accounts for general party activities like voter registration, slate cards, and staff (as opposed to the state candidate accounts).

If you like this type of data, it's a great time to subscribe or make a general contribution to my efforts. And, many of you will be staffing up for the upcoming legislative session. The Nooner should be on your advertising list. Current active audience is 9,384. The server powerful enough to maintain this information and the time I take to create this instead of doing general consulting ain't cheap!

#FAREWELL: Tom Hayden (1939-2016) 'The radical inside the system': Tom Hayden, protester-turned-politician, dies at 76 [Michael Finnegan @ LAT]:

Tom Hayden, a 1960s radical who was in the vanguard of the movement to stop the Vietnam War and became one of the nation’s best-known champions of liberal causes, has died in Santa Monica after a lengthy illness. He was 76.

Hayden vaulted into national politics in 1962 as lead author of a student manifesto that became the ideological foundation for demonstrations against the war.

President Nixon’s Justice Department prosecuted Hayden in the raucous “Chicago 7” trial following the violent clashes with police at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Hayden later married actress Jane Fonda, and the celebrity couple traveled the nation denouncing the war before forming a California political organization that backed scores of liberal candidates and ballot measures in the 1970s and ’80s, most notably Proposition 65, the anti-toxics measure that requires signs in gas stations, bars and grocery stores that warn of cancer-causing chemicals.

As a higher education lobbyist during his time in the State Senate, he was both a friend and a foe on various policy issues. But, I always respected his perspective, which often bucked the will of leadership. That's the type of legislator I respect regardless of partisanship--someone with core values but also independence.

Hayden served from 1982-1992 in the State Assembly and then from 1992 to 2000 in the State Senate. He was among the first class who succombed to term limits in the State Assembly, where he had worked his way up to be chair of the Assembly Highed Education Committee. He succeeded longtime Senator Herschel Rosenthal, before being succeeded himself by Sheila Kuehl after succombing to term limits in the upper chamber.


THE AG LIST: The list of possible candidates for attorney general:

  • Rob Bonta, Assemblymember
  • Mike Feuer, LA City Attorney
  • Dario Frommer, former assemblymember and my fellow UCD law grad
  • George Gascon, San Francisco DA
  • Mike Gatto, Assemblymember
  • Lorena Gonzalez, Assemblymember
  • Joshua Groban, UCLA law lecturer and senior advisor to Jerry Bown, covering legal and judiciary issues
  • Clark Kelso, professor of law at McGeorge and a Republican nominee appointed to insurance commish in 2000 when the vacancy arose after Chuck Quackenbush was compelled to resign and moved to serve as the state's chief information officer under both Davis and Schwarenegger. Easy confirmation. 
  • Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles DA
  • Nancy McFadden, executive secretary to Jerry Brown, and a key part of his inner circle
  • Bill Monning, State Senator
  • Nancy O'Malley, Alameda County DA
  • Jeff Rosen, Santa Clara County DA
  • Adam Schiff, member of Congress and a former prosecutor. Generally lliked by both sides in DC, which is a feat
  • Phillip A. Talbert, US attorney for the Eastern District of California

Here are the newspaper endorsements in competitive races:

  • CA07 (East Sacto County): Sacramento Bee: Ami Bera (incumbent D over R)
  • CA10 (Modesto): Modesto Bee: Michael Eggman (D over incumbent R)
  • CA17 (Milpitas-San Joss): East Bay Times: Ro Khanna (D over incumbent D)
  • CA17 (Milpitas-San Jose): San Jose Mercury News: Ro Khanna (D over incumbent D)
  • CA24 (Santa Barbara): San Luis Obispo Tribune: Salud Carbajal (D over R)
  • CA24 (Santa Barbara): Santa Barbara News Press: Justin Fareed (R over D)
  • CA24 (Santa Barbara): Ventura County Star: Salud Carbajal (D over R)
  • CA25 (Santa Clarita): LA Daily News: Steve Knight  (R incumbent over D)
  • CA25 (Santa Clarita): San Bernardino Sun: Steve Knight (R incumbent over D)
  • CA25 (Santa Clarita): Santa Clarita Signal: Steve Knight (R incumbent over D)
  • CA31 (San Bernardino): LA Daily News: Pete Aguilar (D incumbent over R)
  • CA31 (San Bernardino): San Bernardino Sun: Pete Aguilar (D incumbent over R)
  • CA36 (Coachella): Deserytt Sun: Raul Ruiz (incumbent D over R)
  • CA44 (Carson): Los Angeles Times: Nanette Barragan (D over D)
  • CA44 (Carson): Daily Breeze: Nanette Barragan (D over D)
  • CA46 (Santa Ana): Orange County Register: Lou Correa (D over D)
  • CA49 (Carlsbad): Orange County Register: Darrell Issa (R incumbent over D)
  • CA49 (Carlsbad): San Diego U-T: Darrel Issa (R incumbent over D)
  • CA52 (San Diego): San Diego U-T: Scott Peters (D incumbent over R)
  • SD03 (Yolo-Solano-Napa): Daily Democrat: Bill Dodd (D over D)
  • SD03 (Yolo-Solano-Napa): East Bay Times: Bill Dodd (D over D)
  • SD03 (Yolo-Solano-Napa): Sacramento Bee: Bill Dodd (D over D)
  • SD03 (Yolo-Solano-Napa): Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Bill Dodd (D over D)
  • SD09 (East Bay): East Bay Times: Nancy Skinner (D over D)
  • SD09 (East Bay): San Francisco Chronicle: Nancy Skinner (D) (pver D)
  • SD11 (San Francisco): San Francisco Chronicle: Scott Wiener (D over (D)
  • SD25: (Pasadena): LA Daily News: Michael Antonovich (R over D)
  • SD27 (Ventura): Ventura County Star: Henry Stern (D over R)
  • SD27 (Ventura): LA Daily News: Steve Fazio (R over D)
  • SD27 (Ventura): San Bernardino Sun: Steve Fazio (R over D)
  • SD29 (Fullerton-Diamond Bar): San Gabriel Valley Tribune: Ling Ling Chang (R over D)
  • SD35 (South Bay): Daily Breeze: Steven Bradford (D over D)
  • AD14 (Concord): East Bay Times: Mae Torlakson (D over (D)
  • AD14 (Concord): San Francisco Chronicle: Tim Grayson (D over D)
  • AD16 (Tri-Valley): East Bay Times: Catharine Baker (R incumbent over D)
  • AD16 (Tri-Valley): San Francisco Chronicle: Catharine Baker (R incumbent over D)
  • AD31 (Fresno): Fresno Bee: Joaquin Arambula (D over D)
  • AD39 (East San Fernando): San Bernardino Sun: Patty Lopez (incumbent D over D)
  • AD27 (San Jose): San Jose Mercury news: Madison Nguyen (D over D)
  • AD35 (San Luis Obispo): San Luis Obispo Tribune: Dawn Ortiz-Legg (D over R)
  • AD38 (Santa Clarita): Ventura County Star: Christy Smith (D over R)
  • AD40 (Redlands): Riverside Press-Enterprise: Marc Steinorth (incumbent R over D)
  • AD43 (Glendale): LA Daily News: Laura Friedman (D over D)
  • AD47 (Rialto): Riverside Press Enterprise: Cheryl Brown (incumbent D over D)
  • AD47 (Rialto): San Bernardino Sun: Cheryl Brown (incumbent D over D)
  • AD66 (Torrance): Daily Breeze: David Hadley (incumbent R over D)


THE LEFT: Tom Steyer’s registration effort claims 1 million new voters [Christopher Cadelago @ SacBee] - "On Monday, the last day to register for the Nov. 8 election, he announced some progress to that end. Steyer said his NextGen organizations have registered 1 million voters, including 743,000 new voters in California and 294,000 in battleground states. In a statement, Steyer called the surge, a “positive signal about the future of our country.”"

CA10 (Stanislaus): Last-minute fundraising and spending spikes in Jeff Denham-Michael Eggman race [Michael Doyle @ ModBee] - "A top Democratic lawmaker pops up in Modesto on Monday, Oct. 24, the latest proof that both parties are investing heavily in the House race pitting challenger Michael Eggman against Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Turlock. The Modesto appearance of Rep. Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, comes as last-minute contributions flow into Eggman’s and Denham’s campaign coffers and outside groups boost their own spending."

CA17 (Milpitas-San Jose): Obama is moving big into congressional races, but continues to stay out of the Honda-Khanna fray.

CA21 (Kings): In this California congressional district, water is more important than Donald Trump [Sarah D. Wire @ LAT] - "California’s often scarce water supply has pitted a wide array of powerful forces —big cities, the agriculture industry and conservationists — against one another. Nowhere in the state is that quite as visible as in the Central Valley."

CA31 (San Bernardino): What would 31st District candidates Pete Aguilar, Paul Chabot do about immigration issues? [Beau Yarbrough @ SBSun] - "From the moment that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump rode down the e

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Tom Hayden Is Serious About Running For Governor. So Why Is He Having Fun?
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