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THE Nooner for August 18, 2016

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

'we Don't Sit Around Saying 'woe Is Me.'' Napolitano Prepares To Fill Sudden Chancellor Vacancies At UC Berkeley, UC Davis
For months, University of California President Janet Napolitano had been hearing about problems with two of her chancellors, at UC Berkeley and UC Davis. 

Babulal Bera Gets One Year Prison Sentence For Election Fraud | The Sacramento Bee
Denny Walsh @
Covering crime, police and courts in the Sacramento region

Lawmakers, Brown Spar Over Spending Cap-and-trade Cash - The Orange County Register
SACRAMENTO – Democratic legislative leaders and Gov. Jerry Brown are divided over whether to divvy up more than $1 billion collected from carbon auctions or retain it as an enticing bargaining chip while they struggle to win support for extending California’s climate programs.

Governor Brown Signs Moorlach 'Marital Deduction Trusts' Bill
On Wednesday, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senator John Moorlach's Senate Bill 1265 into law. The bill provides a much needed update to the California Probate Code and synchronizes it with the federal tax law.

State Senate Releases Cap-and-trade Spending Plan | The Sacramento Bee
Jeremy B. White @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Short On Time And Big On Ideas, Gov. Jerry Brown Needs To Prioritize His Agenda
Gov. Jerry Brown should decide whether he wants to save the planet or his bullet train. Can’t do both, at least before the Legislature adjourns.

California Lawmaker Drops Electric-vehicle Bill | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
This April 25, 2016 file photo photo shows an electric Fiat plugged into a charging station in a parking lot in Los Angeles. Democratic Assemblywoman Autumn Burke of Los Angeles, who said she planned to introduce legislation to require that 15 percent of all new vehicles sold in the state be emission-free in less than a decade, now says she's giving up on the idea after the measure ran into steeper opposition than she expected. Richard Vogel/AP

Borenstein: Is Bart Tax Only Down Payment? -
But it's unclear when riders will see the improvements from Measure RR or how much more the district will need from taxpayers in the future.

A $652-million Project To Move Lax Runway Will Be Scrapped After Lawsuit
City settles latest lawsuit challenging LAX modernization project, including a controversial plan to relocated the northernmost runway closer to homes.

Oakland: 'big Soda' Spending Big Money To Fight Tax -
Much of the money from the American Beverage Association has gone to slick mailers and television ads that have come under increased scrutiny. One Oakland council member this week accused the "no" campaign of being untruthful.

Democrats want Senate vote on forcing disclosure of Trump's taxes

The push could potentially complicate congressional efforts to address the Zika virus and fund the government past Sept. 30.

Pence Urges Trump Supporters To Monitor Voting Sites - Politico
Pence told audience members they can help prevent voter fraud by participating in election-watching on election day.

Presidential candidates who bucked the two-party system

Recent U.S. politics has favored candidates from the Democrat and Republican parties, but here are seven examples of candidates who ran under a different mantle.

Clinton campaign goes nuclear on health rumors
The issue of Clinton’s health has percolated in certain circles since her concussion in late 2012.

Audio: Nearly 40 School Bond Measures Headed For Voters In La And Oc | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
File photo. Fourth grader Daniel Fontes, center, enjoys a swing set that was part of a playground upgrade at Marguerita Elementary School. Voters approved the bond for the playground in 2008, and the bond was issued in 2010. Maya Sugarman/KPCC

No Respite For Rapists Under California Bill Tied To Cosby Case | The Sacramento Bee
Jeremy B. White @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

In N.C. speech, Trump appeals to broad range of voters

Speaking at a campaign rally in Charlotte, N.C., Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump energized voters during his speech where he called for equality for African Americans, gays and Hispanics.

Salute E Vita, which is known both for its cuisine and for the philanthropy of its owner, Menbere Aklilu, was handed a 30-day eviction notice on August 5, in what some activists and city leaders claim was an act of political retaliation by a landowner who for years has jousted with the city. Jacqueline Poe, whose firm Penterra Company owns the building, withdrew the notice on Thursday, saying she would give Salute “one more chance” to fix what she said were severe plumbing leaks that threatened the health and safety of customers. “Penterra’s decision to give the restaurant one more chance stems from the corrective actions that is believed to have taken place since the August 5 termination notice,” Poe said in a statement released Thursday. Officials from Contra Costa Health Services inspected the building in August, and dismissed Poe’s claims of a sewage leak. “The mayor, rather than appropriately dealing with the serious health issue at hand and directing city code cnforcement to investigate, chose instead to mislead the public and the press by stating the failure of ballot Measure N as the reason for the landlord-tenant dispute,” Richard Poe said in his own statement, also issued Thursday.

Sanders and allies cheer DOJ's private prisons decision, but want more

During his campaign for president, Sanders harped on an issue that no focus group would have recommended: the rise of private prisons.

One Dead After Deputy-involved Shooting In Poway |
Patrol cars line Poway Road where a man died after a deputy-involved shooting. / Pauline Repard

Clinton meets with law enforcement officials

Ahead of a meeting in New York with law enforcement leaders, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton emphasized the urgency of "legitimate questions" about policing in the U.S. She also said she wants to give police officers resources they need "to do their jobs."