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THE Nooner for August 21, 2016

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Good morning and happy Sunday Noonerites! It'll be a good day outside, with a forecasted high of 88. There are only eight businsss days left in the legislative session!

AURAL PLEASURE: Marisa Lagos, John Myers and Anthony York tickle our ears with the California Politics Podcast.

US SENATE: Why Loretta Sanchez is struggling to wake up California's sleepy Senate race [Phil Willon @ LAT] - “Sanchez’s absence from the campaign trail in recent weeks, a noticeable lull even for the sedate summer months of the political season, only adds pressure on the Orange County congresswoman to show voters and donors — soon — that she has a legitimate shot to win in November.”

CA07 (East Sacto County): The doctor vs. the lawman: Is this Sacramento’s shadiest election? [Marcos Breton @ SacBee] -  “On one side you have incumbent Ami Bera, a Democrat, whose 83-year-old father was sentenced last week to a year and a day in prison for election fraud. Then you have his opponent, Sheriff Scott Jones, a Republican whose law enforcement buddies could cost the county millions of dollars in legal fees and payouts.”

GUNS: Politicians protect rights of accused, not law-abiding gun owners [Dan Walters @ SacBee]:

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto, D-Los Angeles, proposed a state version of Feinstein’s measure in the wake of a mass killing in San Bernardino, saying, “it does make sense to make sure that the people who have been deemed too dangerous to even board a quick flight to Vegas, that they are not allowed to go out there and buy guns and chemicals en masse.”

To his credit, however, Gatto cooled off a few weeks later, and dropped the measure, saying, “After conferring (with) respected constitutional scholars (right and left), I have decided not to carry (a) bill on involving no-fly list in gun purchases.”

Nevertheless, the current legislative session has bristled with measures to make gun ownership by Californians more difficult and/or more expensive, and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is sponsoring a ballot measure that would go even further.

The same politicians who are patting themselves on the back for upholding the constitutional rights of suspected drug dealers vis-à-vis property seizures are more than willing to attack, if not violate, the rights of law-abiding gun owners with pettifogging restrictions.

$$$: Sacramento’s new ‘slush funds’: Ballot measure committees [Jessica Calefati and Kaitlyn Landgraf @ BANG] - “Increasingly, [lawmakers are] using “ballot measure committees,” little-known and barely regulated accounts that are supposed to promote or oppose state and local initiatives, but in practice are paying for consultants and polling firms, new suits and trips to Mexico. And the money for the politicians’ perks comes in the form of five-figure donations from the same special interests that state rules were intended to curtail.”

DEADLOCK: California lawmakers expect another showdown on overtime pay for farmworkers [Jazmine Ulloa @ LAT] - “But lawmakers say the most intense debate will once again unfold among Gonzalez’s Democratic colleagues in the Assembly, where the demographics have changed, but where powerful agricultural interests remain.”

Grocery stores have to pay overtime for the people that handle produce, but the people in the fields are exempt.

PECHANGA: The LAT's story yesterday about Pechanga yesterday and its lobbying contract with the newly formed BBK Strategies--where Gary Condit is a partner--somewhat misrepresented what actually happened. Kelly Boyd was lobbying in a sole propreitorship before joining the new firm, and the Pechanga predated the new firm.  

NATIONAL: New poll analysis finds a wasted summer for Donald Trump and a boost for Hillary Clinton [Cathleen Decker @ LAT] - “With the campaign moving toward a final general election sprint, Trump finds himself in a dangerous place. He has narrowed his support to a segment of the electorate, and curbed his own momentum, according to an analysis of six weeks of findings in the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Daybreak presidential tracking poll. Over the same period, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has built support — even among groups previously arrayed against her — into demonstrable advantages.”

Trump paid dearly to boost fundraising [Isaac Arnsdorf @ Politico]:

Though the campaign touted an $80 million figure for its July fundraising, just $36.7 million of that total went directly to the campaign. The rest came in through joint fundraising vehicles with the Republican National Committee and state parties. But at least $9.5 million of that money is off limits for spending on the election because it's designated for the RNC's convention, headquarters and legal accounts. Plus, the RNC is considering spending its money down-ballot instead of supporting Trump as tensions boil over between the party's apparatus and its defiant nominee.

The money that the Trump campaign raised also didn't come cheap. The campaign more than doubled its spending from the previous month to $18.5 million in July, far more than in any other period of the campaign. But most of that money went toward expanding the campaign's online fundraising operation.

That's enough for a Sunday. Get off your computer or other device and go play Pokemon Go in the park.




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  • California Charter Schools Association: The Legal Secretary is responsible for a variety of tasks in support of CCSA’s legal team.  The ideal candidate will have litigation secretary experience. The Legal Secretary will report to the General Counsel/Senior Vice President of Legal Advocacy, along with the three attorneys making up the team.  The Legal Secretary will work in the Sacramento office, but will be assigned to attorneys who work remotely acro
Lawrence Bittaker, A Most Depraved Killer, Twists Justice System | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Morain @
Editorial page editor, political affairs columnist and editorial writer

Chargers Dispute Risks Of Stadium Measure |
SAN DIEGO — Opponents say the Chargers stadium ballot measure is fraught with a variety of risks for taxpayers and local tourism, but team officials say each of the concerns raised is either misleading, overblown or flat-out false.

Donald Trump's Media Obsession Led Him To Hire The Head Of A Far-right News Site To Run His Campaign
Trump’s choice of a renegade news executive to lead his campaign was an inevitable culmination of a candidate’s war with the mainstream media and his embrace of the right's most incendiary voices.

Audio: Koch Network Building A Senate Wall Against Trump | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
Conservative donor David Koch in a 2013 file photo. The political network he and his brother, Charles, have created is not backing Donald Trump's presidential bid this year. Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP

Trump Team Will Hit Hard To Reap Rewards Of Split Votes - San Francisco Chronicle
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'blob' May Help Drought-stricken California But Continue To Harm Marine Life |
A harbor seal peeks out of a kelp forest, curious about the animal pointing the camera at him.

Cal State Fullerton Killer's Hospital Transfer Sparks Protests From His Victims' Families
A former Cal State Fullerton janitor who killed seven people on the campus in one of Orange County’s most notorious mass murders has been transferred to Napa State Hospital, angering his victims’ family members and the Orange County district attorney’s office, which believes the move may signal the man’s release from custody.

Trump Campaign Chief Touts Close Relationship With Rnc - Politico
Kellyanne Conway speaks of unity.

Trump campaign manager no longer wants him to release his tax returns

Five months ago, that wasn't the case.

Clinton Campaign Manager Calls Trump A Kremlin Puppet - Politico
Some accused Frauke Petry of calling on citizens to arm themselves.

Big Sur Fire Not Expected To Be Contained Until End Of September - San Francisco Chronicle
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Hearst Castle Threatened By Fast-moving Chimney Fire
The Chimney fire, a 17,000-acre fire in San Luis Obispo County, is threatening Hearst Castle and the buildings around it, Cal Fire authorities said Saturday afternoon. 

Ap News: The Orange County Register

Destructive Blue Cut Fire Is 68% Contained As Flames Continue To Rage Across The State
Firefighters tightened their grip on the fast-moving Blue Cut fire overnight Friday, capitalizing on humid weather conditions to gain greater control over the 37,020-acre blaze, authorities said Saturday. 

Orange County to break ground for bikeway to skirt flood channel - The Orange County Register
Walking back to his car from the Townsend-Raitt Street Resource Fair last year, Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do noticed that a flood channel separated densely populated apartments along South Townsend Street from a park and elementary school.

Hollywood Target, Still Dormant, Remains At The Center Of Furious Legal Fight
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Army Veteran Struggles To Save Interpreter Stuck In Afghanistan - San Francisco Chronicle
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Video: Danger Beams In Region's Skies, As Strikes On Aircraft From Pointed Lasers Soared Last Year - The Orange County Register
Anaheim pilot Mike Jesch was in the final and most critical minutes of an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Tampa, preparing to land, when the warning came over a cockpit computer: The control tower was reporting strikes from laser pointers.

California Lawmakers Expect Another Showdown On Overtime Pay For Farmworkers
California lawmakers expected to once more debate bill phasing in overtime pay for farmworkers

The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia
More Olympics coverage News » Results » Photos »

Trump Campaign Has Biggest Spending Month Yet, But Clinton Still Dominates Financially

It is unclear why more money was not transferred from the joint fundraising committees, which are not scheduled to file their next finance reports until Oct. 15. The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for clarification.